Rainbow Knife a Cool Knife

Since the Stone Age, man has designed knives as tools and weapons. In addition to being commonly used for cooking and protection, it is very important for us to consider its purpose as self-defense when we are outdoors.

Over the past several centuries, knives have been used mainly as weapons of defense against hostiles and burglars, in the kitchen for preparing food, and as shelters. Yet, their appearance is pretty similar whether they are used for one purpose or another.

No matter the type or use, knives always have a gray-black (handle) and silver (blade) look. This aesthetic has grown stale and monotonous over time. Is the typical look of knives boring to you as well? In that case, a rainbow knife will appeal to you!

The timeless beauty of black is undeniable, but it is time to put your own spin on it. Adding a few colors to your knife arsenal is one way to achieve this. Is this something you feel as well? You will have a lot more fun with your knife collection if you purchase this cool knife for yourself.

Introducing the Rainbow Knife

The colorful design of the rainbow knife makes it an interesting knife. As the name suggests, this knife features multiple colors that depict the rainbow to give it a colorful appearance. It not only looks great, but it also performs beyond expectation due to its all-inclusive feature set that is normally found in expensive knives. 

Knives like these tend to be small and light, as well as being durable. It's recommended that you consider the weight when buying a knife. It is true that carrying a knife on a daily basis is made easier with a lighter handle and blade. An example of such a knife is the rainbow pocket knife. It is also easy to carry without compromising on durability and strength.

This blade is usually made of a sharp metal and usually opens and closes with a spring mechanism. This type of knife, therefore, is commonly found in pockets. A rainbow blade can be used for nearly any critical situation since it can easily be carried and used.

Rainbow knife

Rainbow Blades are Everyone's Favorite

A great feeling is rendered after using this amazing knife because of its flashy and majestic look. Despite being a unique design, this pocket knife still ranks high in terms of elegance and opulence.

Males are more keen on its refined appearance while females enjoy its charismatic and cheery appearance. Some rainbow pocket knives boast blades made of pure stainless steel, making them among the finest. A non-stick coating usually coats the blade in order to ensure a positive experience for the user.

Rainbow Knives: The Secret of Prismatic Appearance

The rainbow knife is coated using a process known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). A low voltage and high current arch is used to ionize metals, which are then placed in a vacuum chamber with other items to coat. 

As a result of passing a negative voltage, the blade and handle are permanently coated in a faint and thin layer of metal. In this case, ionizing leads to coatings that differ depending on the metal. PVD coating gives a rainbow blade its colorful luster of rainbow colors.

Rainbow Pocket Knives: Remarkable Features

Rainbow knives serve a variety of purposes. However, they are always a good experience regardless of why you use them. It is a uniquely designed tool due to its unique features. It is a light weight tool, but it also has the following other features:

  • Branded Knives: 

There are a number of brands that offer rainbow pocket knives. Featuring high-quality steel and being manufactured to the highest standards, these knives are made to meet all industry standards. 

The design and manufacture are perfect from almost every angle, such as the right size, real handle materials, and sharp blade edges. Because of this, you don't have to worry about the quality of these amazing knives.

  • An Artistic Look:

Rainbow blades have more to offer than their vibrant rainbow appearance. There are a few models that feature cool artworks which are appealing to those who care greatly about appearance. If you are after a beautiful exterior design as well, this could be the knife for you. Just like a kunai knife, it has an artistic appearance and looks quite unique when compared to other knives. 

  • Mechanism of Locking:

Another benefit of rainbow pocket knives is that they come in a variety of colors. A modern integrated locking mechanism makes the locking mechanism quite robust and reliable. Consequently, you won't accidentally close the blade when using it. Otherwise, you may suffer an injury if you suddenly fold or close the blade.

  • Spring-assisted Mechanism for Opening:

This feature makes this knife easy to use in some cases. One press of the button is all that is needed to open the blade. This knife does not have a blade that is attached loosely to the handle. The handle is securely locked when it is opened so that the knife can be used safely. 

An optional lock keeps the blade inside when the blade is closed due to a torsion spring. In response to manually pressing the thumb stud to move the blade out, a spring moves along a track in the liner and spins quickly to open the blade. These knives are considered spring assisted knives since they are constructed with this mechanism.

Rainbow pocket knife

  • Having Pocket Clips: 

Some brands include a pocket clip with rainbow knives. As a matter of fact, most of us agree that a pocket clip is an essential part of the ideal pocket knife. In fact, you can actually clip the knife to your pocket with this clip. Most people prefer this method to keeping a knife in their pockets, as it is comparatively safe.

Using the Rainbow as an EDC for Self Defense

In a sense, self-defense refers to defending oneself against all forms of malicious acts that can occur to anyone. In other words, it simply does not apply to any intimidating person whom you are not eager to come into contact with. It is at this point that you need protection. 

You can obtain both satisfaction and success with a rainbow tool. Due to its small size, it is one of the best self defense knives that anyone can covertly carry and use to distract or harm anyone attempting to harm them without them knowing that they are carrying such a device.

While it may seem strange that a rainbow-colored knife could protect you, it does. Nevertheless, it does! For more information about the effectiveness of this type of knife, search online for real stories about how it has saved outdoorsmen from street fights.

Using Rainbow Pocket Knives in Other Ways

A rainbow blade can be used in a variety of ways aside from defense while outside. Wood and small branches can be collected to help ignite a fire, one of its most important uses. 

With its ability to cut through ice and frost, this knife comes in handy in a snowy area. Such a knife is extremely useful to people who find themselves trapped in snowy areas. Besides opening boxes and chopping fruits with it, it can also be used to cut vegetables. These knives can be used as tools for a variety of purposes for those who are on the go.

Anyone can Use Cool Rainbow Blade!

These knives make perfect knives due to their ease of carry. They are small cool knives that are usually available with folding blades. They are easy to carry because they can be folded into the handle. Carry a fixed blade knife in a quality leather sheath, which protects the blade and keeps it safe.

Your knowledge of it is already extensive, there's no need to learn more. Your only concern is how you handle it. If you are using the knife as a self-defense tool, you should use it like a stabbing and thrusting weapon.  It is also perfect for both men and women, which makes it a perfect knife. 

Women love carrying rainbow knives as an EDC knife since it is so gorgeous. Its rainbow design further enhances its beauty and elegance. People can't stop admiring it. It has a solid blade that is sharp and durable, making it ideal for self-defense and normal cutting tasks.