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Traditional Samurai Katana Collection. The sword of Loyalty, Courage And Morality. 41 1/4" overall. Matte black scabbard with hand carved Samurai Bushido Code on each scabbard. Features carved Samurai inscription on each stainless steel katana blade. Includes collectors ta hang tag with each sword. Each Katana includes a stand with Japanese Samurai characters.
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Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill Samurai Katana Sword With Stand. Sword Length - 40" overall Features 12" long handle and intricate samurai marking on scabbard.
$50.00 $34.00 Sale
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Hand Forged Carbon Steel Highlander Connor Macleod Dragon Katana
$104.00 $60.00 Sale
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Rurouni Kenshin anime fans have been searching for a quality reverse blade sword that accurately replicates Kenshin's blade. This new sword starts with a hand forged blade of carbon steel and ends with a quality wrapped tsuka which holds the full tang blade in place with double mekugi.
$150.00 $105.00 Sale
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Musashi Functional Samurai Katana Razor Sharp With Free Stand and Sword Bag
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41" Touken Ranbu Cosplay Ichigo Hitofuri Steel Samurai Katana Sword
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Real Deluxe Full Tang Bloody Zombie Samurai Katana Sword. 38.5 Overall in length
$75.08 $53.63 Sale
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Handmade Takeda Shingen Traditional Japanese Samurai Katana With Decorative Sword Box. Overall Length With Scabbard: 41"
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Real Deluxe Samurai Katana Sword. 41" overall in length with 28" blade. Full tang Katana for extreme strength and durability. 440 Stainless steel blade.
$53.00 $36.00 Sale
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Wooden Training Practice Samurai Katana Sword with Scabbard Cosplay Weapon. Overall Length: 40"
$19.76 $14.11 Sale
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Red Zombie Wooden Samurai Katana Sword with Scabbard Cosplay Weapon. Overall Length: 40"
$24.41 $17.44 Sale
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Traditional Dragon Samurai Sword 3 pc Set with Display Stand
$59.48 $42.49 Sale
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