All video game and fantasy fanatics know about Assassin’s Creed. This game is liked by teenagers and is being played from years. From its release until now, millions of people have played it. It is a fighting combat game. This game’s main weapons, the weapons on which whole game is totally revolving around are hidden blades. Hidden blades are in use from centuries. But the rise to their popularity since the introduction of this game has been magnificent. Like all knife blades, the hidden blades are strong sharp blades, sometimes double-edged and sometimes single edged depending upon the purpose of use. The blades are capable of causing terrific damage, its results can be as disastrous as death. The origin of hidden blades cannot be exactly traced but on a large scale, they are compared with the origin of knives.

Top hidden blade knives are made of metal or steel. The metal ones are preferred more as they are stronger. As the name suggests, the hidden blades are meant to be kept hidden from the eyes of others. They have to be taken out only when needed. There are designed in such a way that their size is kept small. Most of the time, they are also designed in a way that they can be fitted in daily use products. This helps the user to keep them safe from the eye of others. As carrying the daily product is easy, also one may be left suspicious if blades are founded from him, but when they are hidden, it lessens the chances of the blade to be caught, even if someone sees them, they will consider them as daily use product. That daily use product may be anything from a necklace to lipstick to pen, anything.

Top hidden blade knives as self-defense weapons:

Self-defense is the ultimate right of every living creature. When it comes to humans, they try their best so that no one else can dominate their right. Crime is increasing day by day and for this, the self-defense weapons have to be made better each day. With time the self-defense weapons have revolutionized. The top hidden blades knives are available in the market for self-defense. As they are smaller in size, it becomes easy for people to carry them. In case of any inappropriate scenario, they can be taken out. These are more preferred than any other self-defense weapon because of the reason that most of the other weapons are declared illegal whereas, it is such a weapon that is not banned in most of the countries. They do fall in the category of a knife, so are easily available too.

Top hidden blade knives as combat weapons:

Combat fights itself is a big sporting industry. The karate, martial arts all are included in such fights. This sporting industry is famous all over the world but in a few countries like Japan, a huge number of followers of these fights can be found. Combat fights are skilled based sports. To enhance the skills and to seek victory, fighters’ use weapons, top hidden blade knives are one of those widely used weapons. They are kept undercover and as a final move, are taken out and used at the opponent. Sometimes, the opponent is targeted with the blade in hand and sometimes, it is thrown at the opponent. The ones which are thrown at an opponent are mostly thrown not with the intention of targeting the opponent but to distract the opponent so that meanwhile another moved can be made to finish the game. The sword is considered as the damaging weapon, swords were replaced by the hidden blades. They are damaging but surely less damaging than swords. The purpose of such games is obviously not to end others life, so for this reason, the replacement of sword with hidden blades was done.

With time the hidden blade knives have changed. At first, they were simple blades. Some were worn around the wrist and taken out by flicking the wrist; they were used from ring fingers. Later the hidden blades were revolutionized. Now they are available in many different designs. All these designs are unique. Most of them are mistaken for toys. The top hidden blade knives used nowadays can be categorized in the following four categories.

· Boot Knife
· Pen Knife
· Neck knife
· Lipstick Knife

1- Boot Knife

They are fixed blade knives. It is also known as gambler’s dagger. They caught such a name because they were introduced with an idea that they can be kept in the boot. It can be easily kept hidden there and can be taken out in some scenario where stabbing or attacking is necessary. They are capable of cutting too but most are not used for this purpose. They are usually straight slim blades. Commonly the length of the blade is between three to five inches. At the time of origin, they were usually singles edged, but now, one can find double-edged blade more. It has multi pointing blades which can be responsible for causing severe damage.

  • Military Tactical Fixed Blade Boot Knife

It has a blade length of 3.5 inches. It is made of stainless steel. Its rubber handle is designed in a way that does not slip. It can be kept in the boot. The detectives use it more. Its blade is double-edged and hence one can think about the damage it might cause. It is mostly used as a thrower, so it falls under the category of throwing knives too.

2- Pen Knife

What if your pen can turn into a blade in the condition of danger? The pen knives are designed for this task. Looking at it, it is just a pen. The blade is kept hidden on the lower side of the pen. The way the ink is filled, on the same way the pen is opened and the blade is ready for use. The blade is concealed in the pen. Surely this pen knife is used for the self-defense purpose. Most of the time, they have straight blades, though some types have curved too. These are one of the top hidden blade knives.

  • Elegant Pen knife with partially serrated edge black

It is the ink pen in general. Can be used for writing diaries to books and finally can be used to write one's destiny. But it is recommended to write the destiny of only those who attack you first. By writing destiny it is meant that the blade side of this pen knife is able to choke another person. It has the three inch blade. It is slim in shape and designed with a clip so that it can be kept in a pocket.

3- Neck Knife

It is a fixed blade knife which is worn around the neck. It is attached to the chain or some chord. Some people also suspend it underarm. Their blades are usually small in length. There are many different designs available. Usually, the pendant is designed in such a way that the blade is hidden in it. It looks like a simple necklace, no one knowing what actually this necklace is hiding. The pendants are designed in different shapes, such as Scorpios, marijuana and many others. These can be worn by both genders, unlike other pendants which can be worn by ladies only. A huge range of karambit knives is also categorized as neck knives. The karambit knives are usually used for hunting purposes. While going in forests, such type of knives is usually carried by the people.

  • Orange Camo Tactical Combat Neck knife

Its blade is made of stainless steel. Its unique orange camo design makes it different from all. It is a type of karambit knife. Its blade is fixed and is capable enough to tear apart anything that comes on its way. It falls under the category of a neck knife. Though many other neck knives are available too this one is the distinct one in design and shape.

4- Lipstick Hidden Knife

No one is allowed to enter in girl’s arena. This is the main goal of such knives. The lipstick itself is capable of ruining lives, but only of boys. The dark colored lipsticks are itself a weapon and the most dangerous one too. To add the cherry on the cake, the lipsticks are designed in a way that the blade is kept in them, which remains hidden. Basically, a blade is concealed in the lipstick. It has a sharp blade which opens in the same way as the lipstick opens. Girls can easily keep them in bags. It is a great self-defense weapon for all the ladies. Surely this lipstick knife is of no use for boys, if they keep it with themselves, they will risk their lives. This risk would be from the side of wives or girlfriends. The favorite of all, red blue and black of lipsticks hidden knives are available mostly. The blade size is one inch commonly but irrespective of its size it can render serious damage.

These four are the top hidden blade knives commonly used. Apart from these, many other top hidden blade knives are also used and hence are widely available. Some of them are:

5- Brass knuckle knife

Brass knuckles are one of the best ninja weapons. They are used to enhance the power of the punch. They are widely used for combat fights as well as self-defense. Brass knuckles have a separate fan following. For this reason, the brass knuckles were merged with the hidden blades. They can act as both, the brass knuckle and as well as a knife. This combo is observed to be highly effective. The people use it as brass knuckle in normal, in case of severe need, they take out the hidden knife.

6- Black Comb with Knife

We all use a comb to brush our hair, assuming that many of us are not bald. The combs can be kept in pockets or bags as one might feel of combing his hair anytime. What if the comb can serve in another way too? This other way is a knife. The comb has fixed blade knife hidden in it. It has a blade length of over 3 inches. Hence, they can cause the desired damage. No one can even think that this comb is not only a comb but is a knife too.

7- Belt hidden knives

The belt is an essential part of our dressing, without it surely the dressing remains incomplete. These belts hide the hidden blade in them. As belts are usually metallic, it helps the user to carry this blade into the places where knives are not allowed. As no one knows the belt has a knife in it, even if caught at metal detectors, one may let go because in general, it’s a belt. It can go unnoticed that’s why they are the best. The blade can be easily taken out; there are no special long steps one has to do to perform them out.

All of the top hidden blade knives are available at low rates. From shops to online sites, they are available almost everywhere. Top hidden blade knives are of vital use. They are best to be carried in both the combat fights and for self-defense. As the benefits of knives cannot be denied, similarly the benefits of top hidden blade knives can also be not denied. Like all other weapons, they might have an adverse effect. For this reason, they should be kept out of the reach of children to avoid any misuse. Not only children but also one should make sure that he does not use them when in anger or to cause any harm. Instead, they should be used only for protecting own self. Or if using in combat fights, they should be used in a way it can lead to victory, not with the intention of damaging others. But surely, this all depends on our use. Whatsoever is the thing we should use it for positive use only.