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Blue shell / Light Blue paint filled paintballs in .43 caliber for T4E training pistols and rifles. Easy clean-up. Made for use with Training 4 Engagement platforms used by law enforcement agencies so they can train more and spend less.
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These .43 caliber powder balls are developed for the T4E training platform. Consistent and reliable, these .43 caliber projectiles fly true and break upon impact leaving a dust mark on the target. This ammo is filled with inert powder which makes it the logical choice for training.
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Mark your target! Pick up this 250 count jar of .50 caliber T4E paintball ammo four your training or paintball play needs. These 50 caliber rounds are filled with water soluable orange paint for clear marking. The easy to pack 250 count jar is great for transporting the ammo to the range or field
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While most modern air guns use 12g or 88g cylinders, there are some air guns that still use 8g cylinders. Compressed CO2 quality is important for the health of your air gun. Naturally, Umarex manufacturers the best CO2 cylinders for your Umarex air guns to keep them running clean. Ensure the life of your Umarex, or other manufacturers air guns, with high-quality CO2 cylinders.
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The Alfa 1.50 Orange Air Gun is a reliable self-defense weapon, delivering 18 Joules of power, 500 FPS and .50 Caliber for effective deterrence. Shoots .50 caliber rubber balls, pepper balls, dust balls, chalk balls, and paintballs. Powder Balls give you a more realistic training experience; Rubber Balls are great for training and practice.
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