Practice Butterfly Knife - Beautiful, Yet Bold

Butterfly Practice Knife - Rainbow
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Part Number: 6P1-YC-306RB
Features: 4.5 inches overall length
Equipment for martial arts
features a black handle
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This practice butterfly knife is a perfect replacement for the real balisong. Rather than endangering yourself, get this training knife and do some practice to become a perfect user of this knife. Once you gain some expertise, you can move to the real knife. However, better use this training version of the balisong knife that replicates the real one!

This practice butterfly knife has a blunt blade, making it very safe for practice. You must use this knife for playing different balisong tricks. You can comfortably and safely practice tricks with this knife! This is an ideal practice knife for balisong enthusiasts!

This butterfly knife trainer is absolutely gorgeous. There is a nice rainbow design on the blade. There are a couple of beautiful handles that can be folded together to conceal the blade. The overall length of the knife is 4.5 inches. A great knife for martial arts and practice! 

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