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Before the arrival of firearms and technology, some blades ruled the world, especially on the battlefield. From the cavemen ages, blades were the widely used tools and weapons. 

The variations of blades such as samurai swords and their types make it easier to differ from each other and their purposes. There were multiple knives and swords for self defense.

What Weapons Were Mostly Used in Ancient Times?

If we start counting the effective and ancient weapons, it will be difficult for us. The vast range of weapons and their evolutions are present to amaze. These were the beauties used by our ancestors for different purposes.

Among them, some are still alive, whereas some fade away with time. The ones who maintained their value until now are highly effective and beneficial. Moreover, their historical importance and evolutions make them more exciting.

Samurai swords, favorite swords of the samurai warriors from feudal Japan, are still demanding and popular ones. The reason behind their huge success is the usage of amazing medieval swords. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss these swords and their useful types.

Samurai Swords - The Most Popular Ancient Types of Swords

When it comes to a sword, the sharpness, blade length, and the grip matter a lot. This honorable blade has a lot to tell us. We have seen plenty of swords, but the Samurai sword is something different from all. 

As we all know about samurai warriors, we surely love their fine, sparkling sword. It is a symbol of faith and power.

Samurai was a category of warriors from feudal Japan, who were fighting for the sake of faith and truth. Being a crucial part of samurai's struggling and fighting personality, it was sharper, more prolonged, and correctly wielded. 

It was utterly terrific and was passed from generation to generation in the samurai family. This graceful knife represented the importance of samurai warriors.

Japanese or samurai swords holds a significant place in modern time and are irreplaceable. These straight, single-edged, and beautiful bladed swords were modified with time. Not only a weapon for war or defense but a sword of spiritual peace and a blessing. 

It was known to be the purifying and strengthening of the sword.

11 Popular Types of Samurai Swords for Sale:

Because of their excellent value and results, people used these swords for their desired purposes. The most honored and elite samurai of medieval Japan made such swords highly valuable. They also Utilized bows, arrows, spears, etc. But, these artistic swords were beyond expectations.

Maintaining the beauty and perfection of the samurai sword, every detail was considered. Therefore, expert swordsmiths forged such swords into different types for better use.

From the multiple types of the samurai sword, we are going to mention and discuss the most popular types.

1. Katana:

It is one of the most iconic and distinguished types of swords used by the samurai. This unique and traditional sword is an ancient masterpiece. The single-edged, curved, and slender blade is enough to make it different from others. It has unique dimensions than other samurai swords.

Katana has a circular or square guard for a better grip. It strikes from a larger distance and is faster than others. The total length is about 3 to 4 feet. The hilt takes up to one-fourth of the length. 

Explore the history of the great katana sword here!

2. Tachi:

Tachi is known to be the predecessor of katana. The length of tachi is longer than the katana and is curved. The slight curve makes it attractive and practical. The difference In the blade fitting and the way of wearing it makes it an unusual sword.

Warriors used these swords on horseback. This noble Japanese sword played an essential role in the battlefield of ancient times.

katana swords

3. Nodachi:

For open battlefields, nodachi was a great option as a large, two-handed sword. This larger and longer was specifically for battles and fights. It was challenging to use such swords indoors because of their size.

The close combat or closer range fights were not a good idea with nodachi. Against cavalry, it was proved to be the best sword. People used to wear it on the shoulders with the help of fuchi.

4. Wakizashi:

It is a smaller and shorter sword for better-attacking power. Wakizashi is helpful for close combat and personal fights too. Samurai used to wear katana and wakizashi together for multiple reasons. It is also known as an honorable sword.

5. Tanto:

This Japanese dagger has a double or single-edged blade. It can be worn at any time or all the time. Tanto is an elegant, traditional sword. The resemblance is higher between wakizashi and tanto.

Tanto is mostly used for stabbing and thrashing. As the samurai era finally passed, years gone, tanto also played an essential role as a decorative blade. Tantos are authentic blades with perfect construction and beauty.

6. Uchigatana:

Between the 16 to 17th century, the length of uchigatana was around 60 to 70 cm. Unlike other samurai swords, it is easy to handle this sword with one hand only. It is smoother and more comfortable to kill the enemies with uchigatana.

It was popular for its convenient usage and comfortable to wear features. It provides a faster and effective killing angle to attain better results.

7. Chokuto:

Chokuto is the single-edged sword from the 10th century and was straighter than other King Arthur sword. Ancient China introduced the basics tips and techniques to utilize chokuto.

As it is one of the earliest Japanese swords, it was famous among numerous people. The actual use started in the 3rd century. Hence it proves it is the ancient and useful sword.

8. Ninja:

Ninja sword is the sword from feudal Japan; the Shinobi class used such swords to fight. Ninja swords are other types of swords popular around the world. The straight, sleek view of this sword was enough to frighten the opponent and to attract the users.

The black warriors brought ninja to the world of swords and made them famous. Hence, their popularity is the result of ninja usage.

9. Kodachi:

Resembling Tachi, it was a fine piece of creativity. The length is lesser then 60cm, making it a shorter and deadly weapon. It was famous for its impressive length and construction.

Neither it's a dagger or a sword but a short sword you can say. It was widely used by beginners or ones who want to learn sword fighting. Kodachi is convenient to handle and carry.

10.  Nagamaki:

This sword is different from other samurai swords because the handle of this sword is too long as compared to others. As the blade is of two feet, the handle is of the same length. 

Nagamaki was a traditional and noble sword from the 14th century, with a fancy handle wrapping of silk or leather.

There are also two pins along with the handle to make it more advantageous because of the handle length. The sliding actions and particular making of nagamaki make it an accessible and beneficial classification of short sword

It is more durable and a perfect Japanese sword from many aspects. It looks so satisfying and attractive when an ancient and effective sword is wrapped with a silk piece in a criss-cross.

11.  Tsurugi:

Tsurugi replicates the Chinese sword, Jian. But, it is one of the most effective and useful swords from Japan. It is a double-edged sword and is straight. The production of this sword took place before the 10th century.

Moreover, sometimes there is no folding or processing required for the construction of tsurugi.

Samurai Swords - The Japanese Favorites!

Swords are always popular for their ancient and perfect results, but when it comes to Japanese swords, they are one of the best swords around the globe. They are known for multiple reasons.

Their incredible handling and outstanding angling make it easier to fight. The blades are also exceptional in the term of affecting powers. They were created for faster and easier usage.

Moreover, their adorable and inspirational construction makes us look at them for hours. As not all Japanese swords are used and alive in the modern world, but they are playing an important role as decorative pieces.

People love to carry or collect samurai swords for various purposes. They are seen today because of their antique bodies and delicate structures. Whoever sees a samurai sword, falls in love with them. 

They are more than a sword, and almost all the types were highly effective and popular. But, no doubt, some of them got outstanding fame for their attractive features.  So, what are you thinking about now? Browse our latest collection and grab your favorite one right now!