A knife is certainly a man's best friend in need. An intellectual person once stated that 'A man without a knife is a man without a life'.

This certainly makes sense to me in view of the thousands of indispensable uses of this exemplary tool. It is thus absolutely right to call it a powerful tool that effortlessly plays a significant role in a man's life.

But have you ever wondered why knives are so expensive? Have you ever questioned what basically the difference between expensive and cheap knives is? If yes, we are here to answer all such queries.

There are quite a few reasons why some fixed blade knives are way too expensive. Here we will also throw light on what makes these knives better than their cheap Variants or replicas.


Quality is one of the prime factors that contribute the most in accelerating the price of a particular blade.

High-quality knives are generally sold at a high rate as compared to their poor quality Variants. However, this is not true in all cases. Sometimes, cheap knives work and serve better than the expensive ones.

Nevertheless, usually, an expensive blade is better able to last a lifetime. This certainly makes it valid for the manufacturers to sell it at a rate higher than the market price.


Quality, in turn, ensures a product's durability. A high-quality product certainly meets a customer's expectations.

Buyers who believe valuing their hard-earned money generally fall for these different knives. Their finish and precision also attract the buyer's eye and compels him to give these a buy without cultivating any second thought.

It is just like buying clothes from a brand and from some local market. You will definitely find a similar outfit or replica in a nearby market but its durability will not be able to compete with the durability of a branded dress.


High-end knife manufacturers make no compromise over the material of the product. This gives their brand a competitive edge and validates the high price of their blades.

People extensively invest in their products by keeping in view that their products are crafted out of impurity-free materials. For instance, carbon steel blades are quite common in the weapon market but how many of them are actually made up of this material? To be honest, most of them are not.

Ergonomic Worth:

Expensive knives are crafted exclusively by paying special attention to their finish and ergonomic worth.

These self defense knives work in line with our specific requirements. In fact, their ergonomic designs make it possible for us to accomplish a certain task without the expenditure of much energy and effort.

From the grip of their handles to the sharpness of their blades, everything is just so on point.

An Ideal Knife For Everyone:

Almost all knife brands are now in a habit of targeting the right area where they are most likely to find a potential buyer. They never dare to turn a blind eye to this significant aspect.

That is why expensive knives are generally available in areas where people are most likely to purchase them without pointing any affordability issues. Similarly, these are usually crafted to take care of the needs of the professional culinary experts who need these on a daily basis.

Tactical Features:

This is what makes most knives expensive! Tactical features refer to some exceptional features that are found only in a few knives. This is also why tactical knives are costly. 

These features include a pocket clip, a fire starter, a glass breaker and a few others. Generally, tactical knives are folding knives but as of late, fixed blade knives also come with such incredible features! 

Plus Point:

In addition to all the above-discussed sides of the picture, the fun fact is that expensive knives are equipped with several other features.

Most of them are rust-free and some even come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Similarly, the design and finish of their serrations further segregate them from all other cool throwing knives that are in vogue.

All this unanimously contributes to compelling people to spend on these knives without any reluctance or hesitation. Now, coming back to the most frequently asked question, I would like to unveil the name of the most expensive knife of 2020. So, hold your breath and keep reading.

Road Warrior Combat Tactical Fixed Blade Sawback Knife 15"

This blade undoubtedly stands on top of the list of the most expensive knives in the world. It is produced by MTech - the world's best knife manufacture and features a flawless satin finish.

Its stainless steel spine serrated blade rightly complements its ergonomic wooden handle. The handle is further supported by a metal pommel that gives this blade a different sort of charm altogether.

Isn't it an amazing combo? Can you even resist buying this knife?

Road Warrior Combat Tactical Fixed Blade Sawback Knife 15"

If you are still not finding anything that justifies its price, let us introduce you to some other enthralling features of this tool.

  • It comes with a faux leather sheath.
  • It features a 10 inches long blade.
  • The thickness of its blade is 5.5mm.
  • It is an ideal tool for sawing.
  • The length of its stylish wooden handle is 5 inches.
  • It has an overall length of 15 inches.

Where to Get this Knife?

If you are now intrigued to buy this tool now, let us first warn you about a few things that you really need to know.
    • Weapon markets are full of thousands of replicas of this splendid tool. Be mindful when making a choice.
    • This knife is exclusively available at our website and that too at an astonishing discounted price.

Get This Incredible Knife into Your Arsenal:

If you don’t believe it, simply browse through our website once and you will not be able to resist the urge to steal this deal instantly.  

It is the masterpiece knife having all the tactical features. Considering the usefulness and features of this knife, it is worth the price. In fact, it is cost effective. 

So, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for an allrounder knife having incredible blade strength and brilliant features!