Brass Knuckles are gaining fame day by day even though they were originated somewhere around 1860s during The American Civil War. Are you wondering that if they belonged to such ancient times, then why are they so famous even today? Why do people keep brass knuckles with them? Let us consider a very common scenario in which a girl is heading from her office to home.

She takes this route daily and has to pass through a dark neighborhood. Unfortunately today her car broke down and now she is there all alone, with no one around to help her. But hey! Did she just see a pair of eyes in the bushes in front of her? Her skin now starts prickling and she starts to sweat. She starts to run but suddenly a pair of hands grabs her from behind. She starts to scream but there is no one to hear her screams.

That big bad guy attacking her is now choking her and when all hope is almost diminished, she remembers that she has best brass knuckles in her pocket. Life just got easier. She pulls them out and punch her assailant so smartly that he suddenly goes on the defensive mode instead of attacking one and this gives the girl ample amount of time to run off. Sounds cool?

So, now you must have gotten a very good idea that why real brass knuckles are so popular. All of us especially women who are more prone to these kinds of attacks should understand that our safety is in our own hands. We have law enforcement agents but sometimes we may get stuck in a situation as mentioned above where there is no around to help us and we are just on our own.

Girls should take their safety as their number one priority and should be their own defenders as no prince is going to save them. Sorry to break your heart ladies, but sadly this is real life and not a storybook or a movie. But how should we defend ourselves?

Rule no 1: Keep yourself out of harm’s way.
Rule no 2: Carry an effective self defense weapon with you - At All Times.

Rule no 1 must have been clear to you but are you a bit confused about rule no 2? Let us help you out. If you know martial arts and are physically good, then no self defense weapon would prove to be as effective to you as brass knuckles.

What are Brass Knuckles?

Brass Knuckles are also known as knuckle dusters, knuckles and knuckles quite commonly. Their sole purpose is to deliver a heavy punch in close quarter engagements. You can use them in a self defense situation and can even use them as a weapon in street fights, combats and brawls. 

Knuckle Dusters are actually designed in a way to magnify the force of the punch and concentrate it on those pointed edges of knuckles which consequently hurt more and can result from minor to major injuries. They have a rounded end at one side which forces itself into the palm of your hand and absorbs the impact of the punch. This design keeps the puncher safe from injuries and prevents his/her fingers from breaking.

These are actually pieces of metal that are designed in a way to fit around the knuckles. These knuckles are usually made up of metals but their plastic and rubber versions are also found for collection purposes or safety.

What Are Brass Knuckles Capable Of Doing?

Brass knuckles are capable of inflicting a great deal of damage to the victim. The degree to which the victim is injured depends on the force with which the punch is delivered and the material and design of the knuckles themselves. Metal knuckles are capable of inflicting more damage because of their strong and sturdy nature.

The more hits you deliver with the knuckles, the more damage they will do. Minor injuries of brass knuckles include bleeding, concussions, tissue breakage, wounds and other minor injuries. Whereas, major injuries include breakage of bones and even death in severe cases. However, these cases are quite rare and result from the excessive and deadly use of knuckle dusters.

Diverse Uses of Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles were actually constructed to assist the military. The American Civil War and World War 1 made brass knuckle very famous as well. When there was limited supply of guns, brass knuckles proved to be a very cheap and effective way to fight especially during trench wars.

The first and foremost use of knuckle dusters is to fight and this has been the sole use of their iconic designs for many years. However, modern times call for trendy modifications and that is why the iconic design of knuckles is seen in a variety of things.

1- Film Industry

Film Industry also became obsessed with knuckles design for quite some time. Even today many movies having street fights feature brass knuckles. The Brass Knuckles have been seen now and then in those tough guys movies gaining fans worldwide.

2- Fashion Industry

Are you fashion enthusiast? Well, this will pique your interest then. The fashion industry also didn’t stay behind and came up with creative products and accessories exhibiting the design of knuckles.

You will find brass knuckles necklaces, brass knuckles pendants, brass knuckles shoes having their heels in the shape of knuckles, brass knuckle shirts having knuckle design on them, brass knuckle bags having their handles in knuckle shape and a lot more. The creativity of these fashion pundits have no end and unlimited products featuring knuckles design are available worldwide.

3- Vehicle Ornaments

With time brass knuckles gained so much popularity and fame that people started to hang them in their cars, motorbikes and bicycles. They could either be used as hood ornaments or could be hanged in rear-view mirrors. 

People almost go crazy with the creativity by replacing their clutch, brakes and pedals. The handles of car doors and hands grips in case of motorbikes could also be made knuckle styled.

4- Symbolism

Brass Knuckles symbolize strength and power. People even get brass knuckle tattoos on their bodies to associate themselves with the symbolic and iconic nature of these knuckles.

5- Decoration Pieces

The elegance and historical nature of brass knuckles compelled people to use them as decoration pieces and ornaments as well. Brass knuckles paperweights are also quite popular which one can use as a trendy paperweight and it can also serve as a very chic decoration ornament.

Brass Knuckles can prove to be quite trendy and deadly as well. They can be used as a self defense weapon and as a street weapon as well. Their effectiveness is what makes them deadly and that is why they should be used with great care.

Also, because of their deadly nature, knuckle dusters are only legal in some of the states and illegal in the others. Therefore, you should always check the laws of your state before buying brass knuckles for yourself as you wouldn’t want to get yourself in trouble. Would you?