Do you want to improve your flipping skills? 

But we all know that we cannot do that with a regular kitchen knife or even with a real knife. 


Well, the answer is pretty simple and clear. When it comes to flipping or pulling off tricks, a regular knife can prove to be dangerous and thus can injure the flipper and the people around him. Well, then how should we improve our flipping skills? 

The answer to this question is in just three words - Butterfly Knife Trainer. Ever heard of it? No? Well, let us discuss about it.

What is a Butterfly Knife?

A real butterfly knife is also known as a Fan knife or a Balisong knife and is actually a folding knife which has two handles that rotate around a tang. It has its origins from Philippines and was invented somewhere around 800 A.D. These knives were used mostly in Filipino martial arts but later on became quite popular among the American Military as well. 

The handles of the butterfly knife conceal the blade whenever the knife is closed thus making it very accessible and easy to carry but it is very dangerous as well and is used extensively in crimes. However, you can also use butterfly knives in sports and self defense as well.

How does a Butterfly Knife Differs from Its Trainer?

A butterfly knife trainer looks exactly like a real butterfly knife. However, the only difference between a real butterfly knife and a butterfly knife trainer is that, that the latter one has a blunt blade instead of a sharp one which makes it the best choice for flippers especially for those who are just learning the art of flipping. 

A butterfly knife trainer poses no danger and prevents injuries and is of course a safer alternative to a real butterfly knife.

This is what makes a butterfly knife trainer legal to use and carry unlike real butterfly knives. They have safe opening and closing mechanisms allowing you to open them with one hand. The best thing about this trainer is that it helps one experience the thrill and feel of flipping with a real butterfly knife and will help you excel at it too, but with safety.

Do They Look Realistic?

Of course, they do! A butterfly knife trainer look quite realistic and feature the same design and construction as that of the real one. 

However, it is quite safe because of its un-sharpened blade and saves you from cuts and injuries while you indulge yourself in some flipping game. You will feel as if you are working with the real blade and you will definitely enjoy flipping these smarties on your fingers. 

So, let us have a look at some of the butterfly knife tricks to master your flipping skills.

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert at flipping, you can always use butterfly knife trainers to improve your skills and to learn new flipping tricks and techniques as well without worrying about your safety. 

Also, it is strongly recommended to practice with a trainer before moving onto the real butterfly knife.

However, before moving to the butterfly knife tricks, let us first discuss what should we actually look in a butterfly knife trainer as there are so many varieties out there and we should select the perfect one for us to be our flipping partner.

Determine the Purpose of Your Knife

The most basic step is to determine the purpose of your knife i.e. you need to determine that what tasks are you going to perform from your butterfly knife. 

For example, it must be clear to you that whether you want to use it for collection purposes or you want to improve your flipping skills by practicing on it or whether you want to just use it for entertainment purposes i.e to pull off a few smart moves now and then.

You will do well with a trainer in the first two scenarios. However, if you want to use your knife as a tool, then the real blade will serve you well. Also, we also have a simple and effective tip for you guys if you want to make your butterfly knife a two in one blade. 

You can wrap tape around its blade, this way your butterfly knife will serve pretty much like a trainer and will prevent unnecessary injuries and cuts.

Determine the Size of Your Knife

The size of the knife you get for yourself holds great significance. A butterfly knife of small size is usually of four to five inches and is perfect for flipping. 

However, if you want to use it as a tool or you just want to keep it in your collection without making any use of it, then a big one would be good. So, you should know what size of the butterfly knife you need for yourself before you go buying it.

Determine the Price of Your Knife

A butterfly knife trainer is quite cheaper than a real butterfly knife and is available easily in stores. The biggest benefit is that good quality butterfly knife trainers can be purchased at very low rates which is the best choice for you if you just want to use them for practicing and training. 

However, if you want to use them as tools or for collection purposes, then you can always spend more and purchase the real ones.

Determine the Material of Your Knife

Not all butterfly knife trainers are made up of same construction materials. Construction materials may be different for different trainers. Best quality materials will obviously be more expensive so if you just want to use the knife for training purposes, then an inexpensive blade would do well for you.

How to Flip With a Butterfly Knife Trainer?

Are you interested in upping your flipping game? Do you want to master it and and try the smart flipping moves of your favorite hero, you saw him pulling off in movies? 

If yes, then we are going to share some butterfly knife tricks with you that will help you master the act of flipping and will make you confident enough to try them with the real knives after a while. 

The smooth blade of the trainer looks pretty cool when flipped around fingers and excites you to practice those moves again and again. So, let us discuss how you can really do this.

i- Never Hold the Knife From the Sharp Side

The first and foremost butterfly knife tip is to stay away from the sharp side and hold the knife from the dull side. This will prevent unnecessary cuts and injuries. 

Study and look around your knife carefully and learn how to open and close it properly so that you don't cut yourself by grabbing it wrongly or by accidentally grabbing the knife from the sharp side. 

However, you don’t need to worry about this if you are working with a butterfly knife trainer as it has a blunt edge which is totally safe.

ii- Open the Knife Properly and Carefully

The best way to open a butterfly knife is to open it with a flick of your wrist while holding it in front of you. 

Remember, that you do not have to move your arm or hand, flicking the wrist only will do the job as the knife only requires a slight pressure to unlock its locking mechanism and open up.

iii- Closing the Knife

Now once you have opened the knife you gotta close it as well. It is quite simple and not a rocket science. For closing the knife, all you have to do is flick your wrist again in the downward direction and your butterfly knife will close immediately.

iv- Secure the Lock

For securing the lock, all you have to do is flip the knife again in the upwards direction but don't forget to move your thumb to the side when you open it. This will allow both the handles of the knife to collide against each other, hence securing the lock.

Butterfly knife trainer prove to be very good and convenient to practice your flipping skills on. They are handled and maintained very easily as well and practicing on them will give you the knack of the real ones. 

Also, superb varieties of butterfly knives and their trainers are available worldwide for you to choose from. So, have one for yourself and spend endless hours practicing and polishing your flipping skills and moves on butterfly knife trainers and be the flipper you always wanted to be!