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Gold AK-47 Rifle Paperweight AK47 Gun Knuckle
4.75 Inches X 2.75 Inches Brass Finish Zinc Alloy Knuckle
$6.81 $4.86
In Stock.
100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener
100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener. Length: 4.25 Inches, Width: 4.15 Inches
$10.41 $7.44
In Stock.
Heavy Duty Black Buckle & Paperweight
5F1-PK2289BK - Cast metal construction. Finger Hole Width: 1 inch. Finger Hole Length: 1 1/8 inch. Total Width Of Belt Buckle: 4 1/2 inch. Total Length Of Belt Buckle: 2 5/8 inch. Thickness: 1/2 inch.
$5.23 $3.74
Out of Stock.
Zinc Alloy Self Defense Knuckle Silver Color
4.75 Inches X2.75 Inches Finish Zinc Alloy Knuckle
$6.55 $4.68
In Stock.

Brass Knuckles - High Quality and Lower Price Knuckle Duster

Our selection of Brass Knuckle will you have red hot at the notion of being the ultimate winner. These are wildly affordable and about as distinctly unique and insurmountably effective as special ops styled weaponry can be. Don't miss out! We never try to endorse the threat of real life actual violence, but let’s say that you’re in a pinch and have no choice but defend yourself or your loved ones, these real brass knuckles for sale will undoubtedly get the job done for you; one thousand times over. 

Of course, if you are the collector of knives and weapon accessories, then we most certainly encourage you to look into our knuckle duster for sale. Combining brass knuckles with sharp bladed knives is an especially unique tool and must have for any collector. Our 30-day money back guarantee is just an additional assurance of our quality and reputation as a company. No matter what we have to offer, there is a 100% guarantee that you’re going to love it.

Real Brass Knuckles For Sale - Totally Original and Destructive Knuckles

Our selection of real brass knuckles for sale will you have red hot at the notion of being the ultimate slayer. Not only will you be able to pack a dynamic punch, but with our complimentary knives you can destruct your rivals. You will become the impeccable innovator of offense, and no one, in a million years, will ever even fathom the idea of double-crossing you.

Today’s world is so full of crimes - horrific ones. Security and vigilance has become important more than ever. Self defense is something which should not be taken lightly at such times. These metal shaped pieces fit around your knuckles and maximize the power of your punch concentrating all force into these sharp metallic points. Our superbly designed Brass Knuckles are the best option for you if you want a chic yet effective self defense weapon.

Shop Your Desired Brass Knuckles at the Cheapest Prices!

Brass knuckle, knuckle duster, knuckles, knuckle busters or knucks - no matter whatever you call them, are the coolest weapon ever. They help you deliver such a classic punch that make others appreciate you. 

We all want that kind of fame. Don’t we? Knives Deal understands this and provide you a wide array of trendy yet durable Brass Knuckles. Don’t get fooled by our cheap price tags as we do not compromise on quality and only provide our customers the best! Our latest collection of knucks for sale is going to give your personality a trendy look. We provide real knuckle duster which are the masterpieces you must have if you wanna give yourself a cool flair.

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