Skull Mayhem Hand Blade Fantasy Claw Stainless Steel 13-Inch

This weapon borrows the concept of attaching metal and lethal implements to a hand-based weapon in order to make it more effective. Possessing more in common with a katar, this weapon consists of a handle, with a decorated skull-plate that rests over the top of the hand. Decorated with vicious fangs and cracks, the metallic skull looks to have been under great impact and stress.
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This is a masterpiece collectible known as Skull Mayhem Hand Blade Fantasy Claw. It is made of stainless steel and looks like a magnificent fantasy weapon. It consists of several blades and all made of stainless steel. However, these are not sharp blades and can be used for cosplay in a safe manner. Also, this weapon is a great collectible for enthusiasts!  

This Skull Mayhem Hand Blade Fantasy Claw is quite unique in appearance and can be used as a costume on halloween. It is impressive and gives that badass appearance. The skull design enhances its badass appearance. There is a handle of a skull plate along with a few blades. It comes with a wall plaque and hence you can easily hang it along the wall.

This Skull Mayhem Hand Blade Fantasy Claw is not a massive weapon. The overall size of is no more than 13 inches. There is a cast-Molded Skull Hand Grip and stainless steel blades. The wall plaque is durable and made of wood. 


  • Includes Wood Plaque
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Cast-Molded Skull Handgrip


  • Overall Length: 13 Inches

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