Top 10 Everyday Carry Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are small folding knives where the blade folds into the handle so that it may be easily carried. They are commonly used for utility purposes, including cutting rope, opening canned food packages, slicing fruit and vegetables, and similar tasks.
According to "The New Oxford American Dictionary", pocket knife can mean any type of folding knife that is not kept in a sheath attached to the wearer's belt or clothing. However, it specifically excludes folding knives with a locking blade. These knives are generally smaller than a hunting knife, which may have a wider blade and is not designed for daily use. 

Different Types Of Cool EDC Knives

  • Spring Assisted Knives

Spring-assisted knives are a type of knife that features a spring which usually resides in the knife's handle. This spring is what helps make opening the knife easier, which can be helpful for those with arthritis or other hand injuries. They're also often more compact than other types of blade options, making them easier to take on camping trips or use as everyday carry knives.

Basically, they use a mechanism to assist you in opening them. There are a few different types of mechanisms depending on the manufacturer. Some have a button that needs to be pushed, but the majority have a lever that can be flicked with your thumb. Press the lever and the blade pops right out. Simple as that! Most spring-assisted knives also lock when you close them, making them perfect for self-defense as well.

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  • Karambit Knife

Karambit knives, also known as immigrant knives, are a type of folding knife that comes with a finger-guard. They were first used by the Thais and Malays in Southeast Asia to aid them in defending themselves during their respective conflicts against neighboring nations. 

The design is unique in that the blade extends from the handle into a sharp spike or hook which allows for multiple cuts without changing hands from one position to another. There are many different tasks these cool knives can be used for, such as hunting, camping, or self-defense. However, they are more popular for being used as self defense tools. This knife has a curved blade which makes it such a badass knife. So, it is worthy of carrying in the pocket as an EDC knife. 

  • Military Pocket Knife

A military pocket knife is a folding knife designed for the use of military personnel and is primarily used for cutting cordage, opening food packages, and preparing emergency tools. 

Pocket knife

There are two main types of these knives: the fixed blade knife with a spear point or clip point, which can also be used as a bayonet; and the folding blade with a pronounced "clip" (Dutch: "clip") near its hinge. The default form has one blade that folds into the handle, though some versions have two blades. The blades are usually made from stainless steel and are sharpened on one side.

Most of these cool pocket knives have a spear point or clip point blade, as there is little practical need for a straight-edged blade other than for cutting thread (such as a sewing thread or something similar) or small boxes. 

Bayonets are most often used with the knife, though some civilians and military personnel use them for cutting rope, leather and the like. The  knife is carried in either a leather sheath (most common) or an accessory pouch.

  • Stiletto Knife

A stiletto knife is sometimes referred to as a "dagger" or "push dagger". Stilettos may also be used as throwing knives. Stilettos designed for fighting can sometimes be made with two blades that face opposite one another. These edc knives may have double-edged blades, which includes the Italian bossolo and the Japanese tanto.  

  • Tactical Knives

These knives are made to be used in combat situations and are typically very small, foldable knives with one edge sharpened as a blade. The other side of the knife is flat and has a number of tools or spikes. 

These edc knives could also be considered multi-tools since they have many different tools on them to make it easier for you to cut all types of things like ropes, metal wire, wood, plastic etc.

Tactical knives are also used for self-defense and are typically very strong, with a sharp blade edge and strong handle. You can get tactical knives in many different materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. These knives generally come with a pocket clip or belt loop so you can carry them with you for convenience. 

  • Camo Knife

Camo knives are sometimes available in camouflage patterns, such as leaf-shaped patterns on some knives. Leather sheaths are also available for many camo knives. 

These sheaths feature a quick-release fastener that allows this knife to be drawn from the sheath quickly and easily. Sheaths are especially helpful when skinning an animal, as the skin can be cut free from its limbs quickly with a knife tucked safely within a sheath.
The availability of camo knives means there's one more thing to consider when camping: staying stealthy. These badass knives have been used for hunting and other tasks for hundreds of years, but they're becoming more popular as outdoor enthusiasts seek greater concealment while hunting or camping.

  • Tanto Pocket Knives

Tanto blades are the traditional Japanese swords. They are short enough for use in close quarters combat, but still long enough to allow sweeping cuts with the blade. These knives were originally used by the samurai of feudal Japan but now they are generally seen as a safer alternative to butcher's knives. 

The tanto blade has a curved edge that makes it very useful for disarming an opponent. Another advantage is that, because of its small size, the tanto knife can be very easily concealed on one's person or stored in a small pack without much risk of detection. 

  • Rainbow Pocket Knife

Rainbow Knife is a one-of-a-kind, affordable, and compact tool to help you enjoy all your adventures. Cut your food, use it as a bottle opener or even an emergency whistle. Rainbow pocket knife is a knife that has everything you need in one convenient package!

Did you know that 48% of people who go out into the woods say they take their knives with them? This number is probably closer to 100% around campfires and around the house too! The only problem with these knives is that they can hog up space and can be difficult to find when they’re needed most.

Rainbow Pocket Knife

  • Fantasy Knives

Fantasy knives are never just knives. They're symbols, vessels of power. They're instruments of imaginative play, the preferred weapons in imaginary sword fights. The edc knives are burnished with an eldritch green light or have runes which gleam in the darkness. 

Fantasy knives are talismans for contemporary champions of childhood's lost languages and lost selves. But most importantly, fantasy knives tell us what it means to be human, prodding at our notions of violence by revealing the ways we project our darkest desires onto blades that will never pierce flesh but will never dull either; they'll cut through your heart like none other.

  • Traditional Pocket Knives

A traditional pocket knife can be defined by its copper bolster, which is the metal that encases the blade of the knife. Traditional knives don't have a locking mechanism - you simply fold or unfold it with your hand to keep or open it. When choosing a traditional pocket knife, you'll also be looking for folding blades with serrated edges, usually made from stainless steel.

All in all, these knives are fairly compact and lightweight tools that will nevertheless offer years of use due to their strong construction. They're not always suitable for very intricate tasks, but they can get just about anything done if you have an idea of what's required of the instrument.

These Cool EDC Knives are Worth Carrying in the Pocket

If you ever get in a sticky situation, remember this: it’s better to be armed and prepared than to be caught off-guard. There is something of particular value that can help any woman feel more confident and create safety around themselves — their knife. 
With the new trend of carrying a tiny blade instead of a clunky weapon, you can take an active approach to feeling safe and empowered by protecting yourself with just these knives that are ideal self defense knives. However, this can be tricky if you don’t know how to use a knife the proper way.
It may seem difficult to carry a big knife, especially in light of all the difficulties in finding them when needed. But if you are simply clear on the right way to handle your edc knives in an emergency situation, or spend time trying to read instructional guides, then you may feel easy to use them.

Grab Your Cool Pocket Knives!

I'm a big fan of pocket knives, especially all these everyday carry knives. These all knives are amazing on their own. You can carry any of these knives with no worries. Choose the one according to your needs like if you want a knife for camping then spring assisted is a great choice. 

Similarly, your needs matter when it comes to choosing your knife. A rainbow knife is an ideal one if you want a gorgeous tool to carry on a routine purpose and accomplish utility work. So, grab your desired knife and carry it in your pocket.