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Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
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Assassin Fixed Blade Finger Hole Dagger Knife With Nylon Sheath
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6C1-U9105 - Assassin Spikes Set with three massive spikes, each of which are solid, hard core steel with piercing points. It comes lightweight and easy to hold and maneuver. 6 Inch overall length.
Out of Stock.
Features a 3mm thick, stainless steel blade with a gut hook at the end of the blade
In Stock.
6A1-WG1059 - Zombie Slayer Recovery Crew Triple Edge Death Ninja Spike Nail. It features an all in one piece metal formed with three sharp blades and balanced with three short blood groves.
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7.5 Inch Dagger Point Devils Night 3 PC Throwing Knives Set - Blue
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Dragon handle 3 piece throwing knife set. Embossed printed dragon design. 7.5 inch overall length.
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ERIC HASQUE Fixed Blade Knife With Kubotan and Throwing Spike Knife
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5A2-5001 - Chrome Plated 15.5 Inch Jutte, Ninja Grappling Hook with a 33 Inch foot Nylon Rope. Steel hook are 9 Inch high and folds flat. Black nylon rope that is 33 Inch long.
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Used by Ninja warriors to stop foes from pursuing them. Caltrops have been around for centuries.
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Best Ninja Weapons - Welcome To The Ninja World!

Are you obsessed with the Ninjas and their inventions? Do you always wished to have a tour to their world even for a little time? Well, cheer up fellows, now you can have all that you wished for and so much more as well! Ninjas were among the most cunning yet intelligent species of the feudal Japan and that is why their inventions are still praised and kept by people. If you are a true Ninja lover, then you can’t just get by with a minimal supply of Ninja equipment, you need it all. Luckily, just for you, we have a stunning selection of the best Ninja weapons for sale. You will never be a true ninja unless you have all of the relevant Ninja accessories in your possession and that is why we bring you authentic and beautifully designed Ninja stars, Ninja swords, Nunchucks, Throwing Spears and so much more! We believe in authenticity and our Ninja weapons exhibit the essence of the true Ninja creations.

Get Your Hands On Some Real Ninja Weapons For Sale

We at Knives Deal feature a wide selection of the amazing collection of Ninja weapons. Whether you want to shine as a Ninja star in LARP or you want to upgrade you collection with one of the best and renowned weapons of Japan’s history, we got you covered in each and every way. We have weapons made especially for LARP and genuine Ninja weapons for real use as well to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our customers. Our Ninja weapons are among the best available worldwide. Also, our Ninja weapons for sale are available at the lowest possible rates. The best part is that we deliver your order right at your doorstep in one business day only! We care about our customer’s satisfaction and our top quality products and affordable rates boast of that. So, create your Ninjadom with our stunning Ninja weapons and be the Ninja you always dreamed to be!

Endless Variety of Ninja Weapons

Knives Deal stocks a huge variety of Ninja weapons for everyone. The best and most renowned among all is the Ninja sword. A Ninja sword was the primary weapon of the Ninjas and we have have an amazing variety of them, having the same straight blades and square guards. The second best weapon of the Ninjas were the Shurikens. And we stock the most impressive variety of the Ninja stars for all throwing stars lovers. Also, our Nunchucks are a must have for everyone. They are so uniquely and beautifully designed that you are not going to get Nunchucks like these from anywhere else. We also stock the most durable collection of highly effective kubatons and razor sharp blades. All of this is available at the lowest possible rates. So, head down to our website and have your pick now.

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