neck knife

Before we analyze whether one should or shouldn't have a neck knife, let's start with the very basics: what is actually a neck knife? Well, for those who don't know; a neck knife is small- or medium-sized blade attached to a blade-handle that a person can wear around his/her neck with the help of a string or chain.

The neck knife has been essentially designed with respect to the survival instinct as it is always on the body of the carrying person and can be used anytime anywhere. Since the blade is usually kept "hidden" under your shirt, the neck knife will be perceived as a simple necklace by most of the people who can only see the string or the chain. 

However, the neck knife exhibits a strong sense of security without raising suspicion from the general onlookers and by-passers.

The neck knife has been typically associated with the red Indians who are also the Native Americans. However, despite their long history, the neck knives have seemingly gotten back into fashion, style, and most importantly, as a need for survival. 

We are living in an unpredictable world where attacks can literally happen anytime and anywhere; subsequently, it is crucial to carry a contingency plan with you at all times. 

And if you love blades as many knife-enthusiasts do, the neck knife is simply a must-have item for you. We can see one of the most famous survival instructors, Cody Lundin, wearing the neck knife in his television show of "Dual Survival".

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Neck Knife

There are a number of features associated with the neck knife; for instance, you can choose between the blade-type of the neck knife: fixed or folding. 

Also, you can have choices with regards to the necklace type; the sheath of the neck knife; and, whether you will be wearing the neck knife underneath your shirt or outside. 

I will go through other details later; let's advance towards the pros and cons of carrying a neck knife. Check the below-given list for the various advantages of carrying a knife.
  • If the wielder of the neck knife chooses to wear it outside of his/her short, the neck knife will be his/her most reachable as compared to the rest of carrying items.
  • If the wielder of the neck knife chooses to carry it underneath their shirt they will go "incognito" mode. In other words, they will be carrying a self defense weapon in a concealed manner.
  • The neck knife allows you to free your pockets and bags; in other words, you will always know where your neck knife is located at. There is no more need to rummage through your bag and pockets anymore in the hour of need. You will know exactly where your neck knife is located and can make effective use of it.
  • The neck knife is compact and lightweight; also, if you are looking for a cool and compact neck knife, you might also want to check out a karambit knife as your neck knife.
  • If you don't want to carry it on the neck, you might also make alternate switches by carrying your neck knife on your belt or pockets.
  • The size of the neck knife is small; therefore, you will find it easier to sharpen the blade of the neck knife with the help of a pocket knife sharpener.
neck knife

There are also some disadvantages of carrying and wielding a neck knife; check the below-given list for a thorough analysis of the cons:

  • A neck knife will be dangling around your neck; this aspect might cause annoyance and irritation to the wielder of the neck knife.
  • If you will be opting for a bead chain, then it might cause to pull the hair on your chest and neck.
  • In case, someone hugs you, they will know instantly that you are carrying a neck knife.
  • If you choose to carry a neck knife outside your shirt, a potential attacker will know immediately about it and might revert to drastic measures i.e. a gun as he/she will feel threatened.
  • If you are wearing the neck knife underneath your shirt and you haven't trained hard enough with regard to knife maneuverability, you might find it difficult to extract the neck knife.
  • A neck knife demands to be carried within a sheath; this means that you will need both of your hands to get out the blade in order to use it.
  • The chain of the neck knife can also become a choking hazard in various situations; especially, if it is not a "break-away" kind of neck chain.
  • If you happen to fall heavily on your chest, the neck knife might cause unnecessary injury even bleeding.

The Final Question: Should you be Carrying a Neck Knife?

Without a doubt, the neck knife is not for all people; however, it is great to have one on your person; especially, when a situation calls for it. For instance, they are of great use during adventurous activities, such as exploring the wilderness.

Also, if you are swimming or exploring nature while you are wearing a rather heavy backpack with attached hip straps, a neck knife will come quite handy. In case, you decide to get a neck knife, make sure that the sheath of the neck knife is made if strong and durable quality. 

Moreover, the weight of the neck knife shouldn't be more than two ounces; anything heavier than that will definitely make you uncomfortable and irritable.

With regards to the chain of the neck knife, make sure that it is a break-away chain; in this respect, it is highly recommended to get a ball chain. This will ensure that you don't get accidentally strangled. 

In case, you are not happy with a ball chain, you can also opt for a leather cord that has a breakaway clasp. 

Most importantly, make sure to check your local laws with regard to the legality of carrying and owning a neck knife in your area and state.