From the moment you place your order up until the arrival time, it takes just 1 working day. When it comes to shipping, you have two options to pick from, first is the standard shipping, this is done through the United States postal Service (USPS), or FedEx as your carrier for the shipments.

When it comes to shipping time estimates for our products, they do not include the time it takes for transit. The time it takes for your order to complete transit determines on a few reasons, first is the carrier you specified during checkout. You can decide to make use of FedEx, or even USPS or any other licensed carrier not listed here, secondly we have the distance from your address to our specified order fulfillment centers, we also have international orders where your order may be delayed due to customs and the likes.

All our orders are shipped directly from our main fulfillment center:
Knives Deal
3161 state Rd Ste H

We only ship to P.O boxes on the condition that it is done with USPS- supported carriers. We ship internationally, with the exceptions of restrictions that state otherwise.

Customer Address Information

  • Knives Deal will only ship to the address you provide us during checkout. Each and every person that places an order with Knives Deal is required to enter their legal billing and shipping address, in its official and legal format, in its entirety as stated by the town planning committee of their county/ city. It is your responsibility as our customer to ensure that you place all your orders with your current address included, specified clearly and legibly.
  • In the case of an address change or correction, the shipping carrier you specifies will most likely charge a correction fee, this fee will also be charged if a shipment is sent and the address is corrected during shipping, while in transit or during the processing process. We are not liable for any customer that inputs incorrect address information, whether or not said customer receives an address correction. Incorrect address information will result in either a cancellation or delay of order processing, and it will also incur an address correction fee.
  • We will contact you either through email or by calling you in the case that an address change fee is applied to your shipment. The address change fee may be charged to you either before or after notifying you, each customer is allowed no more than 5 business days to respond to us on this issue.
  • We are not responsible for charging address correction fees, these fees are charged by the carrier you specified during checkout. Keep in mind that the average address correction fee costs about 12$ Twelve United States Dollars, a rule of thumb to keep in mind is that address correction fees differ on the basis of distance of your shipping address amongst others.
  • For shipments that carriers deem “Undeliverable”, such shipments are sent back to the sender in this case Knives Deal. Undeliverable packages may be as a result of a number of reasons which includes a customer entering incorrect or otherwise incomplete shipping or billing address during check out, such a shipment will fail to be delivered and immediately returned to our fulfillment center.
  • Shipments that fail to be delivered may be delayed for up to 10 business day at best; some extreme cases may take up to a staggering 6 weeks. After we receive an undelivered package, we will proceed to contact the customer and duly reship your order as soon as the mix up is fixed and we get cleared to reship. Knives Deal shall not be responsible for the cost of re-shipment, that cost shall be covered by the individual customer. We cannot prevent our customers from inputting incorrect shipping or billing addresses during checkout, so as a result this policy is enforced on everyone that makes use of our website.
  • For the Protection of our Customers we will only ship to the Billing Address of the Credit Card Holder. If you would like to have it shipped to a different address other than the billing address please fill out the authorization form link below

Shipping Department

Knives Deal is a retailer that prioritizes its customers, that’s why we go out of our way to ensure that all orders placed with us are processed with professionalism, efficiency and of course accuracy. We are fully integrated with our shipping department; we are efficiently providing all our customers with the following:

Knowledgeable Shipping Department

We are working with an experienced team of people that align with our goals and visions as an organization, everyone on this team is fully conversant with our product line, these team members are in charge of making sure that proper packing materials are used, and they are doing a great job at ensuring that this is achieved.

Quality Control

We never ship any product or order without ensuring that they undergo rigorous inspections to make sure that the items being shipped are not in any way defective and that only the correct orders get shipped.

Status Updates

We keep our customers in the loop by notifying them at every step of the shipments way, from when the order is placed, through the time the shipment gets shipped all the way to when it gets delivered.

Tracking Information

We share shipping orders information with all our customers, these include shipment tracking numbers

Low Shipping Cost

We try our best to keep our cost of shipping as low as possible. This is the Knives Deal difference, we keep our shipments cost low and as accurate as possible

Shipping Carriers

  • We offer a number of shipping carrier options to you during check in order to fulfill your order. More often than not, we will fulfill your order with your preferred carrier, the exception is for situations we have to upgrade, downgrade or modify your shipping carrier in order to efficiently accommodate your unique circumstances.
  • In the case of non-expedited shipping, standard shipping is available and it accurately calculates the most efficient shipping carrier and or method for your particular order or package. By selecting standard shipping, we at Knives Deal will deliver your package to you in the best way possible, including but not limited to FedEx express, FedEx ground or USPS.
  • In the case that a customer elects to make use of a freight forwarding company, Knives Deal may not be held liable for the package after it departs from our care and gets received by the freight forwarding company.

Free Shipping

Knives Deal reserves the right to fulfill our promise of free shipping after you fulfill the requirements for free shipping via FedEx, USPS, UPS or any other carrier of our choice. Free shipping is only available to you using the standard shipping option. You can however place your order with a selected shipping carrier; this would however disqualify you from free shipping.

Free shipping is available only in the contiguous United States of America or unless we state otherwise. We don’t offer free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or any of the US territories; Canadians also don’t get to enjoy free shipping. In conclusion, no international orders shall receive free shipping from Knives Deal.

Shipping Address

In order to avoid delays on your shipping or delays in your order processing, we advise you to have your order shipped to the address that matches that on file with your credit card company. In cases where orders are scheduled to ship to an address different to their credit card billing address, we may decide to put that order on hold until we contact the holder of the credit card and they verify or confirm the order(s).

International & Customs

In the case of International orders, the customer will cover all custom fees or related costs. Our customers are held responsible and should know what can or cannot be legally imported into their country. We cannot be held responsible for items that end up getting seized by law enforcement (Customs, state law enforcement, federal law enforcement or the likes). International shipments via US or foreign carriers are required to have insurance on items that are to be shipped; this should be done prior to shipping. Knives deal cannot be held responsible for shipping costs, shipping costs are non- refundable.

Freight Liability

If you elect to make use of a freight forwarding company, we cannot be held liable for a package after it leaves our care and we confirm that the freight forwarding company receives it. Please contact us about all your shipping questions and concerns, we will be waiting.

Credit Card Charge Authorization Form

You may be required by Knives Deal to fill out a Credit Card Charge Authorization Form in order to expedite our services and for validation reasons. This form is in place to protect our customers and make their transaction as smooth and hitch free as possible. This may include orders that are not shipped to your billing address, and international orders, other requirements may be required by us. Our wish is to make our services as customer friendly as possible.


We advise you allow no less than 15 business days for all your refund claims to be processed, issued and approved. Knives Deal may decide to honor approvals or not, on some isolated cases, approvals may take up to 5 business days before we even begin processing it. We may not process approvals during holiday periods. After we issue a refund, we may consider it submitted but take a couple days to appear on your credit card or your bank account. After approving your refund, you will be contacted either via email or by phone to notify you about the refund that we submit to your financial institution that will let you know that the refund has departed our accounts. Financial institutions and monetary delays may affect the refunding of your money, once the money leaves our accounts it is no longer the responsibility of Knives Deal.

International Shipments

  • Our international customers are responsible for bearing all custom and product clearing fees and additional costs. We cannot be responsible for knowing what can or cannot be legally imported into your country of residence, we will not reimburse our customers if “illegal” products are imported into their country of residence, our customers bear all responsibility of knowing what products can be legally imported into their country, they bear all financial responsibility for goods that get seized or destroyed by law enforcement authorities.
  • Insurance costs depend entirely on the shipping carrier selected during checkout; shipping costs are also non- refundable. If you decide to ship internationally using some services, international tracking and confirmation of delivery isn’t available. Tracking isn’t possible on priority mail international flat rate packages and other international mail packages.
  • The reason why tracking is not made available is due to the fact that once a package leaves the US postal service and arrives at the Postal Service of the receiving country, it officially becomes the property of that country’s postal service. The only reason why we can send mail between countries is due to agreements made between governments to allow it.
  • Priority mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and small flat rate boxes do not include indemnity coverage and they cannot be insured, they also do not come with free tracking. Some countries do not allow tracking of packages regardless of the destination of said package.
  • Knives Deal may or may not be notified when a package gets seized by law enforcement of the receiving country or state. If you believe that law enforcement in where you reside confiscated your package, the customs entity may not contact us. We recommend that all international customers should know the rules that govern certain products before placing an order with us, you should also know the tax class your order falls into. Once an international order gets shipped and leaves our fulfillment certain, the customer becomes responsible for all that has to do with the package they order.

Refused Packages

In the case that a customer refuses to accept their order with Knives Deal, such customer is still bound to all policies that binds all our customers. They shall also be liable for all shipping charges incurred during reshipment and they must also cover the mandatory 25% restocking fee, as well as all custom fees, taxes and import/ Export duties. Shipping costs for unsatisfied products without a valid RA# will not be reimbursed.