stun gun 

With the enhancement in the number of random attacks on people, more and more weapons have been established for self defense to make sure people survive these attacks. 

Since numerous self defense weapons have been developed, one thing is for sure; you can’t do anything to lessen these number of attacks. However, what you can do is prevent these attacks using some of these weapons. 

Well, there is a massive variety of weapons if you head to the market to get one for you, but as of late, stun gun has caught the attention of the people. It is the most implicit weapon of the 21st century because there is no other weapon that offers features that this smart weapon offers. 

People have moved from firearms and swords to some smart weapons. And rightly so, the aim is just to defend yourself against the attackers. You are not getting engaged in a war with him, all you need to do is survive. 

Most of the weapons available today are enough to ensure your survival, but a weapon comes up as a complete solution of all your self defense needs in the shape of a stun gun. Why is this a special weapon? Perhaps, it’s the design, the working mechanism, and much more. 

So, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to features of this self defense weapon. But, before we count their benefits and features, it is necessary to know what this weapon is and how it operates.

What is a Stun Gun?

Stun Gun is a small device, often too small, that can give an electrical shock to temporarily immobilize the attacker. It has been adopted as a pure self defense weapon because it isn’t a fighting weapon indeed. 

It is made for defense purpose, and is intended to be used by both men and women. There are plenty of shapes of this small device, including cell phones, lipstick, and many more. So, it is designed as a small weapon that can be kept in the pocket and can be pulled out when required to deal with an attacker. 

Stun Gun

How Does a Stun Gun Work?

A stun gun is basically an electroshock weapon. It comes with two prongs on it that work to deliver a strong electrical shock. Each device has a different voltage capacity. 

You need to touch these prongs to the body of the attacker in order to deliver an electrical shock. When these prongs are touched with his body, a powerful electrical shock is given, and the attacker is immobilized for some time. 

But, how is it the most implicit weapon of the 21st century? Here are its features and benefits that prove it:

The Electrical Power:

The foremost feature of stun guns is their electrical power. A stun gun is a device that possesses the electrical power which can be delivered to produce an electrical shock. 

When was the last time you saw a weapon using an electrical shock to deal with the attacker? In fact, when we talk about the weapons, we never stick our attention to such things. We commonly think of weapon as something that features either a blade or any other steel-made thing that can inflict an injury. 

However, the purpose of every weapon is to inflict an injury. What if you don’t cause an injury which makes the blood pouring out?

Stun gun can deliver a very strong electrical shock that does not inflict a permanent injury, but enough to immobilize the attacker. Obviously, there is no blade attached to the device. 

Also, there are no bullets or darts. Hence, all you can do is deliver an electrical shock, and this is enough to leave the attacker down on the ground and escape to save your life. So, 21st century takes you to a stage where you don’t need bladed weapons and firearms to defend yourself against the attackers. 

This is why it is a weapon of this century so far!

Superb Working Mechanism:

Stun guns have a wonderful working mechanism. Having said that it is a unique weapon that has no blade attached to it, its working mechanism is also different to all other weapons available in the market today. 

In fact, we have not seen any weapon that works like this. As mentioned earlier, it is a device that can deliver a powerful electrical shock. It’s just a device of any shape and nothing else. 

There is no magazine or blade attached to the device. There are a couple of prongs though. These prongs can be at any side of the device, but there have to be at least two. The prongs on the device would do all the work. 

When a user gets across an attacker, he can just pull out the device and touch the attacker with the two prongs. The prongs would do the job. As they are touched with the body of the attacker, he would be left immobilized for some time. 

The electrical shock would be delivered that would immobilize him for a small duration of time. However, no permanent injury is caused. So, this is how easily and efficiently this smart weapon of 21st century works!

Easiest to Use:

Ease of use is one of the prominent factors every user wants in his self defense weapon. Specifically, the women always prefer a weapon that they can use easily. It is understandable that many of you don’t know how to use firearms. 

Even most of us are unaware how to use knives or swords to our advantage when fighting an attacker. This is where stun gun comes up as the ideal weapon. There is nothing difficult when it comes to using it. 

Because there is no blade, no bullets and no darts, you have nothing really to learn. Once you get your hands on the weapon, you know straight away how to use it. When you are attacked by someone, all you need to do is take your stun gun out of your pocket and touch the attacker’s body with the prongs. 

It will immobilize the attacker after delivering a severe electrical shock. Hence, you are awarded a reasonable period of time to escape the situation and survive. So, what’s difficult in using this weapon? 

Even a kid would operate it without learning it. Unlike other weapons, there is no need to spend hours in training. It is undoubtedly the easiest to use weapon ever constructed.

The Quickness of the Weapon:

We all want our self defense weapon to be the quickest. In a self defense situation, most of the people panic. It is understandable because the attack is often a sudden one. 

You have very less time to react and respond to the attack. Therefore, your weapon has to be too quick so that you get time to adjust and reply to the attacker in the best possible way. 

Compared to all self defense weapons, stun gun is a preferred choice due to its quickness. For instance, a pocket knife is not that quick because you first need to deploy the blade which would take a few seconds at least. 

A gun is not the best choice because you first need to load the magazine and then pull the trigger to fire. As far as stun gun is concerned, it is a battle ready weapon. You know that you don’t require loading the magazine or deploying the blade. You can just touch the attacker which would take no time at all. 

The only time consuming task is pulling the weapon out of the pocket. Once it is pulled out, the weapon is ready to be used. Due to the immense speed of the stun gun, it is the most formidable weapon of this century.

Carried in the Pocket:

You must be wondering that there are several weapons that can be carried in the pocket. But, the best among them is the stun gun. It can be kept inside the pocket as a hidden or secret weapon. 

Both men and women can place it in their pockets. Women can even put it in their purses or bags. Men can even place it in their car’s dashboard. So, the choice is yours, but the best place to keep it is the pocket. 

This is because you would have a quick access to the weapon when it is in your pocket. As stun guns are small, lightweight, they can be comfortably placed in the pockets. They are quite safe because you are never vulnerable to any sort of injury. 

When you place a folding knife in your pocket, you are never comfortable because you tend to think about the blade that may open accidentally to cause you an injury. There is no such discomfort with the stun guns. 

They are safer than any other weapon, and hence, quite easy to carry in the pocket.

Unorthodox Designs - Unidentifiable Variety!

Stun guns are more popular among men and women due to their smart and unorthodox designs. If you head to the market in search of a stun gun, you would be amazed to see a vast choice.

There would be thousands of different designs, and a few interesting ones such as a lipstick stun gun or a lipstick taser. However, one thing is common among all the designs, the small size. It would always be a small device, but the designs would vary. 

(Image of lipstick stun gun)

As of late, there are certain gorgeous designs established by the manufacturers that are loved by the enthusiasts. The most popular designs of today incorporate cell phone stun gun, lipstick stun gun and mini stun gun etc. 

These designs make them cool weapons to have in your collection. Also, they are easy to carry because no one can figure out that they are the weapons. For instance, one can’t identify that your cell phone is a stun gun because it looks almost identical to a mobile phone. 

Similarly, one can’t figure out that your lipstick isn’t just a lipstick, there is a deadly weapon attached to it. These designs are specifically manufactured for the ladies so that they can carry them comfortably. 

Such a weapon can be kept secret for launching a surprise counter-attack on the attacker because he has no idea where this weapon came from. So, this is another significant factor that makes it an iconic 21st century weapon.

Availability of Flashlight:

Having said that there are plenty of designs available in the stun guns, here is another one, the stun gun flashlight. This is the most commonly used design though. 

The immense popularity of this design is because it offers two weapons in a single package. It is generally a stun gun, but shaped like a torch. Also, there is a flashlight incorporated which additionally provides a luxury of flashlight. 

stun gun flashlight

The user can use the flashlight when it is dark or while he is getting back to his home at midnight. It is indeed a great weapon to have for self defense. You can use the flashlight to enlighten your way to the house. 

In addition, you can see if any attacker is approaching towards you from some distance. A stun gun flashlight would work in a similar way like a normal stun gun. There would be two prongs, but it would appear like a small torch. 

The attacker would perceive it as just a torch and nothing more. This would provide you an opportunity to launch an attack on him and survive. In harsh circumstances, this would be your best companion.

No Permanent Injury:

Stun guns are non-lethal devices that don’t cause a permanent injury. They are designed as to cause temporary immobilization and nothing else. Since there is no blade, no injury can be caused. 

All work is done by the electrical shock which is delivered to the attacker to immobilize him for some time. The duration of this time is not too long, rather a few minutes. Meanwhile, you are allowed to escape. 

You have enough time to run away from the situation and save your life. The attacker may get back to his feet after some time, but he won’t regain his physical capabilities very soon. In the 21st century, no one is ready to use firearms or bladed weapons because they pose serious threats. 

They prefer a weapon that works well but does not cause a long term injury. So, the only choice left is a stun gun. Compared to other weapons, there are no deadly parts attached to it, but when it comes to dealing with the attacker, it is as good as any other weapon. 

So, you have a weapon that fulfills all your self defense needs.

No Aim Required:

As we discussed the ease of use of stun guns, here is another key feature to shed some light on. With a stun gun, you don’t need to aim unlike a knife or a firearm. 

If you are using a knife for your defense, you need to aim the most sensitive part of his body so that the damage is the maximum. Similarly, in the case of firearms, aim is the most significant aspect. 

However, with stun guns, you can aim any part of his body. The damage would be the same whether you touch the attacker’ face with the device, or his chest, arms or even legs. 

This gives you an opportunity to aim the part of the body that is nearest to you. For example, if he has stretched his arms to you, you can touch the device to his arms to cause the immobilization.

A Weapon for Both Men and Women:

Stun gun is a preferred weapon for both men and women. For some reasons, men love to have such a cool weapon. First of all, it is small and lightweight. Men always prefer a weapon that fits into the pocket. 

They always put on pants and hate to carry anything in their hands. Therefore, they can place the weapon in the pocket and walk freely without holding anything in the hands. 

In addition, men love to carry a weapon that serves more than one purpose. A flashlight stun gun serves as a survival weapon in several other ways. For instance, it comes handy during camping in a landscape. 

Women absolutely love stun guns for plenty of reasons. Firstly, they are small enough to be put in purses or bags. Secondly, they are non-lethal. They don’t inflict any injury, rather than just a temporary immobilization. 

The ladies are reluctant to use knives and firearms because they are lethal and cause long term injuries. Also, we all know that women tend to prefer weapons that are easy to use, and therefore, it comes up as the ultimate choice. 

Also, there are some lovely designs like lipstick and cell phone that makes them ideal for the women.

Stun Gun VS Taser

Both the stun gun and the taser are electroshock weapons, and both have the ability to deliver an electrical shock. However, the appearance and the working mechanism are different. 

A taser is shaped like a real pistol and has a trigger mechanism. You have to pull the trigger to deliver an electrical shock. 

When you pull the trigger, two electrodes are shot from the device. These electrodes travel to some distance and touch the body of the attacker to cause a strong electrical shock to the attacker and immobilize him. 

A Complete Self Defense Weapon:

Compared to any other self defense weapon, stun gun is a comprehensive weapon that has the most number of advantages to offer. It is a complete weapon because it possesses all the features you are looking for in a weapon. 

Stun gun is non-lethal, and hence an ideal weapon for both men and women. Also, it works with ease and is easy to carry in a pocket. The women can carry it in their purses. 

Flashlight is an additional feature available with the weapon. It works in a superb manner to let you survive the most severe attacks. All in all, a perfect self defense weapon of the 21st century!