Airsoft is a recreational sport that is becoming popular day by day and has a huge number of fans worldwide. People are literally obsessed with it and it is not just the kids who are bitten by this bug. Teenagers and adults are also smitten by this sport alike. Are you wondering why is that so? It is because of the fact that Airsoft provides a platform to general public to experience shooting in a tactical, entertaining and safe environment. Are you also getting interested and want to know more about Airsoft? Well, let us have a brief visit to the Airsoft world then.

What is Airsoft?

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is an outdoor sport and a mock combat majorly comprising of different tactical games. This sport has its origins from Japan and was originated there in 1860s when the government put ban on the use of real guns. So, people shifted towards the airsoft guns which were the closest options to real guns. Airsoft guns are replicas of real guns but only differ from them in a way that airsoft guns shoot plastic BBs instead of real bullets. This characteristic makes them the most safest way to practice target shooting and have some tactical fun as well.

What Are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns shoot BBs at a much lower velocity than real guns shoot bullets. What are Airsoft Guns? basically three types. Let us have a brief introduction of them so you are well equipped with some basic knowledge if you choose to buy an airsoft gun for yourself, which you will after reading this article, for sure.

Types of Airsoft Guns

1- Electric Powered Airsoft Guns

Electric powered airsoft guns are by far the most popular among all. These guns operate on batteries and come either in semi automatic mode or automatic mode. Automatic electric powered airsoft guns are also known as AEGs and fire off multiple BBs on a single trigger pull. AEGs resemble real guns so much and are the most realistic among all. AEGs are capable of firing at a velocity between 300 to 400 FPS. Electric powered airsoft guns are more reliable and durable than other types of airsoft guns and that is why they are extensively used in airsoft.

2- Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas powered airsoft guns are the ones which operate on gas. They either use green gas, red gas (CO2) or black gas. The use of gas may sound messy but the mechanism is actually very simple. The gas tank is placed inside the gun and the pressure of the compressed gas forces the BBs through the barrel of the gun and off into the air. Thus, in gas powered airsoft guns, the projectile gains momentum from the gas. The gas tanks are quite cheap and are a good way to keep the airsoft guns going for a long time.

3- Spring powered Airsoft Guns

The third type of airsoft guns is the one which operate via spring mechanism. These ones are least realistic looking due to their mechanism of cocking the gun each time you want to fire from them. This is the reason, they don’t support automatic mode and only come as manual. They are cheap and are are mostly deemed suitable for beginners or for kids. However, they have their benefits of being reliable and require almost no maintenance as they do not require batteries and gas tanks to operate. These guns also save one from the hassle of running out of battery or gas in emergency situations.

This was all about the different types of airsoft guns but Airsoft also makes use of different firearms and is not only restricted to the use of guns. What would be fun in that. Right? So, let us have a look at different firearms which a person can use while playing Airsoft.

4- Airsoft Shotguns

The first thing that comes to mind after guns are the shotguns and just like we have real shotguns, we have airsoft shotguns as well. An airsoft shotgun allows you to experience some real time shooting. These guns are made for close quarter combats and are also known as scatterguns because they fire off multiple BBs encased in a single projectile.

Whenever, the projectile is shot from a shotgun, the BBs inside it disperse and hit the target at multiple points. Therefore, you have more chances of hitting the target with a shotgun than you could ever have with any other gun. Airsoft shotguns are also available as electric powered, gas powered and spring powered and work perfectly for beginners as well as they do not require very good shooting skills to hit the target.

5- Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft sniper rifles are for those who want to experience some long range shooting. They generally shoot between a velocity range of 400-500 FPS and are capable of hitting targets at very long distances. Shooting with a sniper majorly requires superb observational skills, stealth, a sharp mind and most importantly patience. Snipers usually have a long barrel and are designed for maximum accuracy and precision.

Shooting with a sniper rifle is a tough job and only the experts live up to it. They mostly come with front and rear sights, scope, flashlight, bipod studs and safety switches. All of these features help a sniper calculate the distance and other parameters and then zoom in on the target accordingly. A sniper should always stay calm and steady even in critical times when the pressure is at its peak. This is because they have a mind game to play and need to be steady for a good, steady shot.

6- Airsoft Machine Guns

Airsoft machine guns are very powerful, efficient and fast. These guns are meant for more serious purposes i.e. hunting and heavy tactical games. The immense power these guns have, makes them very precise and accurate. Whether you are an avid shooter who just likes to do some shooting now and then, or a professional shooter who is into target shooting competitions and stuff, airsoft machine guns satisfy the needs of both kinds.

They are electric powered and that is why you will always have to carry extra batteries with you in case you run out of your current battery. These guns make use of small BBs of light weight and shoot them at maximum velocity, so that every time the trigger is pressed, the BB is fired with speed and accuracy.

So, now that you know about the different types of airsoft guns, you can easily choose the airsoft gun for yourself according to your preference and style. Choose the gun which suits you the best as a wrong decision will surely make you regret and will prove to be a hindrance in polishing your skills and having fun.

Although a few things should be kept in mind while playing airsoft and the most important one is to keep yourself ready for any kind of emergency situation and the best way for this is to stuff your backpack with first aid stuff which you won’t need until you do something risky, extra batteries and gas tanks etc. Airsoft is an awesome and entertaining game, so you should purchase your dream gun right now and go on the battlefield to get the super-hero inside you out!

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