The year 2019 brought a range of magnificent knives that blew our minds. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to figure out the one most impressive knife among them. But, looking at certain key factors, one can determine which knife must be named the “best”.

Well, we agree that everyone has a different opinion because choice and decision making regarding buying a product depends on the buyer’s needs. So, to that person the knife that fulfills his needs is the best. 

However, there are products that suit everyone's needs. We have come up with one such product. We reveal the most impressive knife of the year. And no surprise, it is a folding knife. 

Don’t think it is a common folding knife. It is far better than pocket knives you find in the market today. There are many factors that we looked at before choosing this knife. We compared it to several other exceptional knives and then identified that it is the one that every user needs to own. 

In this article, we shall determine why this knife has been called the best knife of the year. We have briefly described its features and how these features surpass from those possessed by other knives. We determine why it is better than other folding knives in the market. 

We first compared its features with other blades and then compared its price to figure out the brilliance that manufacturers of this knife displayed. Since we have revealed the knife, it is time now to reveal the outstanding features of this knife. 

Exceptional Features

- Official USMC Knife

To start with, it is worth mentioning that Elite Tactical manufactured this official US marine corps knife. So, it is a military knife and one can expect it to be a quality knife. We all have faith in military folding knives that they are more powerful and tactical. 

And yes, it is a tactical folding knife because it has certain tactical features. We have explained those features below. Anyways, it has a fantastic military design and a lovely shape that makes it appear like a knife designed for army personnel use. 

- Size 

This USMC folding knife has an appropriate size which makes it comfortable to use. When the blade is deployed, the overall length of the knife is around 9 inches. The length of the handle is 5 inches while the length of the blade is 4 inches. 

When the blade is closed, the overall length of the knife reduces to 5 inches from 9 inches. The 4 inch blade is folded inside the handle. The foldability of the blade reduces the overall size of the knife. 

- Folding Mechanism

There is a reason why a folding knife is chosen as the knife of the year. And we said earlier that it is not a surprise because everyone knows that this is the knife that fulfills the needs of the users. 

The features that most of the users look in a knife these days include ease of carry and smaller size etc. A fixed blade knife does not offer such benefits which makes pocket knives a better choice. 

This knife has a solid folding as well as locking mechanism. All other knives contain such features but they mostly lack the strength. This safety lock is durable and ensures that blade does not move or opens in your pocket. 

Also, the folding mechanism has been improved after complaints made by users regarding folding system malfunction in many pocket knives. This knife has improved folding system which has eliminated any chance of system malfunction. 

- Blade

Since it is an improved knife, the biggest improvement has been made to the blade. There is a powerful 4 inches blade made of stainless steel. Thickness of the blade is 5mm as well. Therefore, you can expect it to be a durable and solid blade. 

Quality stainless steel has been used by Elite Tactical to manufacture this blade. The blade is partially serrated as well. The idea is to make it more tactical and capable of doing different cutting tasks. 

Consider these additions and improvements, it is certainly a better blade than ones usually featured in the folding knives. Quality stainless steel, thicker and half serrated blade; what a combination! 

- Handle

Handle of this knife is an absolute beauty. We mentioned the military and tactical nature of this knife earlier, the handle displays the nature of the knife perfectly. There is a 20mm thick handle made of Tan G10. A desert color looks fantastic. Plus, the handle includes G10 spacer. 

Since it is a tactical knife, the idea is to make it easy to handle. Therefore, handle has been kept thicker. G10 material ensures the comfort and durability of the handle. A knife is a combination of blade and handle, hence, both handle and blade must be made of quality materials. However, this knife is really constructed as a masterpiece. 

- Ergonomic Grip

A tactical military folding knife always has one key feature, and that is an ergonomic grip. This USMC knife does include an ergonomic grip. You can clearly see the grip on the handle in the video above.  

The idea behind the ergonomic grip on the handle is to make it comfortable and easy to hold. The user can have a firm grip on the knife and gain a maximum control. Also, it makes it impossible to disarm the user.

- Additional Features

There are two fabulous additional features that played a role in making it the knife of the year. You won’t find these features in any other pocket knife available in the market. These include a pocket clip and a lanyard. 

The pocket clip on this knife makes it easy to carry in your pocket. It does not matter which pocket you are placing the knife in, but it can be carried like a pen. The clip secures it in your pocket and makes it quickly reachable to you. 

The knife also features a skull trinket lanyard. The purpose of lanyard is a little similar to pocket clip. However, it allows the user to hold the knife in his hand in a more comfortable manner. Also, he can hold it in his finger rather than hand to feel even more relaxed and comfortable. 

- Price

Price is a massive factor that impacts the buying decisions. We have all come around on that. This knife has a relatively lower price than many other knives that don’t even offer such features. 

A price of $26.23 is pretty low for a knife that has a quality, half serrated blade, ergonomic grip, G10 handle, and features like pocket clip and lanyard.

Why Should You Own This Knife?

- Your Pocket Can Carry It

The foremost reason why you should own this knife is because it can be carried in the pocket. Since it is small and foldable, it can be placed in the pocket. We are talking about a knife that is just about 5 inches when folded. Plus, it is lightweight. Therefore, you must have no discomfort while carrying it in the pocket. 

What makes it even more easy to carry is the addition of pocket clip and lanyard. With a pocket clip you can carry it in the pocket without worrying about dropping it. And with a lanyard, you can carry it while wearing it in one of your fingers. In any case, you can’t lose your knife. 

- Easy and Comfortable 

This USMC folding knife is pretty comfortable and easy to use. You have a better control over the knife due to its ergonomic design. You can clearly see the handle that includes an ergonomic grip which provides better grip on the handle and prevents from disarming. 

The handle is thicker as well which further improves the grip on the knife. A knife that feels comfortable in your hand is the best so that you can use it in the best possible fashion in critical situations, such as self defense. 

- Stronger Than Other Pocket Knives

There’s a reason this knife is a masterpiece. And one of the reasons is the quality of this knife. The handle is made of G10 material which ensures its durability. Also, the handle is thicker. 

The blade is made of quality stainless steel. Also, it has more thickness than the blades of normal pocket knives. The blade is sharper as well. Therefore, it becomes a very durable and powerful knife. 

- Better Cutting Capabilities

As this knife has sharper and stronger blade, it offers better cutting capabilities as well. A normal pocket knife is not supposed to cut harder materials because it has a small and less sturdy blade. Also, it is used for regular utility cutting tasks only.

On the other hand, this USMC folding knife has a thicker and sturdy blade that can cut even harder materials. It can be used for different cutting tasks because it has a partial serrated blade. 

- Affordable

The reason why you should have this knife is because it is cheaper than many folding knives in the market. Since it is better and offers improved features, its price is supposed to be high but that isn't the case. 

This knife is available at a very reasonable price. When considering its extraordinary features, its price looks very affordable. 

- Ideal for Self Defense

This is the factor that should urge you the most to own this knife. Self defense is a massive need nowadays. Every person needs to carry a weapon to deal with the attackers who are fearless to attack anyone. 

This folding knife possesses the features that you ideally search in a self defense weapon. In other words, it has the ability to be your primary defense weapon. 

First of all, it features a very sturdy blade that can frighten the attacker and inflict him severe injuries so that you can escape and survive his attack. 

Secondly, one can say that it has every damn thing to become your ultimate survival weapon. It allows you to always stay equipped with a weapon because it is kept in the pocket. Also, it has a pocket clip and a lanyard which makes it impossible to disarm you. 

Moreover, control over the weapon is key during a self defense situation. And this knife has the ergonomic design which enhances the control over the knife. All in all, a perfect knife for self defense against the attackers. 

- Best Utility Knife

USMC folding knife is not just a great self defense weapon, it is also a fine utility knife. It has a partially serrated blade which makes it ideal for different utility tasks. Also, it is a good EDC too because it can accomplish all the routine cutting tasks. 

With this knife in your arsenal, you can work in your backyard by cutting unnecessary grass and branches. You can cut ropes and wires with this powerful blade. Also, you can trim and alter your clothes as you want to make them fit your size. 

It can do everything you require from a utility knife, It would ease your work in the kitchen. You can use it for cutting veggies and peeling fruit while preparing food. In addition, you can open bottles, letters, packages and canned objects with this knife. 

Since it is a tactical folding knife, you can use it for breaking glass, smashing ice and cutting harder materials. This knife is also ideal for campers and hunters who require tactical knives to do their tasks. 

Final Review of the Knife! 

Counting the features and benefits of this USMC Folding knife, it deserves to be the knife of the year. It is far better than other pocket knives, and one can say that it is the best folding knife ever constructed. 

The features of this knife are pretty impressive. There is a solid folding and locking mechanism installed in the knife that are free from any malfunction possibilities. There is a quality blade made of stainless steel. 

The improved blade is capable of cutting harder materials which is very unlike folding knife. But, this knife is certainly more capable. It is cheaper than many knives available in the market, but promises more benefits. 

“Keeping in mind the benefits like ease of carry and additional features like lanyard and pocket clip, this folding knife is indeed the most impressive knife of the year!”