If you are looking for the best balisong trainers in order to learn the flipping of these amazing Balisongs, then you are here at the right page.

Anyone can go and get the best balisong trainers; however, if they do it rashly, they might even cause unnecessary injuries.

Apart from introducing you to the best balisong trainers, this guide also attempts at telling its readers what they ought to look for while choosing the best balisong trainers online or at the local market and knife stores. There are quite a couple of aspects that one has to look for in order to make a lifetime use of the best balisong trainers if possible.

Before we plunge into further details of the best balisong trainers, let's have a look at what exactly the balisong trainer is.

The balisong trainers are also known as the butterfly knife trainers which is a butterfly knife; except, it lacks the sharp blade of the typical butterfly knife.

Unlike the original butterfly knife, the balisong trainers are 100% legal to carry within the United States.

With the help of the balisong trainers, the beginners become able to flip the knife without accidentally hurting themselves and others. Nonetheless, if one starts to overly rely on the best balisong knives, they might start developing bad habits.

For instance, the trainee might develop the habit of poor flips which might cause unnecessary injury if they ever wield the real butterfly knives instead of the best balisong knives.

Therefore, it is recommended to switch from the balisong trainers to the real butterfly knives as soon as you feel confident enough.

It is important to point out here that the best balisong trainers aren't mandatory to buy for all of the butterfly knife beginners; another alternative of the balisong trainer would be to tape the blades of the butterfly knife with electric tape in order to protect you from getting hurt and cut.

However, this is not a permanent remedy; it is always recommended to get the best balisong trainers for your training sessions.

Therefore, in case you do not own a real butterfly knife and want to learn all the amazing tricks with the butterfly knife, you can always opt for getting the best balisong trainers for this purpose.

The biggest advantage of getting the best balisong trainers is that these are much cheaper than the real butterfly knives.

Things to Look in For in the Best Balisong Trainers

The Material of the Best Balisong Trainers

The material of the best balisong trainers matters the most in your selection for a good quality balisong trainer knife. There are some knife manufacturers who use cheaper material for the balisong trainers; consequently, such balisong trainers are prone to break frequently even at the slightest jerk or pressure.

Some flips are sufficient to get the wielder of the balisong trainers frustrated enough and look for another butterfly knife trainer. 

However, some of the balisong trainers are manufactured from such a material which makes them last a couple of weeks until the wielder of the balisong trainers is capable of moving on towards the real blade and exhibit their amazing tricks to the world.

The Hinges of the Best Balisong Trainers

You ought to use Loctite in order to make your balisong trainers last longer; the Loctite stops the screws of the balisong trainers from falling out. The preferred dimension of the Loctite (242) ought to be around 1.5 mm hex as well as a 2mm hex. Some versions of the balisong trainers do not enable the removal of the screws. Such versions of the balisong trainers are perfectly built to last longer than the other versions of the balisong trainers.

If you will care about the maintenance of the Loctite, these balisong trainers tend to last a lifetime. The emphasis here is that you should avoid the non-screw balisong trainers at all cost if you are looking for a pair of the best balisong trainers which will stay loyal to you for a longer period of time.

1. Bear and Son Best Balisong Trainers
Referring to the best balisong trainers of all times, the first name we have here is the Bear and Son which is also, generally, a huge name in the balisong trainers industry. These best balisong trainers are manufactured within the United States and not in the Philippines.

The blades of these balisong trainers are no longer than 4-inches; whereas, these are made of stainless steel; which means that these will remain resistant to rust and corrosion. For the beginners, the Bear and Sons butterfly trainers are a good option as these are heavy and goo to learn the flipping tricks with. As a matter of fact, the lighter the balisong trainers are the faster they flip; therefore, they require more agility than the heavier balisong trainers.

Another advantage of getting the Bear and Son best balisong trainers is that these come pre-oiled.

butterfly knife

Hence, these balisong trainers exhibit a smooth and a quite good flip to it. However, I cannot stress more on the fact that you ought to Loctite is for better user experience. There have been instances reported where the screws of these balisong trainers flew out; therefore, it is always recommended to Loctite the best balisong trainers before starting the flipping training.

2. Gen Pro Best Balisong Trainers
The Gen Pro best balisong trainers are sufficiently heavy so that these feel quite good in your hands. Moreover, these balisong trainers come in a pre-oiled condition which makes them excellently smooth and good for flipping. Nonetheless, this version of the balisong trainers is without screws which means that you cannot Loctite them.

According to some customer reviews, these balisong trainers are good enough to last a couple of weeks before falling apart.

I reckon two weeks is a sufficient training time to learn the essential tricks with the balisong trainers and move on to the real blades of the butterfly knife. Apart from this, there have also been customer reviews that state that you can repair the balisong trainers by hammering the fallen out pieces back inside the balisong trainers. Additionally, it has also been reported that the Genpro Balisong trainers can break in case these get dropped on the floor.

3. The Fury Best Balisong Trainers
In contrast to the previously mentioned balisong trainers, this pair of butterfly knife trainers is relatively cheap. Additionally, these balisong trainers have also the lowest reviews due to the fact that the screws of the balisong trainers tend to fall out, which means that they have not Loctite their balisong trainers.

Yet, this doesn't refute the smoothness of these balisong trainers with regards to flipping and other tricks.

I recommend to Loctite the Fury Balisong trainers before you start with your flipping and training session with these. The material of the Fury balisong trainers is definitely high-quality; not to mention the fact that these are available at the lowest price. The blades of these balisong trainers are made of stainless steel; therefore, it is normal for the hinges of the balisong trainers to get bent after frequent use.

4. The Wisdom Trees Best Balisong Trainers
This version of the best balisong trainers is one of my favorites; the best part of it is that these feature two handles which are made of quality material; whereas, the blade is blunt as is typical with the best balisong trainers. You will be able to learn some amazing butterfly knife tricks with the wisdom trees balisong trainers without getting unnecessarily injured or damaging your hand.

The skeletonized design on the handles of the balisong trainers ensures that the wielder of the balisong trainers can maintain a strong and sturdy grip on the balisong trainers while they train with the knife.

The joints of the balisong trainers have been crafted with the use of good-quality aluminum scores; hence, the durability of these balisong trainers is good. The weight of the handles, as well as the blades of the basing trainers, is well-balanced which makes it perfect for the beginners to use and practice their moves before moving on to the real butterfly knife.

5. The Squidtrainer (V2) Best Balisong Trainers
These balisong trainers are actually an upgraded version of the best balisong trainers; nonetheless, these come with a higher finish and fit and hence more durable than the previously mentioned balisong trainers. In fact, this is an upgraded version of the Trident butterfly knife trainers, which are ‘channel aluminum' balisong trainers.

The stainless steel weights are positioned on the ends of the balisong trainers' handles which ensure a better momentum along with amazing tolerances and the absence of a blade rub.

These matchless designs of the best balisong trainers are available at the best price as well. Not to mention the fact that these are worldwide popular and in great demand around the globe.

Some Amazing Balisong Trainers Tricks for Beginners

There are quite a couple of amazing tricks which you as a beginner can learn with the help of the best balisong trainers. Did you know that the real butterfly knife is considered to be one of the stealthiest blades today; therefore, these are banned in the majority of the states within the United States.

However, do you know what is not banned? Yes, you got it right;

I am referring to the best balisong trainers which are perfectly legal to carry, own, and possess in the majority of the states, countries, and regions of the world. The best balisong trainers are also an excellent way to let out the inner Ninja out with a couple of amazing knife tricks and impress the crowd of onlookers, your family, and friends.

The below-given list includes some of the easiest balisong trainers' tricks to learn at the beginner level.

1. The Trick Of Flick Opening

This is one of the first and foremost tricks which many of the beginners strive to learn with the help of their best balisong trainers. In fact; any butterfly knife enthusiast ought to know how to maneuver this very basic trick. In order to perform this balisong trainer trick, the wielder flicks his/her wrist in order to send the bite handle of the balisong trainers away.

Concurrently, the safe handle of the balisong trainers is spun. At the same time, the bite handles of the best balisong butterfly knife trainers along with the back of the trainer's blade get positioned at the back of the wielder's hand. With a flick of the wrist, the ‘bite handle' of the balisong trainers get re-positioned to the front. This move places the balisong trainers back into the open position.

2. The Trick of Flick Closing

This simple balisong trainers' trick is the exact opposite of the trick of flick opening. The only difference is that for this trick the wielder starts with the positioning the balisong trainers in the open position.

The ‘bite handle' of the balisong trainers is flicked up into the wielder's palm. However, it is mandatory to keep the palm in an open position for this will permit the blade and handle of the balisong trainers to line back into the closed position.

The tricks of flick opening and flick closing are the two most basic tricks to be learned and maneuvered by the beginners and butterfly knife enthusiasts.

3. The Pinwheel Trick

The pinwheel trick is another easy trick to be maneuvered by the wielders of the best butterfly trainers. This trick is however more advanced as compared to the previously mentioned butterfly knife tricks.

The balisong trainer is held in a flat horizontal position with the tang pins of the balisong trainers pointing in the similar position of the wielder's thumb direction.

While holding the "safe handle" of the balisong trainer, the "bite handle" is simultaneously dropped. The "bite handle" of the balisong trainer gets flipped around; meanwhile, the wielder of the butterfly knife trainer shifts his/her grip so that the "bite handle" faces upwards which then snaps into the closed position. You can learn amazing tricks with the knife trainers.