Billy Club, also known as a slapper, is actually a weapon used by the law enforcement that worked pretty well for them. Though it was not the only weapon they used. We have seen police officers using batons and pepper sprays for crow control as well. 

However, Billy club was a pretty effective weapon that assisted the officers during such instances. Today, it has been used by the general public for defense against the attackers.

This black leather billy club is a fantastic club to be used for self defense. It is a weapon for both law enforcement and civilians. Obviously, law enforcement can use it for crowd control as well as for fighting the culprits. 

As far as the common people are concerned, the aim is to deal with the random attackers who have frightened the Americans.

Well, is it really that effective? Yes, it seems like a good weapon like a baton for law enforcement, how it may prove advantageous against the attacker? To identify the answer, we are reviewing the features of this Billy club and its effectiveness in a self defense situation. Following are its key benefits:

- Low Weight

The biggest advantage of this Billy club is that it has a low weight. We are talking about a club with just 9 ounces weight. 9 ounces makes just 255 grams. That means it is too light to carry. 

Many other defensive weapons, take firearms or batons for example, have greater weights than this. This is easily the lightest weapon you would ever use for fighting the attackers.

A weapon that is low in weight becomes easy to control in a self defense situation. Such situations cause panic and a weighty weapon would not be helpful because there is every chance that you lose it. So, a low weight weapon like this club is the best choice!

- Non Lethal

A massive advantage that Billy club has over other self defense weapons is that it is non lethal. A high quality leather is wrapped over it which softens it to some extent. It won’t cause a long term injury if it hits on the head or any other part of the body. 

However, this does not mean that the attacker won’t suffer an injury. He would feel severe pain for temporary time. The aim is to survive the attack. With a billy club, you can survive by inflicting a minimum injury to the attacker.

Self defense batons are often used for self defense but they are actually very lethal. They inflict a serious and long term injury because there is no leather strap around them. When a baton hits the head of the attacker, his head would be busted wide open. 

This is definitely not something you want, all you want is to get away with it. Since the need of the situation is to survive by any means, but not by inflicting long term injuries. This is where this Black Leather Billy Club comes up as an appropriate choice because it is non lethal. Also, this is what makes it a legal weapon to carry for defense.

- Reduced Size

The length of this club is just 9 inches. That means, it is a very short weapon to be used for self defense. Also, it is extremely small compared to a baton. A baton has a typical length ranging between 16 inches and 32 inches. 

Yes, there are extendable batons that have reducible size. But, when completely reduced, it is still larger than this club.

We do have Billy clubs of 14 inches in length, but this particular club has a maximum length of 9 inches. A length of 9 inches suggests that it can even be called a stick rather than a club. So, it is better to carry a stick rather than a baton, and specifically when that stick has more effectiveness compared to the baton.

- Easy to Carry

A key self defense advantage of Black Leather Billy Club is that it is pretty easy to carry. Those who carry a baton for defense know the hassle of carrying huge weapons. Ideally, you prefer a weapon that fits into your pocket and remains hidden. 

You can’t hide a baton though, can you? The small or smart weapons available today can be kept in the pocket but they are absolutely clueless against the attackers. So, the best option is this small sized club, and let me tell you why!

First of all, it can fit into your pocket. We’re talking about a club of just 9 inches in length. So, there is no problem in carrying it in your pocket. It would remain hidden in the pocket unless you pull it out. Also, it is natural that a small thing is easy and comfortable to carry. 

Since leather is wrapped around it, it does not feel uncomfortable when placed in your pocket. Another advantage is that it can be worn on your wrist. 

There is a lanyard specifically added to the club to make it easier to carry by rolling the lanyard around your wrist. So, you don’t always have to carry it additionally in your pocket or bag, you can also keep in in your hands!

- Easy to Use

You ideally want your self defense weapon to be easy to use. If your weapon features some complicated functions, it is not an ideal thing during a self defense situation. A billy club is the easiest to use weapon during such situations. 

It does not have any blades, magazines, push buttons or any other complicated parts. So, you have nothing to do except striking it to the opponent. All you need to do is aim the face of the attacker and do the damage. 

There would be a temporary damage, not a permanent damage, but enough to knock him down and allow you to escape and save yourself from being victimized.

- Durable

Durability is a plus factor with the Billy club. It offers more strength, quality and durability compared to other weapons like batons. They are made of high quality leather and leather is strongly wrapped around them. 

This makes them unbreakable even when struck with a great force and power. They last longer than batons or wooden clubs.

- Impossible to Disarm

A self defense situation is often very intense. When an attacker attacks or tries to attack someone, the person panics. Even if he has a solid defense weapon, he still feels some fear. Hence, in such panic situations, he easily loses control over his weapon. 

As a result, attacker can disarm him and lead the attack. In addition, sometimes the attack leads to a brawl during which you are disarmed by the attacker. Hence, you need a weapon that provides a solid grip or control.

The Black Leather Billy Club is a perfect weapon to have in such situations. The attacker can’t disarm you if you have this weapon. There is a wrist lanyard attached to the club which allows you to wear it on your wrist. 

This makes it impossible to disarm you. You have a great grip and control over the weapon that even if you are engaged in a brawl with the attacker, you can’t lose your weapon.

- Cheaper Than Other Weapons

Most of the self defense weapons are quite expensive. A budgeted user is often deprived of a weapon because it is expensive. An extendable baton for example is expensive to own for a low budget user. 

On the other hand, Billy club is quite cheap. Apart from being an effective weapon, it is also quite affordable. Hence, a budgeted user can rather focus on this small and cheap club instead of paying high for ineffective weapons.

- Legal in All States

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Billy club is that it is legal in all states. Most of the people are concerned about the laws regarding different self defense weapons in their respective states. 

Let me tell you, whether you are residing in any state, you can carry this small club for self defense.

There are no legal restrictions imposed on them in any state. As far as other weapons are concerned, there is a slight restriction on carrying them in a few or all states. This is the only weapon that saves you from distress of legal impositions.

Effective Or Not?

So, what do you think of this Black Leather Billy Club? Keep the benefits of the weapon in your mind and decide whether it is effective or not. Based on the key benefits, it comes up as the best self defense weapon in the modern era. 

First of all, it does your job in a safer manner. It is non lethal in nature because the leather wrapped around it slightly softens it. Secondly, it is perfectly legal to carry.

In a self defense situation , it is the best weapon because the attacker can’t disarm you. It is small and very easy to control. These are all the advantages of this club that no other self defense weapon offers. Hence, this Black Leather Billy Club is the most effective weapon for defense!