Personal Defense Pepper Spray 9 Ounce 18% OC Fire Master Fogger

1C5-GDOC18-9CN - The Guard Dog 9 ounce pepper spray is ideal for crowd control and large volume use. The easy-grip handle and push-button trigger
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There is no better tool or device for self defense than pepper spray. This OC Fire Master Fogger Personal Defense Pepper Spray is the best equipment to carry to deal with the attackers. It is an ideal self defense tool for both men and women. It is a small sized bottle of spray that contains capsicum as the active ingredient has serious effects on the eyes. These are temporary effects but it ensures your survival in a self defense situation. It can be used for controlling larger crowds, getting rid of attackers and fending off wild animals. 

This OC Fire Master Fogger Personal Defense Pepper Spray is pretty simple to use. There is an easy push button mechanism. You can push a button to spray it on the face of the attacker. It can cause a burning sensation to the eyes of the attacker and ensure your survival. 

This OC Fire Master Fogger Personal Defense Pepper Spray has an invisible UV dye. It contains red chilli or 18% Oleoresin Capsicum. It contains around 150 bursts and is a 9 ounce chilli spray. The perfect safety equipment for police, law enforcement and the general public. 


  • Fire Master safety top for crowd control
  • Contains up to 150 bursts
  • UV identifying dye
  • Use by law enforcement worldwide
  • Laboratory tested for instant action
  • Active Ingredients & Their Purpose: 
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper) 
  • Use: The primary ingredient which causes the burn factor from the spray
  • Invisible UV Dye
After spraying, this causes an invisible dye on the assailants which enables law enforcement to successfully identify the victim in the case the victim attempts to wash off the substance.

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