Knives are one of the oldest tools and weapons used by mankind. Notwithstanding the way, they have been used, but they have served humans in every possible way. From utility uses to self defense, knives have proved to be extremely advantageous. Though we have moved to 2019, we are still using knives for accomplishing plenty of purposes. They don’t become old-fashioned, though the designs and styles are being improved. Knives are found almost in every house, and people even carry them for different purposes, specifically survival. There are different types of knives available in the market today, but which of them are the cool knives?

We have compiled a list of three types of cool knives available in the market in 2019. These incorporate folding knives, fixed blade knives, and hidden blade knives. We have thoroughly explained all of them and determined why they are cool knives. So, here is our list and exploration of these three types of knives:

1. Folding Knives

Folding knives are the most common knives used nowadays. These are small sized and low weight knives that are designed to be carried in the pockets. They are also known as pocket knives and sometimes folders because they easily fit into the pockets. There are many reasons why they are the coolest knives and why everyone is crazy to have them in his arsenal. These knives just have an ideal size to be carried as EDC knives. They work on a folding mechanism that makes the blade fold inside the handle. This mechanism perfectly works in favor of the user. There are two types of folding knives, including automatic switchblades and spring assisted knives.

The overall size of these knives is small when the blade is opened. When completely opened, the blade is locked in the position. When the blade is folded inside the handle, it is again locked. So, it is impossible that the blade opens itself. There must be some assistance or a button push for opening the blade. The locking mechanism is excellent because it prevents the blade from opening and hence avoids any self-harm. The safety of these knives emphasizes the users to carry them in their pockets.

Folders are cool knives because they serve in self defense and everyday tasks. They are perfect EDC tools because they let you cut fruits and vegetables, prepare food, alter clothes, open canned objects, and open letters, etc. They are also considered useful in camping and gardening. In modern days, many people carry them as their premier self defense weapon. A folding knife is small and lightweight, so carrying it in a pocket is comfortable. Also, it is easy to use during a survival situation. You can just pull it out, deploy the blade and deal with the attacker. So, these are the features of the folding knives that take them to our list of coolest knives.

2. Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are other frequently used knives. These knives don’t have any folding mechanism installed. Rather, the blades are fixed and immovable. These knives are believed to be strongest, and even stronger are the ones with a full tang. A normal knife has a blade that ends into the handle, but the full tang blades go further to the end of the handle. These knives possess immense strength and hence they are used for heavy chores and cutting heavy materials like wood. Perhaps, they are not ideal for daily carry but they can accomplish tasks that other knives can’t. They are even more durable and sturdy, given the longer and thicker blades. Most of the hunting and survival knives have a fixed blade because they are used for doing heavier tasks that demand enormous blade strength.

There are a few reasons fixed blades are cool knives to have in your arsenal. Though they are heavy and large, they are more advantageous in emergency situations. This is the knife that the attacker would fear rather than a small sized folding knife. A counter attack with a fixed blade would be more effective. If you are concerned about carrying these types of knives, don’t worry. There is a way of carrying them in your pockets. There are protective leather sheaths available in the market that can cover the blades. At times, these sheaths are packaged with their respective knives. The protective sheath will make sure you stay secure from any injury to yourself. Hence, when a sheath is on, you can comfortably carry these knives.

3. Hidden Blade Knives

Folding knives are mainly used for everyday tasks, fixed blades are used for heavy-duty tasks, but hidden blade knives are perfect for self defense. Based on the self defense needs of people today, these small and smart knives are ideal. There are considered the smartly constructed knives and that’s why they make to our list of cool knives of 2019. These are the smallest knives ever designed in accordance with the needs. The people today are eager to carry small weapons that can be kept secret and pulled out when required. Hidden blade knives are kept hidden and that’s why they are named hidden blades. The most common hidden blades include neck knives, lipstick knives, pen knives, and boot knives.

As the names of the above-mentioned knives suggest, they feature blades that are hidden. A boot knife is the one that is kept secret in the boots. Pen knives are in fact the pens that additionally feature a blade on the other end. Similarly, neck knives are in fact the necklaces that additionally include a small blade attached to the necklace. However, these small blades are covered with the sheaths, often made of leather, to make sure the parts of the body are well-protected from the blade.

The most spectacular hidden blade knife is the lipstick knife. It is the coolest of the knives because it can be used both by the men and the women. It appears as a real lipstick, but there is a blade inside the tube. Upon twisting the tube, the blade appears rather than the colored lipstick. Carrying it in a pocket or bag is just like carrying a lipstick. The coolest feature of the hidden blades is that they are so small and stylish. They can be carried in the pocket, purse or the vehicle’s dashboard. People tend to carry them mainly for self defense, however, there are other tasks that these knives are capable to perform!

So, these were our three cool knives that you must buy in 2019. We have determined the reasons why they are the coolest. As per the exploration of their features, it has been concluded that all of these have different prominent features with folding knives being the easiest to carry, fixed blade knives being the strongest and hidden blade knives being the smartest. So, if you are interested in buying any of these, make sure to consider the purpose of using them before making the final buying decision!