thundercats swords

The unbelievable popularity of the Thundercats series made it irresistible for people to fall in love with Lion-O’s powerful weapon – the Thundercats sword. This sword soon became the exclusive force behind the record-breaking fame that this show gathered from worldwide audiences. 

This fondness, in turn, intrigues people to make efforts to own this legendary weapon. Let us travel through the world of these amazing anime swords.

Mechanism of the Thundercats Sword:

Just like many other swords currently available in the market, this sword is also available in a variety of options. If you are roaming around a nearby weapon market, you will come across a wide range of extendable and retractable Thundercats swords.

These swords look more like a dagger when left in a resting position. When these swords are opened to their full length, these are transformed into a powerful broadsword.

The Appearance of the Thundercats Sword:

thunder cats sword

Equipped with a cat eye’s gem, this sword rightly symbolizes terror and bravery. It has a highly powerful blade that is able to cut high strength materials such as iron. This sharpness truly aids the purpose of this iconic weapon making it able to be used as an effective defensive and offensive weapon.


Features of Its Blade:

It goes without saying that its blade is highly durable. It has a shiny appearance and is as sharp as a razor. You can’t ever break it no matter how hard you try to do so. Its strength and durability make it able to cut and slice steel and stones.

Role of Thundercats Sword in the Thundercats Show:

This sword was exclusively introduced in the show to protect Lion – O’s people. The unparalleled qualities of this weapon and its attractive looks made it the target of all the evil powers portrayed in the show.

A character, Mumm-Ra who was shown as a sorcerer wanted the sword to rule the earth.

Other Names for the Thundercats Sword:

If you have watched the show, you must be familiar with all the names used for this ideal weapon. Some of them are listed below.

·  Lion-O’s Sword
·  Sword of Omens
·  HOUSE of Omens

Secret Abilities of the Thundercats Sword:

Unlike realistic swords, this sword has magical powers. The sword is equipped with all these splendid qualities because of a ruby red stone fixed in its hilt. This stone is referred to as a cat eye’s gem or Eye of Thundera.

This stone transforms itself from a cat’s eye pupil to a black cat’s head just when you activate it.

Other Abilities:

This powerful soul is equipped with a number of amazing abilities. Let us astonish you by mentioning each one of them.

·  It can generate fields of force.
·  The sword is able to manipulate the temperature in order to emit flame or heat.
·  It can even freeze its target to ice.
·  The user can actually fly by holding this sword.
·  It can transfer Lion – O from one place to another.
·  The sword acts upon its user’s commands and grants his wishes like a Jennie.
·  It further possesses the power to return to its owner wherever it is.

Interesting Information About the Thundercats Sword:

1. The Sword Never Cuts Anyone:

Swords are generally used as a weapon to cut and kill people. However, the sword of the Omen is not an ordinary sword. Just like other such swords, it possesses a razor-sharp blade but it can’t actually cut anyone.

This distinctive quality segregates this sword from all other blades in this world. If you have seen the show, you must have wondered why it was never used to cut off Mumm-Ra’s head.

·  What Was the Reason Behind Showing Such A Sword?

When this show went on air, the laws imposed on kid’s entertaining shows were too strict to show bloodshed. This was actually a good thought and it certainly protected a child’s brain from adopting the habit of harming others for your own good.

2. It Is Cursed:

The sword solely belonged to Thundercats. Other characters in the show later found out that the sword was basically cursed to protect Thundercats only. This is a secret that Thundercats fans must have figured out while watching the TV show.

3. It Can Break:

Another surprising fact about this sword is that it can break. Unlike other swords, you can’t really break it completely. However, you can definitely separate the blade from the gem.

This was shown in many episodes of this TV show. It was to entertain the viewers with suspense and thrill.

4. This Sword Is Alive:

The gem embedded in the hilt of this world-famous sword is what powers it to exhibit its abilities. This bears witness to the fact that this sword is alive. The transformation of this sword from a gem to a cat’s head is another thing that justifies this information shown in the TV show.

5. Its Beams Can Pass Through Anything:

The sword is able to emit rays and beams that can pass through almost any material and texture. This gives this weapon its offensive and defensive powers. It further keeps the viewer interested in watching the upcoming episodes of this historic TV show. People used to enjoy these fantasies.

6. Evil Powers Can Never Touch This Weapon:

Just because this sword is an imaginary object that has no connection with the real world, the show depicts its unusual abilities in an attractive way. One such ability is that this sword does allow people with bad intentions to get hold of it.

Only pious beings with pure intentions can use this tool to protect or defend themselves against the enemy’s attack.

7. Sword Can Empower Its Owner:

The show clearly depicted that this sword gave power to the Lion – O. However, some episodes of this show also depicted that this magical tool can empower anyone and everyone.

It even gave power to the Lion – O’s buddies and made them able to fight their enemies together. Their unity and powers made them fight evil in an effective way.

8. The Cat Eye’s Gem Has Psychic Powers:

This weapon was known to give the Lion – O a set of supernatural powers. By holding this sword he used to see things that an ordinary man can’t see. This ‘sight beyond sight’ was a blessing truly. 

This means that this sword used to nourish him with psychic powers that made him able to read the other person’s mind. This literally helped him fight his enemies in a better way.

9. The Sword Is Magical:

People are often amazed by the magical powers possessed by Thundercats. This aspect certainly attracted the young viewers who were fascinated to see unusual tricks and stunts.

However, all those powers were blessed upon him by this sword. It was the sword that made him an extraordinary character of this TV series. Those magical powers had nothing to do with the Lion – O.

10. Other People Also Used This Sword:

Apart from Lion – O, other people also used this sword to benefit from their wonderful powers and abilities. However, most of the time, only Lion – O was seen using this weapon.

11. This sword Can Make Objects:

We know how hard it is to believe, but this sword actually created solid objects with the help of the light and beams that it emits. You will clearly observe this by seeing the episode where this sword created the panther of energy.

It was to free the trapped cats. The panther smashed down the door. It was such a phenomenal episode.

12. Toy Swords Are Now Available:

Keeping in view the interest of kids and adults, toy manufacturers have started making toy Thundercats swords. These swords are not as powerful as the one shown in the show.

Nevertheless, these have a great appeal to children belonging to all age groups. In fact, children have already gone crazy for getting their hands on this symbolic toy sword. This clearly shows their love for Thundercats.

13. Realistic Swords Are Also Available:

Weapon lovers are always in search of eye-catching weapons. They are always finding excuses to spend on swords and knives for sale. Keeping this in view, sword manufacturers have now come up with a wide range of real swords that look more like this precious sword of Omen.

· What Makes These Swords Look Like A Thundercats Sword?

The presence of a red-ruby gem fixed in its hilt together with its razor-sharp blade makes it stand out from the rest of swords for sale. Such swords are extremely popular among Thundercats fans who never miss out on an opportunity to spend on such worthy objects.

The Final Words:

The charm and appeal of the sword shown in the TV series capture the viewer’s heart. It basically numbs his sense of differentiating between the real and the virtual world. This, in turn, shows how successful this show is in ruling over the mind and heart of its fans. However, one must not fall prey to the fascination created by the Thundercats sword.