Self Defense Police Baton

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11 Inch Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku
This Converta Nunchaku had a round design and measures 12 inches. When the handles are screwed together, it converts into a 24" police baton.
In Stock.
21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton
5H2-NS21 - This baton is a perfect defender for anyone to carry around. It measure 21 inch in length. Made in Taiwan
Out of Stock.
16 Inch Police Baton Telescoping With Pouch Rubber Grip
5H2-NS16 - Open Length 16 Inch , Club Length Closed:6-3/4 Inch , Steel with Rubber Grip Cover , Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop
Out of Stock.
Billy Stick Single Grip Baton
This 24.5 inch single handle baton offers a rubber handle for a non-slip grip.
In Stock.
Mtech 12 Inch Expandable Keychain Steel Self Defense Baton
Mtech 12 Inch Expandable Keychain Steel Self Defense Baton. 5.25 Inch closed in length.
In Stock.
Self Defense 21 Inch Spring Powered Auto Opening Expandable Baton
Self Defense 21 Inch Spring Powered Auto Opening Expandable Baton
In Stock.

Expandable Police Baton - Protect Yourself Like A Cop

At Knives Deal, we make sure you have the right weapon to protect yourself against terrifying attacks. So, we bring a collection of expandable police batons for sale. We let you be a cop when dealing with the attackers. Explore our collection to buy a baton and best the hell out of the attackers! We have an astounding variety to choose from.

A baton is something to consider seriously if you are looking for a law enforcement weapon or even a self defense weapon. A police baton is a very renowned tool carried by law enforcement bodies nowadays. They are very effective when it comes to close quarter engagements. Also, they are easily concealable because of their expandable nature and are very portable as well. The unique sound these batons make when they are opened with a flick is enough to make wilful people compel to your orders and kneel down. Want this incredible weapon? You’re on the right place! Here is our compilation of excellent quality police batons for sale!

A Fantastic Array of Police Batons for Sale

We at Knives Deal offer you a vast selection of popularly styled yet effective self defense batons. Whether you are a civilian or are from a law enforcement agency, our baton will help you take down your assailant or uncooperative people. A single hit of these batons can knock off a person on his knees.

Our diverse collection of self defense batons come in various lengths and styles. Our expandable self defense batons have secure locking mechanisms which prevents you from harm as it hinders the baton from collapsing accidentally. This secure and effective locking mechanism of our batons make them just as effective and stable as fixed batons but provide extra features of high compactness and easy carry.!

Knives Deal - Retail Brand Known for Providing Cheapest Batons

We at Knives Deal bring a vast collection of strong yet expandable police batons for you at extremely cheap prices. The magic of our batons lie in the fact that they are light-weighted yet super strong, hard and cheap at the same time. Also, we ensure fastest shipping. How fast? If you place your order now, you get your baton at your door the next business day. Seems turbo fast, doesn’t it? So, purchase our self defense batons now at lowest prices and defend yourself against the attackers like a cop!

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