pocket knife

The knife is among the most antique tools in mankind's development. Whether used to hunt, fight, make or create shelter, knives have always been chief and essential throughout human history.

Pocket Knife - Still A Popular Tool:

Regardless of all the changes that took place in the last few decades, the knife shows no signs of becoming old-fashioned as an essential everyday tool.

It is a very handy tool used to open packages, tearing down cardboard boxes, carving sticks for a campfire or simply used for cutting in the kitchen. Because of its multiple uses, it is becoming popular among people to carry it along with them for everyday use.

No doubt, you have observed diversity in pocket knives available all over the world. Many advanced techniques have evolved in terms of materials, styles & designs in the field of knife making.

Nowadays, the world's oldest tool has never been more accessible and the options have never been improved. The total number of high-quality pocket knife manufacturers, designers, and companies on the sight today make the job of selecting the best pocket knife very problematic. 

With so many options on hand and so many diverse needs, you might have for a pocket knife, discovering the best pocket knife for you can be a tricky task. Luckily, out of the many large options, we narrowed down a list of some of the very best pocket knives for you to consider for everyday use.

Why Do You Need A Pocket Knife?

So, if you need a pocket knife for various reasons. It uses may vary from kitchen chores to everyday hacks. But you should keep a few things in mind while choosing any pocket knife i.e. strength, the sharpness of blade and blade that grasps the edge.

    • Excellent Folding Knife to Take Outdoors:

This is a very insightful question because there is not a perfect answer to this question. But bear in mind your requirements for the use in outdoors you can choose from a variety of kinds of branded knives available.

If you are carrying a knife to camp, it is advised to go for one that comes with a clip so that it doesn’t collapse easily when you are doing the chaotic tasks. You only have to keep in mind your requirements and doings type when selecting the outdoor pocket knife.

    • Lightweight Pocket Knives:

While choosing a pocket knife you should consider the material and size of the knife. Mostly, the handles consist of all the weight of the knife. Therefore, if you consider the handles of the knife which are made of high-quality plastic or carbon, the knife will automatically weigh much lighter.

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The Best Pocket Knives for 2020:

Let us discuss some of the different types of best pocket knives that will be available at our store in 2020:

1. Spring-Assisted Opening Knife: 

An assisted opening knife is a kind of folding knife which uses an internal system to stop the opening of the blade once the user has partially opened it using a flipper or thumb stud attached to the blade.

spring assisted Knives

It is a cost-effective knife that also happens to be helped to open a knife. This knife boosts up your status.

2. Brass Knuckle Knife:

A knuckle knife is a fist-worn weapon. It is designed to protect and focus a punch's force by directing it towards a harder and smaller contact area, causing an increased area disturbance.

brass knuckle knife

They are versatile, best for campers, hunters and peppers. They are lightweight, small in size and can easily fit into your pocket.

3. Stiletto Knife:

A stiletto is a knife with a long slim blade and needle-like point. It is mainly used as a stabbing weapon. The stiletto blade's thin cross-section and acute tip decrease friction upon contact, thus, the blade can penetrate easily.

Stiletto Knife

Some people take stiletto as a cook's knife but in actual fact, most of the stilettos are specific thrusting weapons and not for the cutting purpose. Check out the best Italian stiletto knives for modern times!

4. Tactical Knife: 

The tactical knife is also known as a fighting knife. It is designed to most efficiently impose a dangerous injury in a physical quarrel between two or more fighters at a very short distance.

tactical Knife

It is a knife with one or more armed features designed for use in intense situations. It is a multi-purpose knife used for both fighting and utility skills.

5. Tanto Blade Pocket Knife:

It is originally designed for body armor-piercing. It is similar to Japanese short and long swords.

tanto blade pocket knife

The tanto knife has an elevated point with a smooth grind, leading to an extremely strong point which makes it ideal for stabbing into hard materials.

The Blade Material of These Knives:

These knives usually come in two types of steel: stainless or carbon. There are also many variations of each kind of steel.

The difference between the two is: Stainless steel is nearly indestructible. It can take a thumping and last a long time without rusting. Though it is seen that stainless blades lose an edge quicker than carbon and in some cases, it is difficult to sharpen stainless steel.

On the other hand, carbon steel knives are generally known to hold a good edge longer than stainless steel. But, they will rust quicker in the components.


Precisely, a pocket knife holds a foldable blade or blades. This highly useful tool will always come in handy. It may be compact but is no less than any other knife when it comes to working marvelously. You can remain prepared with this knife in your pocket.

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