3 best traditional pocket knife

Pocket knives are ruling over the world of blades for almost a decade now. These knives are exemplary in all terms and their huge collection further tempts the buyer to try them.

These awesome knives have been around us for a long time; in fact, if we would be honest, pocket knives have been the most widely utilized tool on this planet. 

We cannot get through our daily tasks without the help of a good pocket knife. That said, the primary versions of the EDC knives comprise of a single blade and a handle. 

However, with the technological advancements, the knife manufacturers have come up with the latest designs with respect to the blade as well as the handle.

Fundamentally, the best pocket knives can be divided into two categories; the fixed-blade EDC knives and the folding blade EDC knives. 

The folding blade knives are compact in size and can be carried anywhere; in fact, the folding-blade knives are the most used pocket knives in the world

On the other hand, the fixed blade knives make good survival knives; especially, if these come with a full-tang. The fixed blade knives are known to be the stronger and more reliable version of the best pocket knives.

Due to the modernization, the recent models of pocket knives are high in demand; however, there are still knife-collectors and other enthusiasts out there who are still looking for the traditional versions of the pocket knives. 

In this respect, it is important to note that the manufacturers of the "Buck" knives hold a special and highly reputable place in the market of the best traditional pocket knives. 

You will find a huge variety of the traditional EDC pocket knives available online and at the local stores; however, we have taken some time to slim down the best traditional versions of the pocket knives in order to help you save some time while getting the best blades for yourself and your loved ones.

Apart from that, each member of this family is exclusively and thoughtfully crafted by keeping in mind the needs of the potential buyer. Hence, buyers are still quite conscious about investing in a worthy weapon that lasts a lifetime.

Are you also searching for such an amazing weapon? If yes, you must not forget to consider the three best selling products available at our store.

Top 3 Best Traditional Pocket Knives of All Times:

Let us explain to you the best three traditional pocket knives that you should consider to buy:

1. American Flag Spring Assisted Knife:

This knife features a catch American flag print on its ergonomically designed aluminum handle. The steel blade further complements its sleek and stylish design. The entire outlook of this knife makes it irresistible for the buyer to say no to this desired option.

In addition, the patriotic worth of this knife greatly contributes to making it the buyer's first choice among pocket knives.

American Flag Knife: Exercise Your Constitutional Right With The Official Knife Of American Freedom

If you are still confused about giving it a buy, let us share with you a little more about this phenomenal creation.
  • Its closed length is 4.5 inches only.
  • The steel blade is 3.5 inches long.
  • Aluminum Handle doesn't really add to its weight.
  • It is a travel-friendly lightweight product.

2. 8 Inches Dragon Eye Spring Assisted Fantasy Folding Pocket Knife:

The aesthetic appeal of this knife truly makes it stand out of the crowd. People literally fall in love with this tool at first glance and then it is sold like hot-cakes. The most praised feature of this blade is its anodized aluminum handle that encloses a dragon eye.

8 Inches Dragon Eye Spring Assisted Fantasy Folding Pocket Knife

Moreover, the steel blade and compact size further add to its worth in the weapon market. Some other unparalleled characteristics of this knife are as follows.
  • It features a steel blade.
  • This knife supports a spring-assisted mechanism.
  • Also, it comes with a pocket clip.

3. Rescue Style Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Black Polished Steel Handle:

Tac force pocket knives are phenomena on their own. Their durability and ergonomic worth don't even need any introduction. These knives have secured a special place in the hearts of weapon lovers.

These feature a stainless steel blade with serrations on half of it. It is further equipped with a stainless steel black finish handle with polished lines. The overall appearance of this knife makes it a buy a worthy weapon.

Tac-Force Rescue Style Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Black Polished Steel Handle

If you still want to know a little more about this knife, let us share them with you right now.
  • It supports a spring-assisted mode of operation.
  • This knife comes with a pocket clip.
  • It serves as a multi-purpose tool that may also be used as a seat belt cutter or a glass breaker.
  • Its compact length is 4.75 inches.

The Final Words:

So, the next time you head out of your place to shop for blades, you must look for these pocket knives around.

Another convenient option is to browse through our huge weapon collection. You are surely going to find a number of exquisite designs and that too at an economical price.

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