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Western Cowboy Black Powder Outlaw Revolver Pistol Replica Gun With Stand. This is a replica of the Colt 1851 Navy Revolver. 13 Inches overall in length.
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Part Number: 5I1-SI16246
Features: 13 inches overall length
Steel construction pistol, design barrel
Ornate engraving on the body
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The best replica gun for movies, production and cosplay is here! Quality construction and fantastic design makes it an absolute beauty! This replica revolver gun can be a collectible for enthusiasts. Also, it can be used by cosplayers on stage. In addition, it can be a fantastic decor item, thanks to the stand that comes with the revolver. 

This Colt 1851 Navy Revolver has a magnificent design. Apart from the display stand, it has a cylinder that can be revolved, making it look very real. So, it is more than ideal for movies and production, and cosplay! 

The revolver is made of steel with a design barrel. There is ornate engraving on the pistol as well, making it a gorgeous revolver. The overall length of the replica gun is around 13 inches. The features include barrel, trigger, cylinder and hammer that can be cocked back. Also, the trigger can be used for releasing the hammer. 

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