Top 10 Coolest Swords

"Of all the weapons of warfare, there is none that has had more influence than the sword."

Sometime in the late third millennium BC, a flint blade made from quartzite was found in a tomb at Nataruk. It was found with flint blades (flints were the first kind of stone used to make tools) dating back 9,000 years. This discovery shows that not only did humans start making swords around 3500 BC but weapons technology evolved and advanced exponentially from then on. 

This proves that these coolest swords have been an essential weapon for thousands of years and as long as humans have existed, real swords will likely remain one of the most important weapons for millennia. In the first half of the third millennium BC (3,000 - 2,000 BC), copper was used to make maces and axes. 

These weapons were not used simultaneously as swords and were therefore not nearly as important as swords in ancient warfare.

Humans learned how to make iron around 1500 BC. Iron is stronger than copper, allowing humans to make better weapons and tools. Iron was also harder than copper allowing the production of sharp iron blades that could be used for cutting or stabbing. Swords made from iron have been found in Egypt around 1300 BC and even earlier.

Swords are Historical Weapons

There are conventional weapons like guns, cool knives, and grenades, but for some people, there is nothing more satisfying than a good sword.

Swords are like cars. They’re not for everybody - but when they work, they work well. There’s an old saying in martial arts: "A good Samurai will only need their sword" which means that the art of swordsmanship is so effective at disabling or killing opponents that the average Samurai would never have to use any other weapon.

And while it's true that swords used to take many lives during the samurai era, modern weapons and armor have made them much less lethal today. But don’t forget that a sword is often the last thing you will ever hold onto when your life's on the line.

The 10 Coolest Modern Swords

First is a common misconception. Swords are not always evil. Historically, many swords have been used for good rather than evil. Or in some cases, have no alignment at all. Before we get started, the top 10 coolest swords of the year 2022:

10: Goblin Sword

A sword made of discarded goblin parts and a rusty hilt, this sword is sharpened goblin bones embedded into the blade. The goblin bone blade is extremely light but still sharp and deadly enough to take down several wargs or trolls in a row. The sword will be more effective if you are fighting goblins, but non-goblins can use it too if they wish to kill goblins in particular.

9: Samurai Sword

Samurai sword

Samurai swords have enjoyed immense popularity around the world though they are Japanese swords. The Samurai sword is one of the most famous swords in history and has been used in movies, books, and even games. It's a graceful weapon that was made to be both short and simple. The blade, which some consider being highly sophisticated for the time it was made, had little need for ornamentation.

8: Maximus

The Maximus is a typical Roman sword, especially good for cutting opponents off at their legs. It also makes a convenient decoy as you can hold your hand over the tip and make your opponent think they're cutting you when they are really cutting themselves on your bait.

7: Razor Blade Katana Sword

The Razor Blade Katana sword is one of the coolest swords of 2022. It has 4 razor blade-like attachments on the side of the blade. They are used for different purposes: 

Katana sword

For example, a foe may charge at you, at which you would quickly flick the sword and cause him to fall onto one of the blades, if not a combination of blades. In this way, you can use this blade for both offense and defensive purposes.

Most replica fantasy swords are katana swords. For instance, the very famous Highlander sword is a katana with a sharp razor blade. 

6: Secret Agent Sword

When it comes to cool swords, this is one of the coolest swords out there. It looks like an ordinary sword but it has a button that will make 6 concealed guns pop out of it. 

Secret Agent Sword

The secret agent sword has a high-tech computer chip in it that can analyze your enemy and realize what gun would be best against it. For example, if the enemy is a dragon, the swords will shoot out fire guns, while using against an orc will cause the swords to shoot out ultra high-tech bullets designed to penetrate through orcs' skulls.

5: Cane Sword

This is a cool sword that looks like an ordinary cane but it actually is a sword. A sword cane just one of those things that can impress you and your friends at school or work. 

Sword cane

When you unsheathe this hidden blade, it looks like any other cane sword. However, when you hit someone with it, they will see the tip of a sword just before it cuts them in half. It looks like something out of a movie and it's definitely good for your self-esteem.

4: Rapier

Rapier Sword

This beautiful sword is made from the finest steel known to man. It has a very reflective surface and a unique shape that makes for an incredibly effective weapon. Used by naval forces at sea, it is one of the military swords that are light yet strong enough to cut through any foe.

3: Hacking Axe

Hacking axe

The hacking or tomahawk axe is usually used by miners who are looking to hack anything they can get their hands on while they're working underground. The hacking axe has a handle that is used to cut through metal, but it can also be used as a mace. This weapon has made quite an impact on society since its invention in the Middle Ages.

2: Screaming Lance Sword

This sword is made of a thick steel rod with a large blade at the end that consists of four powerful angles. The screaming lance was originally designed by a knight who wanted to have something that would cause people to die from their own terror while they were fighting him because of how frighteningly loud it was.

1: Dust Blade 

The dust blade was designed by a mad scientist who wanted the best of both worlds: the speed and functionality of a sword, but with the ability to break through any barrier, through air or stone. 

Dust blade sword

He then combined these two worlds into one weapon that is so powerful that it actually can create small tornados. The wielder can also create them just for fun! This is definitely one of the coolest anime swords to have in 2022.

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Hilt and Blade Selection

The blade is one of the most important parts of any sword. If a weapon caught fire and all you could save as your sword, you might be able to salvage it by cutting off the blade. Unfortunately, many fantasy swords are not imbued with magical properties like they once were; some have metal or stone blades that can't be moved or removed. 

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it may be time to perform a ritualistic burial ceremony with your sword. Picking out a blade for your favorite sword is an important decision, but most people forget about the hilt and handle. You'll need a solid handle so your hand doesn't cramp up during battle, although you may have to sacrifice some comfort for improved grip or control. 

When picking out a hilt, look for the grip and crossguard first; the pommel should be last since it can easily be changed later if something doesn't appeal to you. If you have no preference for style, go with a simple and elegant design.

Self-Defense Qualities!

Swords are the quintessential self defense weapons as well. Not only are they powerful, but they also have a long tradition of being used to protect others. Believe it or not, the first swords date all the way back to prehistoric times! Since then, swords have been used for everything from hunting to warfare. 

Today, however, these coolest swords are mainly sold as self-defense weapons. With that in mind, here are a few things you should know before buying a sword for protection!

There are so many benefits to using cosplay swords as your costume and as your weapon of choice rather than guns or knives. These advantages that prohibit you from using guns or knives as your defensive weapon include them not being seen as socially acceptable or safe in public, plus legal restrictions on firearms, and no licensing required for purchasing these weapons.