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12" Lacquered Wood Nunchaku with Carved Dragon Design. Cast metal chain and fittings. Lacquered Wood.
$10.73 $7.69
In Stock.
Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
12" Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
$5.62 $4.06
In Stock.
12" Round Rattan Wood Nunchaku. Rattan lacquered wood construction
$13.30 $9.50
In Stock.
12 Inch Black Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic - Rope Version
12" Foam Padded with dragon design on foam.
$5.62 $4.01
Out of Stock.

Nunchucks: An Amazing Japanese Artifact

If you are a martial arts lover, then you must have seen the renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee pulling off mind blowing stunts with a special tool in his movies. That special tool is the Nunchucks. Nunchucks are actually two sticks majorly constructed of wood and connected to each other with a rope or chain. Other than wood, they are also made up of metal, foam and rubber. Nunchucks is a martial arts equipment and is used majorly in karate. They are also called karate sticks, chuka sticks and Nunchakus. 

This amazing Japanese weapon allows you to develop fast hand movements and can also be used in a self defense situation to blow the attacks of your assailant and to take him down. All a person needs to do is practice the techniques of using Nunchucks and once you get the knack of it, Nunchucks serve you pretty well.

Nunchucks for Sale - Be The Next Bruce Lee

Whether you want to polish your martial arts skills or you just want something fun to play around with, Nunchucks will serve both of your purposes quite efficiently. No matter what, playing Nunchucks around your hands and practicing some smart moves with them is among the most entertaining and fun-filled pastimes among all. 

Nunchucks has been and will always be the traditional equipment of ancient Japan used mostly in karate. With this commitment to originality and historical lineage, we strive to provide you nunchucks exhibiting the true pattern and design of the utmost classic and perfect craft of the Japanese invention.

Cheap price Nunchucks For a Very Rich Martial Arts Experience

Knives Deal brings you high quality, ultra-durable Nunchucks to provide you an awesome experience. We have all sorts of Nunchucks for you to choose from. From metal constructed, plastic constructed, wooden constructed, fiberglass constructed to foam constructed Nunchucks, we got you covered with every kind to meet your requirements and needs. 

Some of our Nunchucks are very smartly designed and feature hidden daggers in them to provide you extra self defense and EDC benefits. We definitely provide you top quality but our Nunchucks exhibit beautiful designs and latest trends as well. Our strong Nunchucks for sale are available at very reasonable rates. So, browse our amazingly affordable selections of Nunchucks today and be the next Bruce Lee by grabbing one for yourself now!

And if you think that Nunchucks is not your thing, then you can choose something from our wide collection of Ninja Stars, Sparring gear, Ninja swords and other Ninja weapons.

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