How to successfully return an item?

Knives Deal services are top of the line, no doubt. In the isolated incident that you receive a damaged or defective product, all you have to do is save all packaging materials that arrived with your order then contact us no later than 72 hours after receiving such order. You can contact us by calling this number (1-844-426-7240), or you might decide to send us a Fax on (856- 486- 1448), you might also contact us via email ( [email protected]). While contacting us, you’re advised to include your full name, preferably the name on your Credit/ Debit card, number of order, pictures or videos of the damaged or unsatisfactory product, packaging, and order, and then provide a detailed description of the damages or reason for your lack of satisfaction. After notifying us of the damaged product, we shall get in contact with you immediately and you claim process can begin. 

Upon final inspection of the defective or unsatisfactory product, we’ll finalize our next cause of action. One of the following will occur.
  1. You may receive an email from us with a Return Authorization Number ( RA#)
  2. You may receive a phone call from us with a Return Authorization Number ( RA#)
  • Refrain from sending products back until a RA# is received by you and approval starts processing. After approval the replacement of your defective item, you will receive an email returning the label of shipping back to you. You should receive an email within 24 hours, 48 hours maximum. If it takes more than two days to get a reply, make sure to contact department in charge of customer service. After you receive the label, make sure to print the label and place it on a prominent position on the package before return. The item that got damaged should be packaged and put back in its packaging with all the add-ons, paperwork etcetera.
  • We issue RA# for the sole purpose of processing returns. The RA# should be displayed on the top of the package and other prominent areas of the box. We reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept certain packages, we do not accept packages for return that do not have the RA# clearly on them. After preparing the package, ship it to us making use of any authorized shipping store (FedEx, UPS, USPS and others).
  • Once we receive your returned order, you’ll be sent a befitting replacement. Accept our sincerest apologies for all the inconveniences this might have caused. All items must be received by us no more than 12 business days after your RA# gets issued to you. All RA#s have a short life span of just 12 days, once they get past that mark, they become ineligible for processing. Your patience is highly valued by Knives Deal; make sure to contact us for further information’s.
  • Every item that gets returned shall get tested immediately after we receive them, when such item is discovered to not be defective and in working order, a restocking fee of only 25% shall and will be charged to you credit or debit card, furthermore, the cost of shipping will not be refunded to you. We might decide to refuse any claim we find fraudulent.

Backorders & out- of- stock items

Backorder quite simply refers to a situation whereby high sales volume on a particular item or group of items leads to a situation where more copies of that item are sold than are available. In a situation like this, we advise you to allow a maximum of 30 days for your order to be shipped. Once an item has been placed on backorder, we cannot cancel such an order until a full 30 days have passed. Also, any backordered products might be removed from your order, if your order includes more than one item. In some cases, a full refund will be made on backordered items. We may contact you regarding refunds for items that were removed from your order.

Damaged items via use or abuse:

Knives Deal does not assume responsibility for items damaged by customers, either during use or during storage. We are not obligated to accept any returns on items that got damaged while with customers. Knives Deal may distinguish items damaged in transit, those that are defective and those that got damaged by customers. We implore you to contact us before you attempt to assemble, repair, and disassemble any of our products. We do not accept products that are not in new working order, we may replace it on your behalf. Attempting to service or forcefully open a product voids any possibility of it being returned back to us for a replacement or a refund.

Wrong item shipped

  • If Knives Deal ships the wrong product to you, our advice to you would be to please save all packaging materials and contact us in no less than 3 days. Don’t hesitate to call us on 1-844-426-7240, or better still you should send us an email to [email protected]. Make sure you include your full legal name and your assigned order number. The product must be sent back in the condition that they were received in. Once we get contacted about the wrong merchandise, you will get contacted by us and that will mark the beginning of the reshipping process with our shipping company.
  • Avoid sending back products that have not been approved for return. The RA# assigned to you must be writing legibly on the packaging of the items that you want to be returned, failure to do so would be that this product will not be accepted. The return must be made within 12 days of your RA# being issued. All RA#s expire after 12 days, returns made using RA#s that are more than 12 days old will not be accepted. 
  • Obtaining an RA# is pretty straight forward, all you have to do it contact us and a customer care rep will assign you RA#, this RA# must be clearly stated on the inside of the packaging along with all relevant documents.
  • We may elect not to accept returns that have been submitted after the 72 hours mark passes, this means that we are not obligated to accept products if they have been delivered to a customer for more than the stipulated 72 hours. Customers will cover the cost of sending the package back to us, after we make a one delivery attempt and the package you want to return isn’t ready on the first attempt.

Exchanges and Unsatisfied customers:

  • All returns are subject to a mandatory 25% restocking fee. Complaints from unsatisfied customers are welcome as long as they are made within 72 hours of receiving the product. Whoever feels a need to exchange a product will have to bear the burden of covering the cost of shipping when products have to be reshipped. Any customer that wants’ to exchange their product will have to ship back the current product with them and cover the cost of shipping, failure to do so will result in our refusal to reimburse you.
  • In order to return or exchange a product, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) from Knives Deal before you can ship any item back to us. This RA# must be written both outside and inside the packaging of the items that we authorize the customer to return, failure to do these will result in we electing not to honor your returns.
  • These returns must be received by us within 12 business days of RA# issuance, if it passes 12 days, your returns will not be honored and accepted. All items that get returned to us must be returned in its original packaging; it must also return in pristine mint condition, the labeling on these products must also remain intact. All in all, the product you plan on returning must not be tampered with or modified in any way, shape, or manner. We reserve the right to refuse the return of an item even if all the checklists above were fulfilled.

Refused Packages

From the moment your place an order, all the return policies agreed upon automatically applies to you, any customer that refuses to honor the shipments they ordered from us are still bound by our return policies, they shall be charged a standard 25% restocking fee, for international orders, the customer shall cover custom fees, international and local taxes and import duties. We may not cover shipping costs for unsatisfied products that do not come with a valid Return Authorization Number RA#, they will also not be reimbursed by us. Write RA number on the box.

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