World has become a house of crime. The world, which we are residing in, is nothing less than a circus in which one has to save oneself and has to fight for his own self for his own well being.

One can take measures from a diverse range of self defense gears to one’s own physical strength and power to knock somebody down, in terms of self defense.

One of the self defense weapons being used as of late is a knuckle duster. Also called brass knuckle, it is a popular tool or accessory which is used in several ways, famously for self defense. 

We consider it one of the diverse tools or accessories that can serve many uses. For instance, it is a self defense tool, a fashion accessory, a cosplay weapon, a Halloween costume, a collectible, a utility tool, and a paperweight etc. So, if you have a few in your collection, get ready to use them for such purposes. 

A knuckle duster is generally a menacing tool but there are a few that are even cooler. Anyway, before you decide on adding a few into your arsenal, here is something you need to know! 


This weapon that will and has already created a hype is ‘Knuckle Duster’. The most fascinating thing about this weapon is that it is for the weak and for the strong both. 

One doesn’t need to baffle oneself by this thought that only the body builders or the highly muscular mostly males can use this but this has been created for the women too, especially in those cases when they’re travelling alone or are present somewhere individually and want to represent themselves as an independent figure and don’t want to cry out to male members for every petty issue and tend to handle it themselves.

One can be one’s own superhero by using knuckle dusters. Every being should have this much power and should have the knowledge of some tactics to save oneself from a dangerous situation.

Benefits for both Genders:

What would you folks prefer? A ten step one or getting rid of it in one go? Exactly, one punch and good riddance! It does sound like it that it must be a joke but it’s really not and the ones who would try this out won’t ever leave it at home as it would become an essential item of their daily life.

Knuckle dusters have multi-diverse uses as enlisted per following:

  • Less Power = More Damage
  • Enhances the effect of a single punch
  • One can save oneself from life hacking scenarios
  • Self defense; as when stepping outside of one’s home, it can be used for defense as it is better to have them than having nothing at the time of an attack whilst putting one’s life at stake.
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Less load on the fingers = less risk of damage of one’s own hands
  • Plays a role for street fighters
  • Disguised as stylish clothing/pieces for style icons
  • Used in belts for disguise
  • Can be hung in motor vehicles
  • Less deleterious
  • Self safety
  • A vital weapon for wrestlers/street fighters, etc in terms of breaking bones
  • Beneficial for the weak and the strong both


Knuckle dusters have played a sole purpose since the ancient times and have been modified ever since. Its chief role is to increase the potential of the punch. Knuckle dusters started off as gloves, but later on they were transfigured into brass knuckle

Japanese people used it more as a concept of street fight and it tends to be more common there. However, in accordance with human nature, fighting is in it, as we tend to fight more and love less and especially teenagers, who come in rage in no time resulting in violence. 

When one fights, no one wants to settle for anything less than shear dominance, hence, everyone retorts back. So, for this very purpose Knuckle dusters were introduced which took to many modifications in serving every human safety possible.


Knuckle dusters are figured as the front end has specially designed round circles, having no gap a further joined with each other and are designed in such a unique way that they can easily fit on any finger, like a ring. 

However, diverse types of knuckle dusters have been innovated now and are readily available in different shapes and sizes for all purposes.

Types of diverse Knuckle dusters:

Paper Weight knuckle dusters:

They are the lightest among all, almost having the weight of a paper.


The load on the finger is less while using paper weight knuckle dusters; resultant reducing the hurt on one’s own fingers plus having durable quality. 

If one still wants to deliver the legendary punch of Roman Reigns a.k.a the superman punch, then one still not needs to worry because the paperweight knuckle duster is here for the rescue and will deliver the same potential because its only light in its size and not in its purpose. 

It will hit less forcefully, hence no permanent or long term damage will occur, but it would be enough to out stand the match. However, making it not at all dangerous for one’s own self too.


They usually don’t have any sharp points or cutting edges.

Usage as a Style Item:

Nowadays, it is flowing amongst teenagers who are terming it as the coolest weapon following the new fashion and style.

The Ladies’ Weapon:

For our honorable ladies, paper knuckle dusters are usually offered as females can keep in their bags for protection. Because your security is our utmost priority.

Spiked Knuckle Dusters:

They are observed to be the most dangerous than any other type of knuckle dusters.


It has spear type sharp ends, which are unsafe. It has fixed thorn like points, shaped like bullets which can cause the real damage. The risk of damage increases 100% while using them, resulting in severe injuries and blood shed.

Different types of spiked Knuckle Dusters:

These spiked knuckle dusters are classified on the basis of designs.

Eagle winged Knuckle Duster:

It’s the scariest of them all as the eagle’s model is used. Its design makes them unique.

    • Four finger knuckle dusters
    • Two fingers Knuckle Dusters

Real Knuckle Duster:

It has a special ladder padding underneath it which enhances its beauty.
Ak-47 rifle Knuckle Dusters: They are designed with a dummy of a famous rifle as it leaves a sharp look of terror on the opponent. 

Belt Buckle: The real bone breaker

Screw Knuckle Dusters: These have screw type spikes which can be fixed and removed both.

Brass Knuckle Dusters:

They got their fame from street fights.


Copper and zinc are combined in a particular ratio to form an alloy named as brass. They were made to add more power to the punch.

Different Types of Brass Knuckle Dusters:

Spiked Brass Knuckles:

This type is used to combine it will knives or daggers. In the past, they were available and used.


The military forces used it as well and was known as military knuckle knife. Is mostly used for criminal activities, eg; assassination, murder, etc.
Serves best for self-defense permanent damage caused widely used in fashion industries ,eg; belts, jackets, necklaces, etc. Players wear it as well, as it looks cool. 

It’s quite a famous thing amongst gangsters and it is to be believed that those wearing the spiked ones might be a gangster many renowned personalities have even worn it.

From negative to positive aspects, life continuously varies in good and bad. It changes day by day. Everything has good and bad aspects, everything has pros and cons. The solution is not to leave that thing but to carry it with good intentions. 

It all depends on the attitude of the user that how he tends to approach that thing. So is the case with Knuckle dusters. They have good and bad aspects too. 

There are people who use it for rage and violent purposes and tend to cause intentional damage and at the same side there are people are tend to use it only for self-defense purposes, when their life is at stake.
Engaged in trouble, this is one of only thing that can grant you another life, if used at right time at right place. They can act dangerous. In fact they are enough to break bones and sometimes enough to make the victim bleed. 

One has to pull it out from pocket, depending on the strength of hand, the damage will be served. Now, some people might probably be scared to be buy such a dangerous weapon but its really not as it has specially been created for safety measures as likely all other weapons. .

Its term arose from the word ‘knuckles’ meaning ‘fingers’ because our belief is that the strength that God has bestowed upon mankind is the best of all powers and it just needs to be recognized in order to use it to its full extent but sometimes the weak lack to identify it and hence are considered feeble enough. 

But that’s not true as man power is the toughest, most strongest and that power that cannot be defeated that is why this weapon was invented by keeping all these beliefs and firm thoughts in mind and it is applicable for both genders because females need to understand this that they are no less and knuckle dusters or any other safety weapon is created for them especially so they are able to save themselves from a dangerous situation. 

Because after all, this world is an intimidating place and those who have the knowledge should utilize it well so it can aid mankind because the best knowledge is the knowledge that is put to use.

Just being knowledgeable is not a big deal unless and until that knowledge is put to some great use, no matter how small or big the initiative is.

Brass Knuckle - The Perfect Addition to Your Arsenal

A knuckle duster is a multipurpose tool and you must have a few into your arsenal. However, before you explore the collection of brass knuckles, we have suggested the coolest ones. 

Take your time and explore our menacing knuckle dusters again and get them into your collection!

Our knuckles are ideal collectibles for both men and women. These cool accessories are not just lovely wearables, they are also solid self defense weapons to battle the attackers!