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Grim reaper's death scythe. With its pole extending an enormous 80 Inch tall, this scythe has a razor sharp carbon steel curve blade.
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Constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam with an all one piece PVC inner core, this Zelda sword is fashioned to look and feel like the real deal
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1Q3-FM0043 - Overall Length: 29 Inches Overall Width: 13.75 Inches Handle Width: 8.5 Inches Weight: 1.3 Lbs Inner Core: Carbon rod Outer Material: Latex, Hard rubber Features: Energy Glow Lacquer Finish
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2H2-WG1034 - This is one solid piece of cold, hard, stainless steel with heat treated black anodize baked finish. 27.5 Inch overall in length
In Stock.
2G3-PK-1214 - Overall Length: 43 inches, Blade Length: 31 Handle Length: 12 inches, Handle Material: Stainless Steel, Wood, Leather Wrap
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1Q3-WG1056 - 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword This sword measures 34 1/2 Inch overall and breathes strength. The 26 Inch heat-forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel
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6B2-1806BC - Featuring a Black finish with intricate bat symbol etchings up and down its length. Overall Length 40 Inches
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Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Fantasy Sword. Overall Length: 39 Inches . Includes: Wooden Display
In Stock.
6D2-TR0102ZB - Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Decapitator Sword. Overall Length: 27.25 Inches . Includes: Thick Nylon Sheath, Shoulder Strap
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Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword. Overall Length: 40.5 Inches . Features: Brass Trim, Heavy Duty Decorative Sword
In Stock.
Zombie Killer Apocalypse Full Tang Ninja Sword. Overall Length: 23 Inches. Item Include: Black Nylon Sheath, Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
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Zombie Killer Ninja Sword With 2-Pc Kunai Throwing Knife Set. Overall Length: 26.5 Inches (Ninja sword), 6.5 Inches (Throwing knives). Includes: Free Nylon Case with Belt Loop.
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1Q3-GM0035-BL - Zelda Dark Night Foam Training Sword. Overall Length: 31 Inches.
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6D1-CS1196B - Caribbean Pirates Flame Acrylic Sword Cane. Overall Length: 36.5 inch, Handle Length: 5.25 inch.
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6C2-CS1154 - Horse Style Handle Gentleman Cane Sword. 36.5 Inches overall in length.
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6C1-CS1172 - Dragon Head Sword Cane. This sword cane features an 18" stainless steel, mirror polished blade. 36" overall length
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Real Swords for Sale: The Top Notch Swords for the Top Notch Customers

We are the cream of the crop provider when it comes to having the goods to satiate your appetite for the cunning, blade-crafted, visually stimulating, and powerfully impressive selection of real swords for sale. No matter the choice sword that you want for your collection, our selection of real swords for sale will enthrall and inspire you to own a piece of sword excellence. Whether you are interested in the historical artifact aspect of a war sword; the dizzyingly majestic aura of a samurai katana; or the entertainment collectible of an authentic television or movie replica sword; our real swords for sale will satisfy your craving for the best swords that money can buy. 

Cheap Price Swords: Get These Swords at the Right Price Before it is too Late!

These swords are burning up with these red hot deals! As a top notch in quality and efficiency, we have been providing our service of hardware for our awesome customers for over 13 years. Our business is one of high reward to ensure the greatest possible product for YOU. Whether you are a collector, freelance marksman, or overall personal guru on all things swords, then you have parked yourself at the perfect destination on the internet. We have real swords for sale and we will deliver the very best for you.

The Authentic Real Swords

In earlier times, battles have been fought with a variety of weapons but very few of them had the class and grace of the sword. The sound of clashes, the dignity of holding your sword and looking in the eye of your opponent and the beautiful swordplay is something that cannot be outmatched. Whether you love the fine designs of the samurai swords, the smart ninja swords or the classical medieval swords, we at Knives Deal provide you the best of them. Many people sought such collectibles and that is why we stock the best quality exact replicas of these beautiful traditional swords. Your wall display is incomplete for sure without one of these real swords on it!

We have movie fanatics everywhere. The kind that would not go for shopping or eat anything just to save money for their favorite movie collectibles. What could be better than forgetting reality for a lil time and escaping into your favorite fantasy world, in which you are playing the character you love with your dream sword? Literally Nothing! The thrill and excitement of this cannot be transcended by anything else! But hey! Are you getting crestfallen thinking that this cannot happen? Don’t be! Knives Deal provides you a cool variety of movie swords, anime swords, foam swords and fantasy swords. We stock the largest collection of exact replicas of all the famous beautiful swords because we understand your obsession and are here to help you be the king or queen of your fantasy world!

Impressive Swords for Sale

Our real swords have highest quality blades which you will not find anywhere else. We believe in authenticity and that is why our designs are so detailed and authentic that you will feel as if you have really managed to get your hands on the original piece. And if that wasn’t enough, our real swords for sale are available in amazingly affordable rates. So, be the hero you always wanted to be and grab your dream blade today and get into action instantly! 

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