Spring Assisted Knives

Whether you are performing any of your indoor tasks like the kitchen chores or you are facing any difficult situation outside, spring assisted knives will help you out in both of the situations effectively.

These knives are also known as the best kind of pocket knives. Basically, these are folding knives as their blade folds inside the handle when the knife is in the closed position. This makes it very easy to carry them such as these knives can be placed in a pocket, purse, or backpack while going outside.

This is why such knives are a great EDC tool that can assist you to perform various routine tasks. To know more about these multi-functional blades, continue reading the article.

Introducing the Spring Assisted Knives:

Spring-loaded and assisted opening knives are the other names of these knives. The most useful feature that makes them different from other knives is the use of an advanced spring-assisted mechanism to open and close the blade.

These knives possess a thumb stud and flipper on their blade, which is used for applying tension in the spring when the user’s pressure is inserted on them. It all is done with a flick of a thumb generally. However, the automatic knives have a button to open and close the blade.

3 Popular Types of Spring Assisted Knives:

There are three main basic types of spring-loaded assisted knives that you can utilize according to your requirements.

1-   Jack Knife:

The first and the most common type of spring assisted knives is the Jack knife. It is considered to be the most basic type of blade among all. This knife comes with one blade and possesses an ordinary hinge. 

The majority of the pocket knives you see in the market are Jack knives.

2-   Pen Knife:

The second basic kind of assisted opening knives is the pen knife. This knife features one, two or even three blades and also contains multiple hinges at both sides of its handle.

3-  Multi-Purpose Knives:

The last and the most important type of these brilliant pocket knives are the multi-tasking knives. Yes, these blades provide extra functionality because they possess some additional tools attached to them. 

These tools might be scissors, glass breaker, or a bottle opener, etc.

Why Are Spring Assisted Knives Useful Than Others?

There are many reasons to explain the usefulness of these knives and some of their basic uses are given below.

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1.  Everyday Care Tools:

These knives can be called the perfect everyday carry tools that assist you in performing lots of different tasks of daily routine. For instance, assisted opening knives can help you cut vegetables and fruits, ropes, or open any package, etc.

2.  Additional Functionalities:

Spring-assisted knives are competent for performing almost every task. Different makeshift tools can be created using these blades, such as you can create a makeshift screwdriver.

Also, you can also punch a hole in your belt using these blades. Nails can also be removed using these knives. This way these knives can perform lots of different tasks.

3.  First Aid:

Spring-assisted blades can also provide benefits in giving first aid to someone by eliminating the splinters, as well as, assisting in some of the other stuff.

4.  Self-defense Weapons:

Though a knife is considered to be a tool first then a weapon, you can easily utilize spring-loaded knives as a weapon for your self-defense.

Currently, different blades are designed for defensive purposes.

How Can You Differentiate Between Spring Assisted Knives and Switchblades?

Basically, switchblades are those knives or you can call them pocket knives that support a button which when pressed, the spring comes out from the handle. This is why these blades are typically known as automatic knives.

In switchblades, the blade is kept in a held-down position with the help of an inner-spring, while the tension of the spring is subdued by the help of the button when it is completely closed.

Therefore, when the button of the automatic knives is pressed, the tension is again released on the blade and it comes out without any effort required.

On the contrary, spring assisted opening knives don’t go in held down position by anything. Thus, when the lever of these blades is pushed with little force, they instantly flick open the way. There, the lock is released from the blade.

This feature will assist you to differentiate between spring assisted and switchblade knives.  While commonly the assisted opening knives are knives that totally remain closed with no actual limitations but open up with the small frictional force at the beginning.

One more way to keep them different is that if you only have a button to be pressed to open the blade, it is a switchblade. And, if you have to apply some kind of pressure on the lever of the blade, this knife is completely a spring assisted pocket knife.

Merits and Demerits of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives:

It’s quite essential to clarify the merits and demerits of these knives they possess. Some of the important ones are given below:


    • There is no doubt in the fact that spring-assisted blades to open a lot faster than any other knives available.
    • These blades can be opened using a single hand and can be effectively used.
    • Spring-loaded blades are valid in nearly every state.
    • These cheap blades increase your collection of cool knives.


    • Spring assisted pocket knives are created with such a complex mechanism. Thus, if any part of a blade fails, it is possible that the mechanism of the whole blade might be affected. This means you will end up in a great mess at any time. Yes, one hinge can make your knife totally useless.


Precisely, spring assisted knives are the best option to buy for your everyday routine chores. However, always be careful while using any bladed weapons because little mishandling can cause severe damage to you and your loved ones.

Well, assisted opening blades are very easy to carry because there are no chances that these blades will cause you any harm when placed in your pocket, bag, or purse. So, if you don’t have such kind of knife, grab yours today!