Expandable Police Baton

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Mtech 12 Inch Expandable Keychain Steel Self Defense Baton
Mtech 12 Inch Expandable Keychain Steel Self Defense Baton. 5.25 Inch closed in length.
Telescopic Night Watchman Steel Baton 32 Inch
5H2-NS32F - This solid steel baton expands to 32 inches with just a flick of the wrist. Comes with a rubber covered handle for easy gripping and a FREE heavy-duty nylon holster for easy carrying.
16 Inch Police Baton Telescoping With Pouch Rubber Grip
5H2-NS16 - Open Length 16 Inch , Club Length Closed:6-3/4 Inch , Steel with Rubber Grip Cover , Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop
21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton
5H2-NS21 - This baton is a perfect defender for anyone to carry around. It measure 21 inch in length. Made in Taiwan

Expandable Police Baton: Turns any Mild Mannered Person into a Legit Tough Street Warrior

Talk about laying down the law. Our expandable baton, police baton selections will put the grip of justice in the palm of your hand. Have you ever felt slighted or made fun of by your so-called friends, bullies, peers, or anyone who has just refused to give you the time of day? Well, with these measuring sticks of law and order, the whole entire world will take notice as you will solidify your stance as someone who is not to be taken lightly, and as someone who people should know not to mess around with. 

Police Baton for Sale - Police Baton to Stand Guard and for Immediate Combat

The expandable baton, police baton options that we proudly offer are made of the greatest materials for the greatest harvester of justice known to mankind. Whether you are a telescoping watchman or just a straight up face to face, hand to hand enforcer, the options of the expandable baton, police baton that we have to offer are going to make you excited and intrigued at the prospect of going from a victim of bullying, to a legit tough son of a gun. For over 13 years we have been committed to making our customers the best version of themselves with an always growing list of self defense weapons, accessories, and collectibles. Let us continue that pattern with our batons. The grip is ready for you to grab.

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