Scorpion Necklace - A Perfectly Crafted Hidden Knife

Scorpion Necklace With Hidden Knife. 3 1/2" Overall in length. Comes with a hidden stainless steel blade. It also comes with the neck chain.
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This is a wearable necklace and yes, you can wear it around your neck. This beautiful Scorpion necklace is a jewelry as well as a self defense weapon. Yes, it is a lovely necklace, there is a small hidden blade featured in the necklace which allows you to defend against the attackers. 

This Scorpion necklace is one of the most stunning necklaces to wear. There is a neck chain as well that makes it wearable around the neck. Forget the blade, the necklace is a fantastic thing to wear. However, you must use the blade when needed to fight the attackers. 

The gorgeous Scorpion necklace features a hidden blade with a length of 3 inches. The blade is a powerful one made of stainless steel. The blade is removable, that means the blade can be removed from the necklace so that you can easily use it to battle the attackers. A perfect sel defense necklace! 

Cast metal construction
Removable blade
3-1/2" overall
Beaded metal chain

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