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11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife
11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife. Blade Length 6 5/8"
In Stock.
12 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Tanto Knife
Black Soft Rubber Training Knife. 12" soft rubber knife weighs only 4 ounces and generally resembles a classic tanto knife design
In Stock.
Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
12" Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
In Stock.
Nunchaku - 14 Inch Black Octagon Wood Nunchucks
Nunchucks 14" Wood octagon design.
In Stock.
12" Round Wood Nunchaku. Round lacquered wood construction
In Stock.
Black Dragon Heavy Rubber Nunchaku
A good training chuck, medium heavyweight, 12" long, ball bearing swivel. Has Dragon design.
In Stock.
Silver Stainless Steel Ninja Throwing Star
The Silver throwing star. 4" diameter with pouch.
In Stock.
Rainbow Stainless Steel 6-Point Shuriken Anime Ninja Throwing Star - 2.75
Rainbow Stainless Steel 6-Point Shuriken Anime Ninja Throwing Star - 2.75" Diameter
Out of Stock.
12 Inch Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic - Rope Version
12" Foam Padded with dragon design on foam.
Out of Stock.
Black Twin Ninja Sword Set with Body Harness Strap Dual Blades
2-PC Ninja Sword Set with Cast Metal Guards and Pommels. 25-1/5" overall dual blades.
In Stock.
26-3/4" Twin Ninja Fighting Sword with Black Metal Sheath
In Stock.
Four Pack Ninja Throwing Star Set Black Manga Shuriken Knife
4pc Two Tone Black Stainless Steel Assorted Throwing Stars with Pouch - 2.5" Diameter
In Stock.
Fantasy Master 27 Inch Short Sword with Black Skull Handle
In Stock.
2 Pc Magnetic Twin Ninja Fighting Sword Set
2 Pc Magnetic Twin Ninja Fighting Sword Set
In Stock.
Chain Link Solid Steel Convertible Nunchaku & Night Stick
Chain Link Solid Steel Nunchaku & Night Stick
In Stock.
Zombie Killer Apocalypse Full Tang Ninja Sword
Zombie Killer Apocalypse Full Tang Ninja Sword. Overall Length: 23 Inches. Item Include: Black Nylon Sheath, Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
In Stock.
Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Decapitator Sword
6D2-TR0102ZB - Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Decapitator Sword. Overall Length: 27.25 Inches . Includes: Thick Nylon Sheath, Shoulder Strap
Out of Stock.
Assassins Creed Silver 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set
1Q1-WG984 - These premium 3 Pcs throwing knives. 8.5 inches long overall, the full tang knives are made from high quality stainless steel and feature a 4 inch blade.
In Stock.
Black Silver Blade Double Edge with 2 Kunai Throwing Knives Ninja Sword Set
28" Overall Length Ninja Sword with 2 Piece Throwing Knives Set in Rough Finish Blade. Includes Nylon Sheath
In Stock.
Black Polypropylene Martial Arts Training Dragon Tai Chi Sword 39 Inch
39 Inch Overall Length Martial Arts Training Sword. Polypropylene Material. Black Tai Chi Training Sword
In Stock.
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Ninja Martial Arts

Are you a fan of the Ninjas and like their smart weapons? We at Knives Deal have something for you then. But before that, let us have a brief overview about The Ninjas. 

The Ninjas were the clever, poor peasants who lived on Japan’s largest Island - Honshu sometime around mid 15th century. They designed their weapons very smartly and used a single weapon for so many purposes. They were famous for assassination, genius minds and of course their stealthy nature and that is why they were called “The Shadow Warriors”. 

So, if you want to practice Ninja Martial Arts and become a shadow warrior, then have a look at our amazing Ninja Martial Arts tools to help you master that.

The Best Variety of Ninja Martial Arts Accessories

We at Knives Deal stock a huge variety of the best Ninja Martial Arts accessories at the most affordable rates. These weapons are enough to help you master the stealthy moves of the Ninjas and turn you into a Ninja warrior yourself. Our most renowned Ninja product is the Ninja sword which features the genuine design of the original Ninja sword. 

The blade is razor sharp and the look is totally classical. Then comes the famous Ninja shooting stars and we bring you “Shurikens” of unique designs and beautiful colors to practice throwing art on. We also stock the famous Nunchucks of impeccable designs and durable nature. Other than these star products, we have so many other products as well to help you have a great Ninja Martial Arts experience.

We don’t only stock Ninja weapons, but we also provide the perfect attire for practicing Ninja martial arts to our customers. The pants and Keikogi we provide are made up of the finest materials to make you comfortable and easy while you practice martial arts. 

All of our items feature top quality construction and are available in the lowest possible rates. Yes, you heard it right. We care about our customers and that is why we only provide them the best products. 

So, browse our collection of top notch Ninja martial arts accessories and make your purchase now at very reasonable rates.

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