Pocket knives have come up as the first choice for the users for plenty of reasons. They have found them the coolest in the market. In 2019, you have a vast choice if you head to the market in search of knives. 

But, all of them are not as cool as the pocket knives. In this article, we reveal why these knives are the coolest. However, we also focus on the essential information you must know regarding these knives. But, let’s start with what these knives are:

What are Pocket Knives?

Pocket knives are also called folding knives at times. These are the small sized, foldable knives designed to be carried in the pocket. They feature small blades that can be folded inside the handle. Perhaps this is why they are given the name “folders”. 

When the blades are folded, they are locked well inside. There is no chance that blade opens itself. These knives have some spectacular features like safety lock, folding mechanism and pocket clip for making them easy to carry. 

These knives are designed as multipurpose knives that can accomplish everyday tasks ranging from utility to self defense. However, these are one of the cheapest knives available in 2019. 

Types of Pocket Knives

There are almost two types of Cool Pocket knives. Although there are many versions of these knives available in the market, they are classified in two forms. These two types differ based on their opening mechanism. Let’s figure out how these two types are different:

    • Spring Assisted Knives

Spring assisted knives are the most common and widely used type of pocket knives. These knives differ from other folding knives in terms of deployment mechanism. They don’t feature any push button for opening or closing the blades. There is a spring which works to deploy the blade. 

To open the blade, you need to pull the blade yourself to some extent. As you pull them with some force to a partial position, the blade would then open quickly and get to a complete opened position. 

So, you need to open it yourself by applying some force. However, it would never move unless a force is applied. The locking mechanism is there to prevent accidental opening of the blade. 

When the blade is closed, you need to fold it back and lock it inside the handle. These knives are considered durable and long lasting. 

    • Switchblades

The other type of pocket knives is the switchblades or automatic knives. These are, in fact, the opposite of spring assisted knives when counting the deployment mechanism. They also features foldable blades, but the manner of folding is different. 

They don’t rely on any spring, rather they feature a push button. This button eases the opening of blade. Just a button will automatically open the blade to its full position. You don’t need to pull the blade, rather, just push the button to deploy the blade. 

These knives are not considered very durable due to likeliness of malfunction. Due to automatic opening mechanism, they are also called automatic knives. 

What Makes Pocket Knives Cool?

So, why pocket knives are the coolest ones? Since we have many fabulous knives, there must be some solid reasons that make these knives surpass others. Following are the reasons that make these knives coolest among all the knives in 2019.

The Features and Benefits:

    • Folding Mechanism

Firstly, it's the features of pocket knives that make them cool. When we consider the features, we first get our attention stick to its folding mechanism. Folding mechanism has revolutionized the knives and fulfill the needs of the users. 

This is the best thing happened to knives as of late. Folding mechanism has made knives ease to carry and harmless to the users. 

This mechanism allows the blade to be folded inside the handle. You would either need to fold the blade yourself or push a button to automatically fold and open it. This mechanism has made the use of knife simple as well. 

Also, it has made it comfortable to carry in the pocket. The most important benefit of this cool feature is that you can lessen the size of the knife. Once the blade is folded, the size is reduced. 

    • Ease of Carry

Another cool feature of cool pocket knives is ease of carrying them. This is actually eased by the folding method. As the blade is folded and size is reduced, it becomes pretty easy to carry these knives in the pocket. 

Also, putting them in the pocket becomes comfortable. When the blade is folded, it has no contact with any part of the body. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any injuries while carrying these knives. This would make you feel comfortable and focused without a fear in your mind regarding the blade. 

Most of the pocket knives come with a pocket clip. This further enhances the ease of carrying these knives. The pocket clip makes sure that the knife stays in your pocket and you don’t lose it. So, these cool things add to the overall coolness of these knives. 

    • Simplicity of Use

Simplicity is another factor that makes pocket knives cool. You would find them easiest to use. There are many knives that don’t achieve much appreciation from the users, mainly because of the complexity of these knives. 

They cause difficulty for the beginners and only skilled users can use them. Folding knives save you from this particular distress. They don’t require you to get well-trained before getting your hands on them. As you hold these knives, you are ready to use them. 

    • Locking Mechanism

A massive benefit of pocket knives is their locking mechanism. In other words, it is a safety lock that removes any vulnerability to injuries. So, these knives are pretty safe and secure. 

Once the blade is folded, the locking mechanism secures the blade in a locked position and prevents it from opening accidentally. Also, when the blade is opened, the lock works to keep the blade in the open position and does not allow it move. 

This minimizes any chances of accidental injuries. Talking about cool features of these folder knives, the superb locking system is the coolest thing that ensures the protection of the user. 

The Multipurpose Usage

    • Utility Uses

When it comes to uses of pocket knives, you just can’t count them. In fact, these uses have made them cool, and most importantly, popular across the world. There are an immense number of uses that make these knives cool and special. 

From utility blades to everyday carry tools, these knives are everything. They let you accomplish all of your daily tasks with ease. They are like traditional knives that can be used in the kitchen for food preparation. 

They have the strength to cut veggies and fruits. Similarly, these knives can be used at home for different tasks like gardening, cutting branches, opening letters, opening packages, altering clothes, cutting loose threads on the clothes, cutting unnecessary hair, and removing splinters etc. 

And it does not stop here. There are many other uses of pocket knives. These are the most advantageous thing while camping. Prepare food and shelter using these knives. They let you cut wires, ropes and branches etc. 

In addition, these knives work as emergency tools. For instance, you can cut the seat belt to free an injured person and prevent him from further injuries after a car is crashed. 

Other utility uses include whittling, removing staples, sharpening pencils. Cutting zip ties, cutting nails, trimming hair, gutting fish, peeling fruits, and cutting tape etc. 

    • Self Defense

Self defense is another fundamental use of pocket knives. These cool knives can serve almost every purpose, and here is an important one. These knives have emerged as the best and most popular self defense weapons in 2019. 

There are many reasons that have made these knives effective for self defense. First of all, they feature a blade which is enough to battle an attacker. It has been proved through research that people fear blades more than bullets. 

So, to frighten an attacker, this blade is sufficient. The blade is small, but has the required strength to cause an injury to the attacker. 

No other self defense weapon is more advantageous than folding knives. These knives are easy to carry. You can place them in the pocket so that you are always equipped with a weapon to kick the ass of attackers. 

Also, it is a quickest weapon. It is always battle-ready. You can quickly pull out the knife, deploy the blade and inflict an injury to the attacker. Once he suffers an injury, he won’t be able to get on his feet and attack you. 

Meanwhile, you have the much-needed time to escape and save yourself from a vicious attack. Because they can be used for self defense as well, pocket knives are pretty cool knives. 

The 5 Cool Pocket Knives in 2019

In 2019, the markets are enriched with pocket knives, but we feel it is necessary to enlist the coolest ones. We have come up with a few of them that you must have in your arsenal in 2019. So, here are our top 5 picks:

1. Silver Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

This silver spring assisted folding knife is cool because it has some splendid features. It features a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry in the pocket. It comes with a bottle opener as well. 

Hence, you can easily open different cans and bottles once you have this knife. In addition, there is a glass breaker which allows you to break glass with ease if required.

 This knife is 8 inches in overall length, but this length reduces to almost half when the blade is folded. Silver and black color scheme makes it look charming. There is a stud, flick it to quickly open the blade. 

2. Carbon Fiber Tactical Folding Knife

This carbon fiber tactical pocket knife is another fabulous knife. It features an assisted opening mechanism. The blade has a lovely design that adds to the beauty and magnificence of the knife. 

It is perhaps the cheapest knife on this list. But, surely a cool one. The overall length of the blade is 8 inches, but it reduces to 4.25 inches when it is closed.  It also comes with a pocket clip which ensures that knife does not move in your pocket. Stainless steel construction makes it a durable knife. 

3. Pink, Purple Stiletto Folding Knife

Undoubtedly, this is the most gorgeous knife on this list. It is slightly expensive compared to other knives, but it is a perfect choice in 2019. The colors are fantastic which make this knife popular among the ladies. 

Here again, pocket clip is there to secure the placement of the knife in your pocket. The blade is thinner and longer with a needle like point. This Italian stiletto knife is ideal knife for utility uses as well as for self defense. 

4. Blue Steel Karambit Pocket Knife

This blue karambit knife is worth breaking into this list. It is the smallest knife on this list in terms of length. Because it is curved, the overall length is less than other knives. 

When folded, it looks like a very small object. It also incorporates a pocket clip. The blue steel construction makes it a perfect choice for enthusiasts. With its durability, it is ideal for self defense. Also, a masterpiece that you will love to have in your collection.  

5. Red Camo Folding Knife

As we are focusing on cool pocket knives, we just can’t miss to include this Red colored Camo folding knife in this list. It has a sturdy blade which is capable of doing almost every task. 

It is another cheap knife on this list. The pocket clip is there along with red camo handle. Stainless steel construction ensures its durability and strength. All in all, a cool pocket knife! 

What is Your Choice Then?

We know that we have made your choice difficult by displaying some fabulous pocket knives. All these pocket knives are coolest you would find in the market in 2019. Hence, it is hard to pick one out of these five. 

But, if you have to stick to one, it can be any of them. Before you made your final choice, do consider your needs and then purchase the one that fulfills those needs!