What type of information are we gathering?

  1. We gather certain information from our clients when they register with us, we also gather information when they make a purchase for a product, when they enter contests too or what we refer to as sweepstakes, when you respond to emails too.
  2. During your registration process or while you’re in the process of ordering, we usually require your name, electronic mail address, billing/ mailing/ shipping address, financial institution information, phone number amongst others. You may choose to ‘visit’ Knives Deal anonymously.
  3. We keep information about our gift recipients, this enables us fulfill our gift purchases. The information gathered by us relating to gift recipients will never be used maliciously.
  4. Knives Deal isn’t different from most websites in terms of the fact that we make use of cookies that enable us keep certain information’s about visitors to our website and we also use them to enhance your Knives Deal experience.
  5. We may gather information concerning your viewing patterns, your spending patterns, your preference; we may also gather information related to your login locations. All these information are gathered so as to create a personalized experience for you. We don’t want you to have to sift through irrelevant data just to get what you want, we have you covered always.

What do we do with all these information?

Below, we highlighted a few ways by which the information gathered from you may be used:

  • First and foremost, we collect information to aid in quicker processing time of your transactions with us.
  • Consequently, when we administer surveys, or even promotions, contests aren’t left out either.
  • Furthermore, at Knives Deal, we gather your information in order for us to better cater to your needs, this is done by responding to our various requests made by our customers.
  • Alternatively, we gather data from our users in order to make your site experience more personal experience and to aid us in delivering top quality content and that we believe you’ll be interested in.
A few of our customers have decided to not receive emails from us. For those that already opted in, you can decide to no longer receive promotional e-mails from the Knives Deal team, please refer to our self explanatory section that covers that. If you have never opted to receive email newsletters, you can be sure that you won’t receive such emails from us. Additionally, people who complete their registration or take part in our website activities similar to member exclusive contents will have the choice to either remain on our email list and receive mails from us or not. Whether or not you decide to be on list of mail recipients, you can be rest assured that you’ll get the best customer service from us no matter what your case is.

Our Data Protection Policies

Maintenance of your personal information is paramount to us, that is why we enforced a few security related procedures to ensure that your private data remains private. You can be rest assured that your information with us is safe, they are kept behind rigid security networks, these networks is accessible by only a handful of individuals who have been given special access to these systems, these people are required by law to not share such information with a different party. Whenever anyone of our customers accesses their personal information, they are automatically offered the usage of very secure servers. Security is a big deal for us, that’s why all sensitive and personal credit and financial information get supplied by you via what is known as Secure Socket layer technology, we then proceed to encrypt these information’s on our end, where only a few can access it.

How We Make Use of Cookies

Before we continue, here’s a brief rundown of what a cookie is and the role it serves. Cookies are tiny files that websites and or their service providers send to your gadgets hard drive, this tiny file serves as a way for the website to remember things about that user such as login name and password. In our website, cookies serve a very important role as they are tasked with keeping information about each customer such as shopping cart or gift codes. The help us understand our customers more, we get more insight on their lifestyle, preferences and dislikes. 

Knives Deal may contract a third party compilation service to aid us in understanding our customers even better. On no condition are these third parties allowed to share the information they compile on Knives Deal behalf. The great thing about Knives Deal is that you get to make your own decisions; you can have your gadget give you a heads up when a cookie gets shared with you. Switching your cookies off is one of the most straight forward things you’ll ever do, all you have to do is go to the settings on your browser of choice and turn it off. Be warned, if you do decide to turn off your cookies, you’ll fail to have access to a few perks that come with activating cookies, these perks  enhance your customer experience on our site, a few of the services on our site may fail to function as promised. You can decide to place your orders the old fashion way through telephones by getting in contact with our customer service team.

Disclosure Practices

At Knives deal, we never harvest, trade or make transfer of your data to a third party, we would never do this without contacting you beforehand. When we refer to outside party(s) we do not refer to Knives Deal partners who work with us in running our website and business. Your information might be released in compliance with law enforcement, while enforcing our policies, or while ensuring the safety of other visitors to our website. Information that are non- personal and cannot be identified to you may be shared to third parties for advertising, surveying, marketing, and whole revenue of other activities.

How to Modify Information You Share with Us

You can edit your subscription to our emailing list by editing your preferences in your profile section. We feel you need to know schedules of email production and back dating; you may or may not receive any previous emails that are already in motion. You can decide to purge all your personal details from our records, all you have to do is sign into “My account” section on your profile and proceed to remove your payment information, shipping address & billing addresses. We at Knives Deal may hold on to information about certain customers sales transactions; this would assist us in recording and acting on said transaction and for book keeping purposes.

Third Party Links

Providing you with links from third parties on Knives Deal is part of our attempts to provide you with even more value. The sites included on Knives Deal have privacy policies that are different from what we have on Knives Deal. We take no responsibility for the actions of the sites linked on Knives Deal. We are constantly seeking to preserve the faith you have in our website, so we welcome all feedbacks concerning the sites linked on Knives Deal, you can also reach out to us concerning faulty links.

How We Comply with Children’s Online privacy Protection Act Compliance

Knives Deal as always is in compliance with the children’s online privacy protection act, popularly referred to as COPPA. Knives Deal does not gather information on individuals that are below the age of 13 were designed for legal age adults. We also require our customers to be of the legal age of 18 years old or older.

Changes We Make to Our Policies

We can decide at any given time to alter our policy on privacy, the changes made would be updated on our website. Changes in policy apply to only data gathered after the official policy date change. This policy was last modifies on May 18, 2018.

Our Customers Consent

By making use of Knives Deal, you consent to all our privacy policies without exception to any, unless the exceptions are as a result of differences in local, state, or federal law where you live.