Skull Swords - War Of Skulls

Pirate Treasure Skull Crossed Swords Hat Mask For Cosplay Halloween Masquerade. Dimensions: 16.15 Inches X 16.15 Inches
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Part Number: 4I2-SI015
Features: Dimension of 16.15 square inches
Mask is suitable for all sexes
Features a brilliant sword stained with blood
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What good will a skull swords mask be if it didn’t make you look and feel good while making use of it? This mask is capable of bringing a fully grown man to tears when he sees just how much better your mask is to his, it’s capable of overturning a 3:1 mask deficit in the users favor. We can keep going on and on about these beauties but that won’t take anything away from the fact that this skull swords mask is a force to be reckoned with. Enough said, now go out into the world and create something magical

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