Nowadays, the market is enriched with a wide variety of traditional as well as modern weapons. One of the most famous weapons is the sword. It is no doubt one of the oldest weapons that fighters used for fighting in battles. Some fighters who think of themselves as real soldiers still prefer it over firearms.

They are generally used as the main fighting weapon during wars. It has a historic significance dates back to the Samurai era, where samurai swords were used by the Samurai tribe. About a hundred years back, this weapon has started to lose its worth. With the advancement of technology, this weapon has been replaced with other modern tools and devices.

With the advent of modern technology, nuclear weapons have taken the place of a sword. But still, in many parts of the world, this weapon is as popular as it was years ago. If we talk about a real soldier or fighter, they will prefer it over modern weapons such as rifles.

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The history of types of swords dates back to the Bronze Age that distinct some of the earliest recorded forms of human civilizations. Despite the several variations in material used in making blades, the particular use, and competence of use, the fact remains that different types of swords were generally used for slashing and thrusting.

Unlike knives or daggers, they have a longer blade and their handle generally known as the hilt is made up of a guard, grip, and pommel.

Did you know the fact that the use of a sword over the past years is referred to as swordsmanship?

At present, most people relate blades usage to fencing. If you have a look at different pictures of swords from the archaeological collections and historical sword records, you will observe that the swords differ in either material, shape, length, along with other factors. This can be summarized into three major classifications of swords.

1. Material:

As discussed earlier, some of the earliest blades were made during the Bronze Age around the period of 1600 BC. This was followed by the Iron Age where Iron became the main material in the manufacturing of the sword.

Though, after the 8th century, the iron swords became foremost but yet did not possess the crossguards (quillon). Then afterward came the European sword during the Middle Ages and the Late Roman army sword, Migration Period sword, High Middle Ages, among others. 

2. Different Uses:

It is being used as an attacking and defensive weapon. But on the other hand, the blade designs are very much depending on the tactics the soldier will apply during the fight. At the time, when horses were used during the war, the blade design was more like a scimitar.

It has a curved blade with a wider tip. While, on the other hand, early civilizations that fought on ground, used rapier-like-swords. They were thin and not very sharp generally used for thrusting.

3. Speed And Efficiency:

During any conflict, speed is the key element that determines your win. With the advancement and understanding of blades, much "rapier" like sword inventions were embraced.

A combination of material, shape, and speed guided to the development of some of the dangerous blades in human history. 

Popular Types of Swords Available for Sale:

There are many types of high lander swords including the Asian, Egyptian, rapiers, two-handed, long, and even short blades.

Here, you will find a list of traditional and modern sword types that will be effective in guiding you on purchasing or knowing about this impressive weapon in detail.

1. Fantasy Swords:

Fantasy swords, also known as fictional swords are one of the modernized swords. These swords are the ones presented in some fictional and fantasy series.

Some fictional characters used these swords in a fantasy world. These swords make you believe that an imaginary world. There are often exceptional shapes and designs of these swords, such as there will be skulls, dragons or other fantasy designs on handles or blades.

Because these swords fit into an unreal world, they have gained a place in the hearts of fans. Fantasy key sword is conceivably the most popular and widely recognized fantasy sword.

2. Handmade Swords:

Handmade swords are often known as hand-forged swords. As the name suggests, these swords are manufactured by hand. There is a lot of hard work and sweat put in by the manufacturer to create these swords.

Some specialized smiths and metal workers make these swords and for this, they often use high-quality steel.

In today's market, people are eager to buy these swords at any cost. They have honor for these specific smiths who hand-forged these swords. There is a huge variety of such quality swords in the market.

3. Medieval Swords:

The medieval era was a time that can be considered as the age of swords. It was a fraction of the history that Europeans will never forget. It lasted until the 15th century. During this period, the construction of swords was revolutionized.

The manufacturers tested different materials and different construction techniques to create medieval swords. They also produced different shapes and designs of swords and blades.

They are still available in the market. There are exact replicas. If you want to collect swords that mark a name in history, look at the medieval swords. Also, check out some interesting facts regarding medieval swords!

4. Samurai Swords:

Samurai swords are one of the oldest swords that are still famous. In reality, they never lost their popularity among enthusiasts. They gave their name to these swords after them as they are great fighters.

One of the iconic swords included the katana. History of katana is still available in the market and every swordsman loves to read this terrific sword. Samurais were the elite warriors who used katana as their primary combating weapon.

It comes with a slight curve at the bottom of the blade. So, whenever you look at samurai swords in the market, you would go for the magnificent “katana”.

5. Military Swords:

Military swords are designed to be used by the armed forces. There are also some ancient swords used by the military and some new ones available in the market.

The most important feature of these swords includes the strength of the blade and the quality of materials used for its construction. These swords would often include numerous famous ones that created history. 

6. Anime Swords:

Anime swords, like fantasy swords are imaginary swords from an imaginary world. We all love animated movies and series in which there are some superhero anime characters.

Not only these characters are fascinating, their swords are even more! These swords look absolutely gorgeous and have unique designs and color schemes.

Anime swords are the types of swords that are quite popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Every enthusiast likes to have the sword of his favorite anime character. These swords are mainly used for decor, cosplay and costume purposes.

7. Cane Swords:

Cane swords are the types of swords that are too unique and quite different from real swords. These swords are also quite popular as collectibles and decor items. However, they are also used for self defense. 

A cane sword can be called a massive hidden blade. There is a wooden cane while a blade is concealed or hidden inside it. You can open the blade when needed and conceal it back after using it. 

A cane sword serves as a walking stick, a self defense weapon and a fashion accessory. The massive sword as well as the cane can work as powerful self defense tools! 


Since there is a massive choice, it is fascinating to know which type of sword you like the most. It is certainly difficult to stick to one of them. The above list contains impressive modern and ancient swords. The enthusiasts love to keep a good collection of both traditional and modern swords.

Those who are interested in historical weapons, Medieval swords and samurai swords are ideal for them. Though, modern enthusiasts would always prefer fantasy swords and military swords because they are more fashionable and unique.

Anyhow, we at Knives Deal, present numerous masterpieces, and the above-mentioned swords are a few of them. Well, don’ t forget to know about the most amazing swords around the world.