You won’t be surprised to know that the militaries around the world tend to carry knives for several defined purposes. The greatest among those purposes is the survival. The armed forces tend to undergo hardest training. At times, they are left in the wild forests to survive the deadly animals and the frightening jungle. This is where the firearms don’t help. The officers are equipped with the military knives which are known to be the strongest knives around. Military tactical knives are not just intended to be used by the armed forces. Rather, civilians can utilize these knives because of the advantages that they offer. There is a vast array of fabulous military knives available in the market, if you are looking to get one for you. But, with that huge choice, your decision making would be difficult. So, we help you in this regard. We have enlisted the 5 most advantageous military knives from which you can buy one for you. Here is the list:

1. Rifle Bullet Assisted Opening Knife

With a nice, green color, this knife brilliantly represents military. One of the coolest military blades, it can be handy in accomplishing diverse purposes. You often require opening bottles, and this knife can help in this regard. This is a typical armed forces’ knife that has an overall length of 8.75 inches. However, the blade can be folded and concealed in the handle to reduce the size of the knife to just 3.25 inches. One feature you would find in such knives is the ease to carry them. This knife is easy to carry because of the small size that it possesses. Also, it incorporates an extremely powerful blade, made of stainless steel. The cool appearance adds to the magnificence of the knife, and mimics a bullet. So, if you are looking to equip yourself with a handy knife that helps during an expedition, get this bulleted blade.

2. MTech Tactical Assisted Opening Army Knife

MTech has a history of producing premium quality military survival knives. This is one of their masterpieces. An army green handle makes it a typical army knife, intended for tactical purposes. One of the must-have features in these knives is that they should be able to serve tactical purposes. And this knife certainly does! MTech has done a great job designing this quality blade. The blade is thick enough to cut down anything into pieces. You can expect that from a blade that has a thickness exceeding 3mm. It is another folding knife with a length of 4.75 inches when closed. There is a pocket clip additionally included on the handle which makes it pretty easy to be carried in the pocket. Also, the pocket clip makes sure that the knife does not drop, and sticks to the pocket perfectly. MTech is one of the trusted brands, so you can trust the features of this knife manufactured by MTech.

3. Navy Serrated Rescue Tactical EDC Knife

As we are enlisting the most advantageous knives here, the list could never complete without this amazing knife. This works perfectly as an everyday carry knife because there is no task that this blade can’t accomplish. It can be your survival knife, utility knife, and self defense weapon. A combination of black and blue color makes it a gorgeous knife. The deployment mechanism is the spring assistance. That means, you need to push the blade a little to completely deploy it. This is good for your safety and to avoid accidental injuries. There is a pocket clip attached to the aluminium handle as well,. Therefore, you can comfortably carry the knife in your pocket without accidentally dropping or losing it. A thicker blade makes it useful as an EDC tool. Hence, it would allow you to do almost every task you require to do when on a military expedition. For instance, you can easily break the glass, cut the belts, and accomplishing skinning tasks.

4. Spring Assisted Special Forces Knife

If you are an operative completing a secret mission, this is the knife you should be equipped with. In such scenarios, there is no better companion than this special forces knife. An assisted opening mechanism allows you to use it easily. All the special military personnel, including Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Marines, must use this knife when on a special expedition. The knife works as a combat and tactical weapon too. So, its an ideal knife to cope with enemies and dangerous situations. Coming to the specs of this incredible knife, there is a thick, serrated blade and a tan black aluminium handle. The stainless steel blade is extremely powerful to knock anyone down. The length of 4.75 inches is good enough because the deployment method is folding. So, if you are a special cop on a special mission, this knife has to be your choice.

5. MTech The Few US Marines Knife

Among all the military knives appearing on the list, this is the most ideal for the US Marines. All the marines would proud of this astounding weapon. A desert like design makes it appear luxurious and gorgeous. However, the blade is stone-wash and black in color. The blade is strong though, made of stainless steel. Another assisted opening knife, hence, easy deployment of blade as you expect. Also, the blade is pretty thick with 3.5 mm thickness. Among all the knives listed here, this is perhaps the one with thickest blade. Therefore, you can expect more power possessed by the blade than any other knife. There is a USMC pocket clip attached to the aluminium handle as well. Hence, you can easily carry the knife without worrying about dropping it. Do you prefer blade strength? Get this one for you!

Have You Made Your Choice?

So, which one of these military knives did you like the most? In fact, all of them are like-able. As you expect from the weapons used by the armed forces, these knives possess immense strength and power. Every knife is advantageous, no matter which of them you choose from the list.