The countless stories we hear and see in the newspaper and the news channels are about victimization, brutal attacks, mugging, burglary, and what not. The bottom line is that no one is safe since tragic and nasty situations might strike you anywhere and anytime. The burning question is what would you do if you would find yourself in a dangerous situation? Do you possess some sort of self defense weapons? Do you have a contingency plan? Do you know how to defend yourself and your loved ones from potential attackers?

Remember, no matter what, you always ought to be prepared.

Know Your Self Defense Weapons

In order to protect yourself from a dangerous encounter, it is necessary to carry a weapon for your personal defense as well as having a contingency plan. Before I take you to the list of my favorite self defense weapons, I want you to know that carrying a weapon is not sufficient; you ought to practice to maneuver them too in order to use them effectively.

1. Pepper Spray

This weapon has many advantages, particularly for women since it is easily portable and can be concealed. It is also easy to use; all you have to do is spray the content in the face of the attacker; mainly, the eyes. This spray causes immense irritation to eyes and skin which will buy you some time to get away from the attacker and find a safe place to hide, or, call the cops and alarm people. This non-lethal weapon will definitely buy you enough time to get away from the attacker. Make sure you keep the spray away from your face and eyes.

2. Real Brass Knuckles

Also known as knuckle dusters, real brass knuckles are famous as one of the earliest and most effective weapons of personal defense. If you know how to maneuver these weapons effectively then there are higher chances of you being the ultimate winner of a street fight.

Brass knuckles are made to add to the effect of your punch. It is important to know how to wear brass knuckles and the position of your arm and wrist so you can use this weapon without hurting yourself.

3. Cheap Airsoft Guns

Despite looking identical to real guns, airsoft guns are non-lethal weapons. If you have a real looking airsoft gun then you can scare the offender through its looks. The best use of airsoft guns in a life-threatening situation can be a distraction. Also, the plastic pellets can inflict severe pain and might halt the offenders in their action; however, beware that no serious or deadly injury can be caused while using an airsoft gun. If you find yourself in a threatening situation you can aim for the offender's eyes and face and flee the place while the attacker is screaming in pain.

4. Comb Knife

This is a fascinating concealable and an easily portable weapon that comes in the shape of a comb. It is perfectly designed for women. This unassuming and perfectly concealed comb looks just like a regular comb; however, hidden inside is a sharp blade that assists in personal defense against unsuspecting offenders. This comb is specifically designed for emergencies only, and it's a must-have if you are a woman.

5. Stun Guns

In contrast to Taser guns, stun guns are easier to use. However, a stun gun requires a direct contact with the attacker. This weapon is effective in striking down the attacker through the electric shock.

The strike of a stun gun leaves the attacker temporarily dazed and paralyzed which buys the user enough time to run away. A stun gun strike can be very painful to the affected individual; therefore, it is considered an effective weapon for personal defense.

6. Heavy Aluminum Bat Flashlight

If you are out in the dark, this weapon has a double advantage. The flashlight will tell the attacker that you are no easy target; also, it will prevent anyone from sneaking up on you. What you have to do is simply point the powerful light beam in the direction of the attacker which will persuade him to change his tracks. The strong light will also cause temporary blindness and distraction which will give you sufficient time to flee.

If shining the light into the attacker's eyes was of no help when you have one option left which is to strike the offender. The length of the bat will help you maintain a safe distance while striking the body of the attacker.

7. Tactical Pen Knife

A tactical pen serves two purposes: writing and to be used as a weapon. On the outer level, it looks just like your everyday pen. In contrast to other pens, this pen also serves as an effective weapon for personal defense. The plus point of this weapon cum tool is that it is not only easily portable but, also easily concealable and accessible. Tactical pens are ideal for those who don't want to carry guns. This weapon definitely carries an element of surprise for the attacker.

8. Cat Self Defense Keychain

This cat self defense keychain is perfect for the delivery of a sharp and painful punch. This concealed weapon is easily accessible since you can attach the keychain anywhere near you. The two holes of the cat's eyes are to be used as finger holes for the perfect grip; whereas, the pointy ears become painful knuckles. This harmful piece comes in a variety of colors and is one of the most unsuspecting weapons for your protection.

9. Lipstick Knife

This is ideal for women to carry in their pockets, handbags, or attached to their keychains. This is actually a smooth way of carrying a concealed weapon for one's protection. This weapon will definitely come as a surprise to the attacker who is never expecting a hawkbill blade to appear under the cap of the lipstick instead of a colorful lipstick. The blade is ideal for japing you way out toward safety.

10. Personal Alarm

Using a personal alarm will allow you to confuse and disorient your attacker with its loudness while you can also draw attention from a passer-by and other people who may rush to help you out of the situation. There is also the possibility that your attacker gets scared by the alarm and leaves you alone. A personal alarm is an effective secondary item of protection. In dangerous situations, you can trigger the alarm while you carry other weapons for your safety.