Spearhead - Grease It With The Blood Of Your Enemies

12 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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Features: Weighs 14 ounces
Material is iron
Length of spearhead is 12 inches
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This is a Medieval Warrior Spearhead inspired from medieval spears. Several weapons have been used during the medieval era, and this is one of them! Call it a dagger or a spearhead, it is the weapon you would love to have in your arsenal. All the historians, enthusiasts and collectors should add this to their medieval weapon collection. A perfect replica spearhead used by the medieval knights! 

This Medieval Warrior Spearhead is not just an ideal collectible, it can be used as a movie weapon as well. You can use it in LARP in a safe manner. In addition, it can be used as a decor or display item at your home or office. Also, it can serve as your sporting item since you can engage in some target practice! 

This Medieval Warrior Spearhead is made of iron entirely. The overall length of this spearhead is no more than 12 inches. Also, it is lightweight and weighs no more than 14 ounces. A perfect collectible medieval weapon for every collector! 

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