Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Anime Sword

Generic Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Anime Sword. Overall Length With Scabbard : 40.25 Inches
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One of the best anime swords, this Sasuke sword is a masterpiece. Sasuke Kasunagi is a character from a popular anime series, and this is the sword of that character. It is an ideal cosplay weapon, decor item and collectible. The sword is forged with absolute magnificence and efficiency. The design is extremely awesome along with the color scheme, making it an exact replica of Sasuke Kasunagi Grass cutter sword! 

For enthusiasts and collectors of swords and bladed weapons, this is a real collectible. Moreover, you can use it as yoru cosplay weapon and costume on Halloween, if you are eager to dress up as Sasuke Kasunagi. 

This Sasuke Kasunagi Grass cutter sword has an overall length of 38.5 inches. The length of the blade is 27.5 inches while the thickness of the blade is 4mm. The blade is made of carbon steel and is unsharpened. The length of the handle is just 10.5 inches. There is a wooden scabbard as well in white and black! 


  • Overall Length With Scabbard : 40.25 Inches
  • Overall Length Without Scabbard : 38.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27.75
  • Blade: Carbon Steel, 4mm Thick Blade
  • Handle Length: 10.5 Inches
  • Scabbard: Wooden, White and Black

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