This is for those who don't know much about the airsoft game and airsoft guns; the airsoft guns are specifically designed to shoot plastic pellets, also known as plastic BBs which are of at least 6mm diameter. The plastic pellets shot by the airsoft guns travel at a much lower speed than real bullets fired by real guns; also, these might sting a little on the skin; yet, these are not deadly. Despite the fact that airsoft guns are essentially toy guns; yet, these can be harmful as well in case you don't take precautionary measurements by wearing safety goggles and other safety equipment.

As we mentioned earlier, airsoft guns are toy guns; however, these are also the perfect replica guns as these are available in all kinds of variety and models. Some manufacturers of airsoft guns even use realistic metallic folds in order to produce the look, feel, and the touch of real-life guns. 

In this regard, the automatic electric airsoft guns are the most realistic ones; for this very reason, these airsoft guns are the most popular ones among the airsoft players. The plastic pellets fired with the electric airsoft guns can cause much pain, even welts. In this regard, it is very important to wear protective face masks, gloves, and thick clothing while playing with your airsoft guns.

Categorization of the Airsoft Guns

The AEGs/ Electric Airsoft Guns

There are three types of airsoft guns available in the market and online stores; the spring-powered airsoft guns, the electric airsoft guns, and the gas powered airsoft guns. The AEGs, also known as the electric airsoft guns are among the most popular airsoft guns used by the gamers. However, out of the three categories of the airsoft guns, these are also the costliest.

You can get good-quality electric airsoft guns for the price range of about $300. One of the most popular manufacturers of the electric airsoft guns is "Tokyo Marui". Typically, the electric airsoft guns are run powered with the help of Nickel Cadmium batteries. These batteries run the motors inside the electric airsoft guns which further operate the gears that release the piston of the airsoft guns. The release of the piston causes the plastic pellets to be projected out of the barrel of the airsoft guns.

The Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns (Blowback)

The gas-powered airsoft guns are the second-most popular airsoft guns; these are specifically popular due to their amazing blowback feature. If you are an intermediate player and a great fan of slightly intense airsoft skirmishes, the gas-powered airsoft guns are the perfect option for you. The gas-blowback airsoft guns, also known as the GB's are the most popular ones; these are also used for various training purposes, such as target shooting by military personals as well as the police department.

The gas-powered airsoft guns utilize green gas (134a) which is a form of propane to run the inner mechanism of the airsoft guns. With the help of the green gas, the air gets compressed within the airsoft guns causing the plastic pellets to get projected out of the barrel of the airsoft guns. The same green gas is also utilized for cycling back the gun's slide; thus, recoil is created via the cycling back and forth of the airsoft guns' slide. The green gas can be stored either onboard or inside magazines of the gas-powered airsoft guns. The gas-powered airsoft guns are much popular due to their realistic automatic/ semi-automatic firing mode which makes them quite appealing to use.

The Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

The spring-powered airsoft guns are the cheapest and also the simplest version of the airsoft guns; however, this doesn't mean that these lack in quality and efficacy. The spring-powered airsoft guns are deemed to be the ideal starter airsoft guns for children and airsoft beginners due to their lower shooting velocity.

As indicated by their name, the spring-powered airsoft guns have a manual mechanism that requires the spring to be manually cocked before firing the plastic pellets. These airsoft guns require to be cocked for each shot; it might be tiresome, but it is still a fun toy to use for the starting airsoft games. All airsoft experts carry at least one spring-powered airsoft gun as their secondary airsoft firearm. The spring-powered airsoft guns are amazingly sturdy and reliable as their firing mechanism is simple as compared to its gas- and electric-powered airsoft counterparts.

Every airsoft gaming expert has probably started their games with the spring-powered airsoft guns. These are also perfect if you want to teach your young children about guns and gun-safety. The spring-powered airsoft guns can be purchased at a lower price starting usually from $10 to $20.

Which Airsoft Gun Works Best With your Purpose or Airsoft Role?

One of the most commonly asked questions is which type of airsoft guns should one get. The right type of airsoft guns is an essential factor in determining your chances of victory on the airsoft battlefield. Simply put, it would be useless to take an airsoft gun designed for close quarter combats to take out to the wider airsoft fields and woods.

The short range of the airsoft guns designed for close-quarter airsoft battles would be half of the shooting range of assault airsoft rifles that are specifically designed for the broader outdoor airsoft fields. The close-quarter airsoft battles do not require assault airsoft rifles due to the shorter firing range which is usually within 50 to 100 feet.

The most commonly used CQB airsoft guns are the MP5 airsoft guns series. For the broader outdoor airsoft battles, the most frequently used airsoft guns are the series of M16/M4 airsoft assault rifles. After getting the best-quality airsoft guns for you, you need to ensure to get equipped with the mandatory safety and protection airsoft tools as well. Without a doubt, airsoft guns are not lethal; however, these ‘toys' can cause injuries in case you don't wear protective gear, such as goggles, face mask, gloves, etc.

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