best pocket knife

I am sure you must have looked for the best pocket knife quite often. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.

Pocket knives are admired for their compact size and utility. No other knife can provide you with the same sort of advantages. This gives reason to why people purchase these knives the most.

Before telling you the 10 best pocket knives, first, we are going to explain some reasons why people carry pocket knives.

Reasons to Buy the Best Pocket Knife:

Here is a precise list of the reasons that compel people to purchase the best pocket knife. Let us have a look at these:

Multi-Purpose Tool:

A pocket knife is thoughtfully designed to serve as a multi-purpose tool. You can rely on this knife for serving various functions in your day-to-day life. Whether you want to cut a cord or a thread, this knife will assist you to its best.

Think about a task related to cutting, breaking, or slicing and the best pocket knife will definitely be able to do it. What else can one wish for?

Survival Tool:

Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation? Have you ever felt helpless? Have you ever seen death approaching fast towards you?

If yes, you must be very well aware of the importance of keeping a pocket knife with you all the time. For instance, consider that someone has locked you inside a room. What are you going to do in such a miserable situation?

If you are carrying a pocket knife with you, you can easily break its glass window with it. Isn't it amazing? How can you miss out on such a valuable tool?

Self defense Weapon:

The increasing crime rate has now become a point of concern around the world. This has affected the day-to-day life of every other individual. Areas, where criminal activities occur on a daily basis, are comparatively more affected by this wave of terror.

Under such circumstances, the best pocket knife comes to the rescue. Keeping this weapon nourishes you with a great deal of confidence and makes you able to defend yourself in a better way.


Have you ever thought of keeping your random kitchen knife in your pocket? I am assured you must have never dared to make such a lame mistake. Obviously, that knife can immensely hurt you.

However, a pocket knife is exclusively designed to rest in your pocket. With this, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of keeping a separate bag or case. This is something that further reassures your trust in the best pocket knife that you own.

Emergency Situations:

Unfortunately or fortunately, human beings are not bestowed with the power of seeing their future. We have no idea what is going to happen next in our life. This is the reason why we are more prone to face an emergency situation anywhere at any time.

Evidently, we can’t change our destiny, but we can surely stay prepared for any such situation. A good idea here is to keep a pocket knife with you all the time. It can surely help you make the attacker unable to attack anymore.

What to Look For in the Best Pocket Knife?

By this time, you must have understood the reason behind the popularity of these knives. You might have made your mind to get one for yourself as well.

But, are you familiar with the features that the best pocket knife must possess? I am certain most of you are not. There's nothing to worry about, we are at your service. Let us help you with this aspect too.

Here is a detailed list of the factors that you must look for in the best pocket knife.

Utility In Your Life:

We are very well-aware of the fact that it is almost irresistible to get an attractive pocket knife. Hence, you must not fall prey to how beautiful a knife looks.

The first point that you must consider when making this purchase is to identify the utility of that knife in your life. If a knife apparently and practically offers no advantage, you must avoid purchasing it.

Its utility further makes you able to make a better judgment while making this investment. After all, the key is to spend rightly, choose wisely.

Blade Length:

A knife's utility in your life, in turn, defines the right blade length that you want. Such as, if you are purchasing the best pocket knife for harvesting crops, you will need the one with a longer blade.

Generally, a knife with a 3-4 inch blade length serves as an ideal pocket knife for all your needs.

Most of the pocket knives that you will find in a market near you will possess the blades that are 3-4 inches long. The rest depends upon your choices, needs, and preferences.

Firm Grip:

When you're using a sharp weapon, you must be able to grip it easily and firmly. Otherwise, you may harm yourself.

Thus, when buying this sort of a knife, you must not ignore the material of its grip. Choose the one that you can easily and firmly grip without any trouble. This will let you use this knife in a better way.


Even though different types of pocket knives are not really costly, the knife’s durability matters a lot. It is because we rely on these knives a lot and that is why these must not go out of function at the time of need.

Thereby, you must choose a knife that is constructed out of durable material. This will make it easier for you to rely on this knife without any fear.

Simple Design and Mechanism:

A knife that you choose must not possess a complex design that is difficult to comprehend. It must not also operate on a complex opening mechanism. Else, you will never be able to use it effectively in an emergency situation.

Therefore, for buying the best pocket knife, you must opt for the one that looks simple and is easy to open.

The 10 Best Pocket Knives for Knife Enthusiasts:

Let us now have a look at the 10 coolest pocket knives for sale that you really need to consider.
This knife possesses a sharp 2. 5 inches blade protected by a 5 inches long handle. The overall look of this knife is splendid.

karambit knife

Its Camo handle is its distinctive feature. You will also praise its ideal stainless steel material that features a sharp blade. How can you miss out on such a flawless blade?

camo handle knife

The blue handle and overall charcoal finish of this knife will take your heart away. It features a 3.75 inches long blade that is made out of stainless steel material.

Tac Force LED Knife

It comes with a full black and half serrated handle. The color combination of this knife makes it look like a firefighter. It is a perfect weapon to keep.

Aluminium Handle LED Fire Fighter Knife

This possesses a mirror finished 2.75 inches stainless steel blade. It further has an aluminum handle and this gives it a competitive edge.

Mirror Finish Aluminium Handle Knife

It has an all-black half-serrated blade. The length of its blade is 3.5 inches. This makes this knife an ideal choice for all knife enthusiasts.

EMT Rescue Folder Knife

You will surely admire the titanium coated 4.2 inches blade of this beautiful blade. It comes with a pocket clip and features a mirror stainless steel handle.

Tac Force Stiletto Spring Assisted Knife

The rainbow look of this knife if what attracts most of the buyers. People prefer this unique blade for making it a part of their huge weapon collection. Its chain style blade further makes it unique and attractive.

Rainbow Pocket knife with Chain Style

The 3.25 inches stainless steel blade of this rainbow knife is what makes it stand out of the crowd. Its stylish look also contributes a lot in convincing a buyer to own this one.

Marijuana Leaf Rainbow Pocket knife

MTECH knives are unparalleled in all terms. The same is the case with this one. The length of its blade is 8 inches and it features a Spring-assisted opening mechanism. It is a reliable tool to spend on.

Mtech Stiletto Style Knife

The Final Words:

Whenever you plan to spend on the best pocket knife, you must consider the above-mentioned options. In this way, you will be able to get your hands on a reliable product.

Value your hard-earned money and choose a product that lasts longer than the rest.