Tactical Elite Force Metal Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Black

Tactical Elite Force Metal Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Black. Overall length: 6.75"
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Tactical Elite Force Metal Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Black

This elite tac flashlight is more than ideal as a self defense weapon. It has all the features you want in your defensive device, and is perfect to get rid of the attackers. Since it is a flashlight stun gun, there is a flashlight to help you see and spot the attackers in the dark. Plus, there is a strong stun gun to give a powerful electrical shock to the attackers to immobilize them and save your lives. Made of high grade aluminum, it is durable and lasts longer. It can make a  loud popping sound to scare the attackers away. After using it, you can disable it by pushing that disable safety button to ensure your safety. Small in size, it is easily concealable and carried in the pocket. It features a built-in battery which is rechargeable as well. 

So, time to ensure your survival against the attackers and wild dogs. Carry this elite tac flashlight in your pocket, purse or bag. It is easy to carry, easy to use and comes with an additional advantage of flashlight. Black in color, it looks like a small torch. Buy now at the lowest price in the market and quickest shipping in the USA and Canada. We offer free shipping on order exceeding $99. 


  • Overall length: 6.75"
  • Construction: High grade aluminum
  • Packaging: Full-color printed box
  • Police combat grade aluminum body withstands the most extreme and punishing conditions
  • Concealed metal prongs are creatively placed on the crowned bezel so as not to cause accidental self-harm
  • Incredibly loud popping sound that could scare potential attackers
  • Extremely bright LED flashlight can be activated into one of 3 modes: low, high, or strobe
  • Powerful strobe function combined with stun gun capabilities gives you the ability to temporarily disable your assailants, with a combination of blinding, disorientation, and electroshock jabs
  • Conveniently located safety switch on the bottom of the handle allows the user to safely disable the stun portion of the flashlight to prevent accidental injury
  • Handle mounted wrist strap allows user to maintain control of the stun gun in the event of an altercation
  • Long-lasting, built-in rechargeable battery with convenient wall-charging plug-in adapter

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