Stun gun - capable of defending you against attackers

Stunning? That's a good word! Stun gun is an electrical device designed to inflict an incapacitating shock on an attacker. These devices can be used by law enforcement officials or civilians but they're most commonly carried and owned by the latter. 

One of their prime purposes is to temporarily disable dangerous individuals, such as assailants with knives or clubs, in self-defense situations. Several variants exist — a cell phone stun gun, TASERs and a form of stun firearm called the stun baton are three you might want to research at home (and consider purchasing) if you're interested in learning more.

Characteristics of Stun Guns

Many people are criminally attacked, assaulted and robbed every day. One widely used tool in their defense is the handheld electric stun gun that fires a high voltage shock to ward off would-be robbers or attackers. These devices come with a variety of warning and safety indications including flashing lights, beepers, sirens and lights when turned on.

You should consider carrying one as a personal protection device. Here are some of the features an electric stun weapon can offer you:

1. You can use it as an effective non-lethal self defense weapon for both intimidation and incapacitating purposes.
2. You can use it as a deterrent against aggressive people and animals.
3. You can use it when you are in distress to call for help.
4. You have the ability to play a part in saving someone from injury.
5. You can also use it at home as a security device after an attack or break-in, when you are alone with your children or pets and so on.
6. It allows you to protect yourself from sexual molestation and attacks. 
7. And finally, your safety is guaranteed under all circumstances no matter where you are: in public, at home and in the yard safely away from homemade explosives.

Stun guns

Stop an Attacker with Stun

The electric current from the gun's electrons pass through the body, disrupting nerve impulses and causing muscles to relax. It is important for victims to wear some sort of thick clothing. This is because these guns are designed to be effective and painful when used on thick materials like heavy sweatshirts, jackets, or even leather jackets. 

A suspect can also electrocute their own arm by pointing the device toward their own body and touching it with their finger instead of the suspect they are targeting. This can cause intense pain while still remaining non-lethal. The gun's electrical charge can also be increased by holding the unit closer to the electrodes. The longer the contact, the more electricity will be produced.

How Does Current Pass Through It?

Electric shock is delivered through two electrodes that are connected in series between a high voltage source and an insulated handle. The user may grasp the handle in any one of several ways, such as palm-down or palm-up, with fingers held together at one end of the grip. 

Some of these guns use monofilament wire, while others use a spring mechanism to hold the electrodes in place. To fire a lipstick stun gun, a switch must be activated on either side of the handle to allow current to flow through it and then released so that both electrodes touch at once.

Lipstick stun gun

This causes an electric current to pass through the body, which interrupts normal functioning of the victim's central nervous system, causing a loss of muscular control that can be fatal if sustained. The maximum effective range is generally around one to three feet (0.3 to 0.9 m).

Key Tips for Stunned Person

Did you know that a stun gun has a pulse? If the person who is being stunned or shocked with stun guns is hit in the head, they may be stunned or become unconscious. He/she may also experience pain and confusion and may not be able to respond to their attacker. 

This article will give you some tips on what to do if someone is stunned with a gun and what to do when someone's been attacked.

  • Call the emergency number! Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes for the effects of being shot with a stun weapon wear off, and there could be bigger problems than just an impaired attacker. The police can help identify the aggressor(s) or prevent new attacks from happening.
  • If you are the first on the scene, your first priority should be to protect yourself and others from any further harm. Remove all dangerous objects from the immediate area or have someone else do it for you. Draw your gun and take it with you on your phone, in case an attacker tries to get close.
  • Ask for an ambulance at the police department or hospital where the victim is being treated so that additional medical treatment can be provided (if needed).

Stun Guns Leave no Lasting Injuries

The stun weapon generally leaves no lasting physical injuries or lasting effects on a person's nervous system, aside from a minor paralyzed feeling in the area targeted by the pulsed electrical shock. Unlike Tasers which use strong pulses and high voltages, these guns deliver low current and low voltage in small pulses.

The stun gun produces pulses of 10 milliseconds to 1 second long, with each pulse having approximately the same power level as the output of a typical police radar gun. The testers fired their guns at targets in all directions, including the front, back and sides. There were no visible injuries to any of the targets. 

The stun victim wearing only a T-shirt, who had his hands cuffed behind his back, was able to run from his attacker and knocked him down twice with legal strikes from a defensive karate chop targeted at his attacker's neck and side. The other three testers also remained standing after being shot with them and were able to either defend themselves or flee from their attackers.

Self Defense and Security Device

Stun gun is often referred to as a self-defense and security device. They were originally invented in order to help law enforcement officials during the Vietnam War and because of their quick incapacitating capability. A stun weapon, security device, or self defense weapon is an electroshock weapon that causes sensory confusion for attackers for 20 minutes and it will not kill the victim.

Stun gun

At first glance, these guns seem like a good idea but there are safety precautions that need to be taken before handling these weapons. The stun firearm discharge can be dangerous and should not be used near people or in crowded places. These guns have been known to cause severe injuries and death. 

One of the most common injuries that can occur is shock burns because of the high voltages generated by the stun alone. Because of this, several cases of shock burns have been reported resulting in broken bones, lacerations and even heart attacks. Some people have died from severe electric shocks that were caused by stun gun stimulation. 

  • Stun weapons with higher voltages are more dangerous than those with lower voltages because they are capable of giving lethal shocks. 
  • Although using a stun gun can help you in situations that are dangerous, they can also cause a lot of harm. For example, if you're using it on an unarmed person and it results in death, you could be charged with murder.

Some of these guns are disguised as other objects such as flashlights or cell phones so thieves and other people won't know that it is actually a weapon. There have been cases where people have used stun weapons to get what they wanted.

Stun Guns are Perfect Self Defense Equipment

For people who are not familiar with stun firearms, they usually use a high-voltage electric shock that causes serious bodily harm to the person receiving it. This is one of the many reasons why these devices should never be mistaken as toys.

These guns are capable of delivering a 1 million-volt electric shock from a distance and have been recognized in many states as being legal for civilians to use as self defense weapons

In most cases, these weapons are meant for short bursts, but some models can deliver continuous electricity for hours at a time. However, when using any type of weapon or device like this your safety must always be taken into account and practiced diligently.