Rainbow Pocket Knife 

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USA Made Pocket Knife: Red, White And Blue Pride
Master USA Ballistic Spring Assisted Folding Knife Black Rainbow Handle
Out of Stock.
Rainbow Pocket Knife: Keep Being Flamboyant, We Love You
Tac Force Spring Assisted Knife 5 Inches Closed With Rainbow Titanium Handle
In Stock.
Spring Assisted EDC Tactical Folding Rescue Karambit Knife
Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Folding Knife Rainbow
In Stock.
Spring Activated Knife: The Visually Beautiful Knife For Both Hunter And Collector Alike
Tac Force Rainbow Titanium Stamped Mermaid Rescue Survival Pocket Knife. 5" closed in length with 3.75" 3.2mm thick blade, stainless steel.
In Stock.
Spring Assisted Knife Rainbow Tactical Folder
Tac Force Spring Assisted Knife Black Rainbow Bronze Handle
In Stock.
White Pearl Handle Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife - Rainbow Blade
This knife measures 4" closed , 3" blade. All Mirror Polished Steel Handle with a titanium rainbow stainless steel blade. Imitation White marble handle.
In Stock.
Tac Force 3.7 Inch Closed Spring Assisted Knife Rainbow
In Stock.
MTech USA Spring Assisted Folding Knife Brushed Rainbow Titanium
In Stock.
MTech USA Standard Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Rainbow
MTech USA 4.75 Inch Standard Spring Assisted Knife Rainbow
In Stock.
Rainbow Titanium Pocket Knife: Iridescent Spring Assisted Kit
Tac Force Spring Assisted Knife 3.75 Inches With Rainbow Finished Stainless Steel Handle
In Stock.
4 Inch Closed Titanium Stiletto Style Assisted Knife With G-10 Handle
4 Inch Closed Leek Stiletto Style Spring Assist Knife. "Stiletto" & "Milano" is printed on the blade.
Out of Stock.
7.5 Inch Rainbow Spring Assisted Folding Knife Faux Butterfly
Rainbow Butterfly Style Spring Assist Knife. 4 1/2 Inch Overall closed in length.
In Stock.
Blue Titanium Sheepsfoot Cleaver Blade Spring Assisted Knife
Mtech USA spring assisted folding knife. 8.5 inch overall length. 3.75 inch 3cr13 steel blade. 4.75 inch stainless steel pakkawood handle
In Stock.
Midnight Ops Blue Titanium Blade Skull EDC Spring Assisted Knife
Tac Force Punisher Spring Assisted Folding Knife Blue
In Stock.
Men's Pocket Knife - Smooth And Quality Outdoor Knife
Day Zero Survival 7 3/4" Collector Edition Assisted Opening Pocket Knife with 3-D Polar Bear Handle Design
In Stock.
Good Everyday Carry Pocket Knife - A Knife With Smooth Assisted Opening Mechanism
Day Zero Survival 7 3/4" Blue Assisted Opening Pocket Knife with 3-D Bear Handle Design Stainless Steel Ti-Coated
In Stock.
Folding Pocket Knife -A Bold Rainbow Pocket Knife
8.25" Rainbow Eagle Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife, Serrated Blade
In Stock.
Rainbow Knife - An Amazing Howling Wolf Blade
Day Zero Survival Spring Assist Pocket Knife Howling Wolf Rainbow Blade Gift Collectible
In Stock.
Rainbow Metallic Pocket Knife - Carry A Quality Pocket Knife
HEAVY DUTY Titanium Rainbow Combat Spring Assist DZS Pocket Knife
In Stock.

Rainbow Pocket Knife - A Stylish Collection at Knives Deal

Knives Deal comes up with the most fabulous knife collection. See our new stock of rainbow pocket knife. We have revealed this extremely stunning knife with a rainbow design on it. Rainbow is the most satisfying and charming scene in the universe, right? 

What if your knife displays a rainbow? 

Yes, this knife does look like a weapon created with a rainbow portrayed on it. 

See our amazing collection above and buy your desired rainbow knife at the cheapest prices. 

Rainbow Pocket Knife - Your Self-Defense Knife

Thousands of American men and women live their life stress-free, knowing fully well that they are protected by one of our rainbow pocket knives. No joke, this incredible knife has been responsible for thousands of death aversions in our dear country alone. 

Yes, just one country has had over a hundred thousand people being saved by one or several of our knives. This gorgeous knife is particularly popular amongst users who use it for defending against the attackers. 
So, don’t be afraid, this beautiful knife is your defender! It can be carried in the pocket with ease due to its blade’s foldability. Men can carry it in their pockets and women can carry it in their purses. 

Rainbow knife is the best weapon for self defense because it is easy to use and effective in such situations. 

Just pull this magnificent bladed weapon to injure the attacker and survive his attack! 

Rainbow Pocket Knife - My Utility Knife!

How can I as an individual go back to living my life like a savage? Long before Knives Deal ventured into my life and heart, I lived my life like a cave person. Simple household chores that could’ve been easily handled by a Knives Deal work knife seemed impossible to do, that was back then. 

Right now I deal with household chores like a boss, so could you too. You just have to be willing to take this leap of faith with us.  

Cheap Price Rainbow Pocket Knife for Sale

We at Knives Deal provide the most gorgeous rainbow pocket knives for sale. Not just these knives are charming, they are also the cheapest. At no other place you would be able to buy these knives at such reduced prices. 

So, purchase your desired rainbow knife from us at the most economical prices. We also offer quickest shipping facility!  

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