Nunchaku Training - A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Posted by Knives Deal on 2/28/2019

Whether you have seen the Nunchucks in martial arts or you have watched Bruce Lee on the big screen, you must agree that there is a significant skill level needed to master the nunchucks. So, this is what makes nunchaku an art. The nunchucks can be excellent for improving coordination and dexterity. They are included in the martial arts training cool-down and warm-up. However, to me, it’s all about Bruce Lee and his abilities to play with the Nunchaku. If you are a beginner, and you have just purchased a pair of Nunchaku, we can provide you necessary Nunchaku training that will help you establish the skills that Bruce Lee possessed. Whether you are just a lover of Bruce Lee or you are a seasoned Martial Artist, learning how to use the Nunchucks is enjoyable and worthwhile. In this Nunchaku training guide, you will learn how to properly use them and perform different tricks. So, without wasting more time, let’s initiate a step wise guide for beginners.

1. Purchase your Nunchaku

The first and foremost step for initiating nunchaku training is to purchase a pair of nunchucks. You can buy a real pair of nunchucks or a practice nunchaku with foam handle. However, make sure that they are connected with a chain or a cord. You can find real as well as foam nunchucks on the internet, specifically if you explore the martial arts websites. However, as a beginner, we recommend buy a foam nunchaku for training because you may accidentally hit yourself and cause an injury if you use a wooden nunchaku. Make sure to check a few key things like durability, price, and concealability of the nunchucks before deciding to buy them.

2. Find an appropriate place

Whenever you are training with weapons, you must stay away from the reach of people. Safety is a great concern while using weapons like knives, daggers and swords. Similarly, in case of Nunchaku training, you should find a place where no one can interfere. The best place for training would be an empty room. There must be nothing in the room that you can break. Nunchucks can be difficult to handle at times, and you may hurt people around you if you lose control over them. Therefore, it is important to find the right place for practice, i-e an empty room.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Right clothing is as important as the right place. Try to wear the clothes you are most comfortable with. Uncomfortable clothing would be a huge obstacle in your way to become an efficient Nunchaku user. For instance, martial artists would always wear comfortable clothes during training or practice. Watch the martial arts performing or training, and you will get the idea why should you wear the right clothes. It is not necessary to exactly wear the clothes that martial artists wear, but ensure your comfort while wearing them.

4. Start off keeping your speed slow

As a beginner, your speed has to be slow while using the Nunchaku. Trying it with overspeed would end up getting your basics wrong. Twirl the Nunchucks around at a slow speed until you get a feel of them. First you need to be aware of how to grip them. Your grip should be strong enough in order to get a fine control over the nunchucks. At the initial phase of Nunchaku training, try passing them hand to hand so that you gain some control over them. You can enhance your speed after some time if you are confident of passing them hand to hand. So, first learn the art of passing them between your hands instead of thinking about advanced tricks.

5. Try the simple moves

Once you master the skill of passing the nunchaku hand to hand, you can now start learning some moves. However, start with the most fundamental ways that can be performed easily. Following are the simplest moves that you can try as a beginner:

i) The figure 8

The figure 8 is the most common move performed by the nunchaku performers. You must have seen Bruce Lee performing this in the movies. There is an easy method to do this trick. Just keep in mind the shape of the figure 8 and then swing the nunchaku in that exact shape.

ii) Pass the nunchaku underarm

After you master the figure 8 move, you can now give a try on this move. In Nunchaku training, the main thing is to master these tricks. This is another basic trick where you pass the nunchaku under your armpit. Continuing with the figure 8, you will be led to a certain point where you can pull the handle of the nunchaku to hide it under your armpits.

iii) Strike Left and Right

This move is the first that comes in my mind when I recall some of the action from the films of Bruce Lee. He would pull the handle and strike the nunchaku on his left and right. However, make sure that you have a foam made nunchaku to accomplish this trick in order to prevent from any injury.

iv) Wrap it around the waist

This is probably the simplest move to perform. After striking the nunchaku left and right, wrap it around your waist. You can watch the movies or read books on martial arts, and this will give you an idea about the ease to perform all these basic moves. So, once you gain the expertise to perform these simple tricks, you can now learn some strikes.

6. Learn the strikes

Most of the beginners swing the nunchaku wildly which is a huge mistake. The effort and energy you put in these strikes would be useless. Instead, use your energy wisely and strike the nunchucks against the objects in an appropriate manner. Always strike the pressure points such as head that would secure you in a fight. In addition, use a mannequin or any other protective gear while you are launching strikes. To launch the strikes successfully, follow certain key instructions. Take the nunchaku and put in under the arm. Now, take end of the holding and then flip it out towards the target. In a real fight, you can use this trick to strike the people. Also, a foam nunchaku can still be used to strike the people. As a part of your training, I would suggest to strike the people with the foam handle nunchucks so that you figure out the strength behind your strikes.

7. Learn more advanced moves or create your own

There are several advanced moves that you can learn, but as a beginner spend your time practicing the basic moves. Once you conquer the art of Nunchucks, you can create your own complex moves. You can throw it up and then catch it, or do something unique. But, can you surpass Bruce Lee? However, why waste your time on this? Instead, continue training and learning the basic moves, which is enough.

8. Move to wooden Nunchaku

If you think you have had enough of Nunchaku training, you can move further and replace your foam nunchucks with the wooden ones. However, make sure that you are up to the challenge of heavy wooden Nunchaku. The main difference between foam and wood nunchucks is the weight. If you can control the weighty Nunchaku, you should now start practicing it. Repeat the similar techniques you used in the foam Nunchaku.

9. Always ensure safety during Nunchaku training

Safety remains the greatest concern when training with the weapons. Nunchucks can be dangerous if you dare to use the real ones. There are certain safety measures that you should adopt amid training.

  • Make sure there are no pets or kids around when you are using nunchucks.
  • Prefer an empty room for training and try to stay away from the people.
  • As a beginner, use the foam nunchaku rather than the real one.
  • Be careful while swinging the nunchaku to avoid any injury.
  • Keep the swinging nunchuck handles away from your head or your body.
  • Buy the nunchucks with durable chain or cord. So, follow these safety precautions and stay safe.

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