The history of brass knuckles dates back to the 16th century, when they were originally used for battle. Although these knuckle-type weapons can be found in earlier periods, they became more common during the English Civil War of the 17th Century.

In modern times, many people enjoy sporting or collecting self-defense equipment such as the self defense weapons

The brass knuckle has become one of the most in-demand tools of late. They were used for a variety of purposes around the knuckles. Besides being a powerful fighting tool, this multifunction tool can also serve as a fashionable ornament or as a self-defense weapon. 

However, they can also serve the wearer in many other ways. 

What Do You Know About Brass Knuckles?

In order to make brass knuckles, sheet metal is rolled over a metal piece and a soft, flexible leather covering is placed over it. The laws regarding the possession of brass knuckles are not well known to most people that use brass knuckles. 

Brass Knuckles may be defined as a type of hand protector that focuses on offense rather than defense. It usually consists of two flat iron knuckles connected by iron chains at their base, making them resemble a peace sign when held parallel to each other. 

They are typically used by individuals who want to inflict pain upon an opponent, and their use is often described as "cannibalistic", as it may allow the user to break an opponent's bones without leaving visible signs of injury. The knuckles are added to the hands of trained martial artists or fighters to give them additional combat ability.

Brass knuckles certainly originated in Asia, but they were not used in Europe until sometime in the 19th century. It is recorded that two French brothers were killed by a gangster in Paris after they had attempted to steal a diamond back in 1837, and which led the police to search for suspects. If you are looking for Brass Knuckles for sale to add a few into your arsenal, better know the uses of this cool accessory first. 

You Can Use Brass Knuckles At These Places

Brass knuckles are a set of metal hand protectors that could be either straight or concave, with the ends clenched. In some countries, the term refers to any spiked metal gloves, but in other places it is used specifically for fighting and due to its use in crime. They are designed both as defensive and offensive weapons.

It is important to note that some places, including schools and juvenile detention centers, restrict the use of weapons, like brass knuckles. From the very beginning of the invention of these weapons, some states had strict laws on their possession. 

The possession of these products has however been loosening in some countries. Understanding the laws in your state can help you decide if you are allowed to carry or use these types of weapons.

Brass Knuckles Are Famous Because:

Among enthusiasts, brass knuckles are a hot topic for debate. One of the most important reasons to love them is the fact that they are capable of performing numerous tasks. 

  • Film Appearances

The sky's the limit for fame when it appears in a movie. Don't you think so? In a few movies, brass knuckles were prominently featured. The movie Wanted, in which Angelina Jolie played the lead role, was quite famous. 

The knuckles she wore during her fights were excellent. In addition to Wanted, the movie Constantine also featured knuckle dusters. A pair of knuckles was used by John Constantine to take down Balthazar in the movie.

  • Game & TV show appearances

The story of brass knuckles as a fashion accessory and fighting weapon is not just found in movies, but also in TV shows and video games. It's no doubt you've played the video game GTA Vice City, which is a lot of fun. Often, Tommy wears knuckle dusters as an expression of his status as the Tough Guy in the game Tommy. 

  • An appearance on Sport Shows

Sports entertainment refers to WWE. Among the most watched television shows in the U.S. are WWE Raw and Smackdown. It is not uncommon for the WWE wrestlers to use their knuckles in the fights. 

A good example is William Regal. Brass knuckles were a common weapon he threw to win most of his fights. It was called "Power of the Punch".

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Brass Knuckles- Tools For Every Purpose

As a tool, brass knuckles are capable of being used in a variety of ways. They are not just made for fighting but it is an essential part of fashion accessories. It is also used for self defense purposes. 

  • Combat Weapons

You must have recognized that it is a fighting weapon since I mentioned wrestlers using brass knuckles. Knuckle dusters are often used to fight by throwing knuckle-crushing punches with much greater force and impact. 

Since soldiers first established them as weapons, they used them to defeat their enemies. A blade was included during the First World War, making it a two-in-one weapon for close quarters combat. 

For stabbing, there were blades, and for punching, there were knuckles. It was a highly effective combat weapon in the famous trench wars. As you can see, history demonstrates how useful brass knuckles were in wartime, for example in the American Civil War and in the First World War. Yet it is still a combat weapon of choice today. 

Many still fight on the streets with brass knuckles, though we have moved on to nuclear weapons. With the striking power it generates in your fist, it is considered one of the most powerful tools for street fighting.

  • A Defensive Weapon

Self-defense is one of the most common uses for brass knuckles. Because of the increase in random attacks, it has become necessary for the people to defend themselves. Due to its less lethal nature and incapacity to cause permanent injury, it is preferred over other self-defense weapons such as knives and guns. 

Even women are encouraged to use this weapon to defend themselves against attackers because of this. Rather than having a blade, modern brass knuckles consist of a metal band around your knuckles for punching. Let me show you how to use this in a self defense scenario.

The amount of time you have to adjust to an attacker is very short when they approach you. Pulling your knife from your pocket is the first step. Your fist already has brass knuckles on it, so you have already prepared yourself to handle him. 

  • A Fashion Accessory

They're popular with those who enjoy dressing as tough guys. A pair of brass knuckles is essential to becoming a gangster of the town. 

Fashion accessories like this make a great addition to any wardrobe. You also feel like a part of the elite class with them. Players and hustlers would also typically wear brass knuckles. This ensures that your fashion sense is advanced as you make a fashion statement. 

If you are going through weapons, they are not necessary. Instead, make a new trend by wearing brass knuckles as the latest fashion statement!

  • Using as a Utility Tool

As well as being a great utility tool, brass knuckles can be extremely versatile. Since it lets you accomplish most of your routine tasks, it can replace your EDC tools.

Brass knuckle bottle opener

In an emergency situation, you can break the glass when needed or smash the ice when required. It also opens bottles and packages. Bottle openers are also attached to some knuckle dusters. Above picture is an example of a brass knuckle bottle opener. Bottles and cans can be opened quite easily with these brass knuckles. This utility tool can be used to perform a variety of routine tasks.

  • As a Cosplay Item

Can you imagine dressing up as a gangster on your next LARP event? What kind of costume should you wear? Brass knuckles are a must for any gangster costume, in my opinion.  Put on this essential accessory if you want to display your badass side. 

When cosplayers portray evil characters, they tend to use them a lot. For your next event, wear brass knuckles if you wish to impress your audience.

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Brass Knuckle- A Comprehensive Tool!

In today's market, there are a lot of tools and weapons, but brass knuckles seem to be the only one that is comprehensive. There are no other weapons that are so versatile. The popularity of knuckle dusters may be attributed to this reason. 

As simple as it may sound, I prefer it to other weapons since I can use it in every possible way. If you haven't yet used this multi-function tool, get it right now and enjoy the benefits as your main utility tool, your defense and fighting weapon, your fashion wearable and your cosplay accessory!